Press + Praise

Press + Praise

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  • I have been in multiple weddings. I'm tired of having expensive dresses hanging in my closet. I'm very impressed with how easy it was to list items and how easy the sales transactions can be for both the buyer and seller. Thanks for helping me get rid of my expensive clutter!

    Katie H., January 2017

  • I had tried to sell my dress on eBay, Letgo and Craigslist but received allot of scammers. The process of using, was safe and secure. I received several solid inquiries for my gown.

    Lola B., January 2017

  • is amazing! No matter if you are looking to buy or sale the perfect dress or accessory - POWD makes it so easy!

    N C., January 2017

  • Very good website! Found my dream dress!

    Irina P., January