Press + Praise

Press + Praise

  • was AMAZING, I sold my wedding dress within 1 week of posting it. I had my dress posted on the other websites for over 6 months! I was truly shocked how fast I sold it on PreOwnedWeddingDresses website. My buyer was also super sweet and understanding with everything I told her. She paid me and that was one of my biggest concerns selling my dress was making sure the payment would be processed correctly. I am going to buy my veil and other accessories on this website as well to give back because I am so blessed for the outcome on selling my dress!! <3 Love this website. Thank you for such a smooth process

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • I bought my dress on and then sold it there. It was the fastest selling and buying experience that I could hope for. I would recommend this site to anyone buying or selling a wedding dress. Thanks!

    Mary Jane J., February 2017

  •  I recently purchased my dream dress via Preowned Wedding Dresses website. I was ecstatic to learn that not only was my dress (which was no longer in circulation) available, but it was being offered in exactly the size I needed. I received the dress timely and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Preowned Wedding for being the bridge to securing my most desired gown. My pending wedding in June will now be complete..

    LaVonda M., February 2017

  • makes it easy to sell your items.

    Shana V., February 2017

  • Was easy to put an item up for sale. Anytime I was contact from a potential buyer I got an email notice right away so I knew to respond

    Elizabeth F., February 2017

  • Such an easy process from start to finish. I appreciate the tips as a first time seller, they really helped me navigate the transaction.

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • Having a website DEVOTED to just dresses doesn't make my item a niche; it makes it a streamlined selling opportunity. Thank you! 

    Emily U., February 2017

  • I love that I was able to use a trusted website to resell my barely worn bridesmaid dress. Yay!

    Claire R., February 2017

  • provides you with a consistent, secure way to sell your dress.

    Pat B., February 2017

  • I'm still happy that my beautiful gown is going to a happy, wonderful bride. Thank you for facilitating that.

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • I had a great experience selling my dress. I had a few potential buyers, and generally found everyone who I messaged with to be really friendly and responsive. It seems like a nice community of buyers and sellers. Thanks!

    Krista S., February 2017

  • I knew that selling a used vera wang wedding gown would be successful eventually. I was very happy that the dress sold within six weeks of me listing it on the preowned wedding dress site. Thank you for this great way of connecting people in the market for a used wedding gown !!

    Kathy C., February 2017

  • I had a great experience selling my dress on PreOwned It is well run and very well organized. Buyers can easily sort dresses and communicate with sellers. I sold my dress to someone local so I didn't have to bother with shipping so I cannot comment on shipping or payment. My story can be found on my blog:

    Julie O., February 2017

  • This is the best site I know of to sell a used wedding dress. I received a decent amount of interest from legitimate brides-to-be, and once I put it at the right price, it sold.

    Emily M., February 2017

  • I felt secure and confident about selling my dress through this service. The website help me provide all of the dress details needed for a successful sale, and in less than three months I was able to sell my dress for my asking price! Interacting with potential buyers was secure and payment was received through PayPal. I used a professional packing and shipping company to ship out my dress, to ensure safe delivery to the buyer. I would definitely recommend this service to my friends either buying or selling wedding dresses! 

    Sarah L., February 2017

  • Easy to communicate between the buyer and seller. Glad I was able to sell my dress on this website so someone could enjoy it! 

    Kassy M., February 2017

  • Setting up an account was extremely easy and quick, especially for someone who is not tech-savvy like me. I liked the double-blind email system which allowed for easy communication without revealing my personal email address.

    Catherine W., February 2017

  • Selling my bridesmaids dress was super easy! Would highly recommend and will use again in the future!

    Dana F., February 2017

  • Sold my bridesmaid dress within 1 month of listing. Fast and easy! 

    Liz F., February 2017

  • Easy to list, easy to show, easy to sell when you find the right buyer!

    Jessica O., February 2017

  • I loved it, never thought selling my wedding dress would be this easy and satisfying (knowing that someone else out there will enjoy wearing my dress again, made me so happy)

    Chimge L., February 2017


    It was a fast an easy experience, I would recommend this site for sure.

    Lyndsey E., February 2017

  • Easy to sell and list! Great experience!

    Erin F., February 2017

  •  It was great! For me I loved getting text on my phone when buyers were intrested because I honestly don't check my email!!

    Christina F., February 2017

  • I never imagined I'd be able to sell my dress, but made it happen! Thank you!

    Elana T., February 2017

  • I had more people contact me about my dress on this website than any others thank you

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • It was very easy to post my dress and the selling transaction was simple! 

    Nicole D., February 2017

  • I bought AND sold my wedding dress on PreOwned. I could not be more thankful that there's a website that allows brides to afford the wedding dress of their dreams. Both experiences (buying and selling) were excellent. While it took a long time to sell my dress (over a year), I had a lot of interest, and the exposure was incredible (10,000+ views). I couldn't have gotten that anywhere else. Thanks

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • Selling my wedding dress was a bit daunting at first, but POWD made the process very easy! I had my dress listed in no time at all, and I felt confident about the security and overall process

    Paige T., February 2017

  • I loved my gown - being able to make another bride as happy as I was was tremendously uplifting. Selling on PreOwned Wedding Dresses gave me the elegant, trustworthy experience my dress deserved; sites like Craigslist made everything feel cheap. Posting on this website gave me far more value and helped my dress find a new owner who truly appreciates it

    Lindsey R., February 2017

  • I loved my experience of selling a bridesmaid dress on POWD! It was just sitting in my closet and now someone else can wear it and I've got a little cash in my pocket. Looking forward to listing my wedding dress next!

    Abbie B., February 2017


    Best way to sell a wedding dress! Serious buyers and sellers, easy communication, and saves time not having to attend garage sales/consignment shops.

    Linda H., February 2017


    This site was very easy and safe to use to sell your stuff. Very convenient.

    Ashlee R., February 2017

  • Although it took nearly 6 months to sell and I had to settle for a lot less than I paid, I was happy to finally receive an offer.

    Jill P., February 2017

  • made it so easy for me to help my dress go to a great home instead of taking up space in my closet. Thanks so much!"

    Michelle V., February 2017

  • When I first thought about selling a couple bridesmaid dresses and my dress from my son's wedding, I had NO idea how to get started. So, I simply googled it and POWD came up. I looked over their website along with a few others and decided to use POWD due to ease of use and scope of networking. I was right. Not only have I had success with POWD, but I am passing the word to my daughter-in-law as well as her friends as they have all been in each other's weddings and have several dresses each to sell. Thank you POWD

    May R., February 2017

  • Overall an easy experience! I ordered a bridesmaid dress for a wedding but it came in more purple than advertised and my bride didn't like the color. I put up a listing for it on here and had an offer within 12 hours. The dress was sold within 48 hours of adding the listing.

    Victoria R., February 2017

  • Super easy experience, plus it feels good to know my dress will get more use than hanging in the closet for eternity.

    Kate S., February 2017


    I received two to three times the inquiries on my dress with than other popular sites.

    Theresa P., February 2017

  • The experience of selling on beat all others. It was such a pleasant experience and I had absolutely no problems with anything. I sold three dresses on the website in a matter of three months. . . And I'm hopeful that my other three will sell as well! 

    Sabine S., February 2017

  • Never imagined it would be so easy to sell my dress. Im excited someone else gets to make memories in it! 

    Brittania D., February 2017

  • I received inquiries almost immediately.

    Joanne K., February 2017

  •  I had originally found my dream dress shopping at a store, but was way over what I wanted to spend. I got online on and found the one I wanted for half the price! 

    Christina M., February 2017

  • I am so happy with my experience. The seller was so nice and answered all of my questions in a short amount of time. The website is also easy to use and navigate.

    Julia L., February 2017

  • I found the bridesmaid dress I was looking for on very easily. Coordinating with the seller was also very easy and I received the dress very quickly. I saved a lot as opposed to buying the dress new, one that I would likely only wear for the one time.

    J M., February 2017

  • The experience of selling on beat all others. It was such a pleasant experience and I had absolutely no problems with anything. I sold three dresses on the website in a matter of three months. . . And I'm hopeful that my other three will sell as well! !

    Sabrina S., February 2017

  • Never imagined it would be so easy to sell my dress on Im excited someone else gets to make memories in it! 

    Brittannia D., February 2017

  • was so easy and user friendly. I was able to sell my dress in about 3 months! 

    Alexis H., February 2017

  • Amazing experience! Purchased a wedding dress & had the wedding fall through.. but FORTUNATE for this site because it allowed me the chance to sell my beautiful Hayley Paige dress to someone else so they can have the most magical day & feel absolutely gorgeous in it instead. This site makes brides dreams come true at typically a cheapier price than retail. & we all know how expensive weddings can be, any discount helps a ton. Would highly recommend this site to buyers and sellers. Made my life so easy !

    Cassi P., February 2017

  • After having my wedding gown listed on other web pages for months, I finally decided to post with The fee was minimal to list. After some time I gave up hope of selling my gown. Then literally out of the blue a buyer from.across the country contacted me through via email and started asking me more questions. Before I knew it my gown AND accessories were being shipped off to California! The buyer was thrilled and so was I! I am so happy that another bride is able to be as beautiful as I felt on my wedding day. The money she paid saved us during a rough time and saved over 50% if she had bought the dress in store. Thank you! 

    Tiaira L., February 2017

  • It was easy to set up my sellers page, and my dress sold within a month!

    Beth K., February 2017

  • I am so glad my dress has new life with this site. I was not going to wear my dress again so this site helped me find someone who would appreciate it as much as I did. The whole process was very simple, start to finish. 

    Alison I., February 2017

  • I could not be happier with my experience on They are a pleasure to work with and my dress sold quickly!

    Elyse B., February 2017

  • I bought and sold my dress on POWD. It made the wedding dress of my dreams a reality. And I was fortunate enough to make another bride's dreams come true. (And I've made friends with the bride I bought my dress from!)

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • I really enjoyed having deal with everything to do with selling my beautiful wedding dress. They didn't take any commission but only a small listing fee. I would recommend to anyone looking to resell their wedding dress!

    Danielle S., February 2017

  • So glad I was able to quickly sell my dress to someone that loves it as much as I did.

    Suz P., February 2017

  •  is an excellent platform for selling your wedding dress. 

    Barbara F., February 2017

  • A great place to buy and sell wedding dresses! There is tons of selections and buyers can get that designer dress that they have dreamed of for at least half of the retail price! I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking.

    Steph C., February 2017

  • It's a great way to sale your wedding dress for sure!I wouldn't do it any other way!

    Firoozeh S., February 2017

  • I really enjoyed my experience selling my dress.. the entire process was easy as can be! From listing it, to communicating with potential buyers to finalizing the sale and shipping it!

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • I've sold 2 dresses on this website. Process So easy! 

    Tam M., February 2017

  • I've listed my wedding dress in a few sites. More people vied the dress on and sold it in a few months.

    Muge D., February 2017

  • Very pleased with POWD! Definitely have a user friendly and attractive website! I also like the fact that the listing doesn't expire; you can leave the ad up till the dress sells.

    Brenda B., February 2017

  • was  an extremely easy and stress free selling experience! I would recommend to anyone that is serious about selling their dress!

    Liz B., February 2017

  • My experience with Preowned Wedding Dresses was amazing. They made the process of listing the item very easy and accessible. The tips on how to sale the dress was very helpful, message alerts, and reminders for the listing was key to my success in selling the dress. I would tell anyone to please be patient and pay attention to your alerts and notices. Respond promptly as instructed and stick with PreOwned Wedding Dresses to get your item sold.

    Kendra B., February 2017

  • I sold my dress in only 3 days on this site. I used their estimator calculator to price my dress right and it was right on the money number. I would most definitely recommend this site to any bride looking to sell her dress. It was fast and easy to navigate around the site and listing. What a wonderful experience selling my dress so fast!!

    Natosha M., February 2017

  • There're plenty of dresses that you can choose. The commission fee is way lower than other websites too. Love it!

    Khanh N., February 2017

  • Excellent experience, I sold my dress in less than a month. Buyers in this website are serious and forward. 

    Joan M., February 2017

  • I posted my wedding gown on two weeks after getting married. I received A LOT of questions, and I sold it very fast. I think this website is a GREAT idea!

    Martina G., February 2017

  • I am so happy with my exchange on The site is reputable and because of that, you weed out the scammers and weirdos and actually correspond with real people who are genuinely interested in buying your dress!! I successfully sold my dress for only $600 less than what I purchased it for, which is pretty good considering its a designer dress. I had over 1000 views on it and sold it within one month of posting. I'm actually really excited and happy that someone else gets to experience the joy of that wedding dress, and that the dress gets another night out!

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  •  Listing my dress on PreOwned Wedding Dresses was very easy, and convenient. I was lucky enough to find a local buyer. She came to my house and tried on the dress. It was great to see how excited she was and made parting with is so easy. It was also great that we could use Venmo for the payment and didn't have to go through the site.

    Amber F., February 2017

  • I'm always up for a side hustle. Preownedweddingdresses made it easy to sell my dress, and I recovered approximately half the retail cost of my dress. Come to think of it, the parents bought the dress, so I straight up made money. I'm a happy customer.

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • My experience on was really great. I was able to post my gown without any issues and felt confident that someone would purchase it. It was an easy site to use and I really appreciated the customer service when I needed help. It is very easy to talk to interested buyers and to make an Escrow account.

    Hannah O., February 2017

  • Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses is a very easy to use site. I had no problems listing or selling my dress.

    Stacy A., February 2017

  • Using PreOwned Wedding Dresses to sell my extra weddings was simple, efficient and gave me immediate exposure to a targeted audience of interested buyers

    Renee K., February 2017

  • This site was an awesome experience. Very user friendly.

    Denise M., February 2017

  • Super easy website to list, edit, communicate, and sell! Would definitely recommend this over other sites which charge high commissions once a sale is reached.

    Amy S., February 2017

  • I searched local in hopes of finding a dress I could see and touch before buying-- I got just that...on, I found my dream dress at a fraction of its retail price in exquisite condition!!

    Amie W., February 2017

  • This site was great! I was able to easily find the dress of my dreams and communicate with the seller about price and picking up the dress. It was convenient and easy!

    Lori M., February 2017

  • So many gowns to choose from! I found the perfect dress on and it was so easy. contacting the seller was simple and fast

    Brittnie D., February 2017

  • I was able to find quality dresses at a lower price than directly from the designer or bridal salon. In my case, I found the specific dress I was looking for that was sold out from the designer and would not be made again. Score! The total discount is up to the seller, but either way, I saved money! I'm thankful that PoWD has the amount of sellers and quality designers as it does!

    Anonymous ., February 2017

  • Just wanted to write and express my gratitude and appreciation for this site. I was in a bind when my seamstress told me I should look for a different dress. The one I had simply needed too many alterations. I visited bridal shops, but they told me I wouldn't be able to order anything; it was simply too late. This website was my bridal miracle. I was able to search for exactly what I was looking for and close to my height as petite girl. Today, I tried on the dress I ordered and it was perfection! From a new bride in California to a bride-to-be in Pennsylvania, this dress was a miracle. Thank you for all you do!

    Karen T., February 2017

  • I fell in love with a dress on Pinterest, only to find out the style had been discontinued! I searched salon after salon trying to find the dress, with no luck. When I found the dress on, IN MY SIZE, and in PERFECT condition - it was fate! The process was simple and communication with the seller very straight-forward. I now own a stunning gown, originally priced at $3,000, and paid less than 1/3 the ticket price!! I CANNOT WAIT to wear it on my wedding day!

    Laura W., February 2017

  • I found the exact bridesmaid dress I was looking for and the seller was very helpful and responded quickly to my questions.

    Amber R., February 2017

  • I found my dream dress for half the price of what it would have been retail! I had a great experience every step of the way. Very trustworthy company! 

    Audrey P., February 2017

  • made purchasing my wedding dress incredibly stress free. I fell in love with a Maggie Sottero dress that I tried on at a boutique, but unfortunately the price point was way above my budget. Luckily for me, the same exact dress was available from multiple sellers, and I was able to purchase the dress of my dreams!

    Becca W., February 2017

  • It was so easy to sell my wedding dress--and for 70% of the original price. Within 24 hours of posting it, I already had several inquiries. Within one week it was sold! Thanks

    Anne H., January 2017

  • made purchasing my wedding dress incredibly stress free. I fell in love with a Maggie Sottero dress that I tried on at a boutique, but unfortunately the price point was way above my budget. Luckily for me, the same exact dress was available from multiple sellers, and I was able to purchase the dress of my dreams!

    Becca W., January 2017

  • Selling on was surprisingly simple and easy. I was a bit hesitant to sign up since I have never used the site (how many times in your life do you sell a wedding dress?) but am so glad I did. Creating the listing was super easy, and I loved that messages were sent to your e-mail or texts so you knew right away. I had far more views on POWD than other sites I listed with, and anticipated it taking way longer to sell the dress. This site would definitely be my go-to if I ever needed to sell again!

    Anonymous ., January 2017

  • I just received my dress that bought on! I got this for just under half of MSRP, it's beautiful. The lady I worked with was awesome! After a few slight alterations I'll be ready to marry my luck ass fiancée!! You're site has single handedly helped me not only stay in budget but NOT have to settle on a dime store gown! Thank you for just existing!!

    Amanda D., January 2017

  • If you are looking for a way to sell your wedding dress and you don't rally feel like dealing with the hassles of a consignment shop, is for you.

    Tiffany R., January 2017

  • made the selling experience super simple. We received inquiries within a day of it being on the website and communication with potential buyers was so simple and easy to do. Thank you!

    Tanisha K., January 2017

  • is a great way to sell your wedding dress! I posted mine which was unused but altered and it sold within 10 months for about 20% less than i originally posted it for. Communicating with buyers are very easy and convenient - I received a text message and email every time the buyer wrote me a message. Wonderful site!!!

    Caroline G., January 2017

  • Using was easy and made the process of selling hassle free. Although I wish the website was free to use, it was actually worth it because they do not take commission from your dress.

    Nadia A., January 2017

  • I was hesitant to post my dress on but ended up completely happy with the process. My dress was up for less than two months and sold. It feels so good to be able to help a bride find an affordable dress and the process was so easy.

    Anonymous ., January 2017

  • I had my dress listed for a little over a year. I liked that I was able to see exactly how many people were viewing my dress. Recently, a potential buyer contacted me and told me she was interested in the dress, and it turned out to be perfect for her.

    Amanda T., January 2017

  • Selling my wedding dress on was easy! Loved the text messages I received to know when a buyer emailed me. Very convenient and easy site to use!

    W. K., January 2017

  • Easy breezy process. Sold my dress on after only a couple months at half the price I bought it for!

    Molly J., January 2017

  • It was very easy to setup and loved that it was a one time fee instead of a percentage from the dress cost. Very easy to respond to inquiries as well.

    Anonymous ., January 2017

  • Great experience, lots of inquiries and sold earlier than expected!

    Anonymous ., January 2017

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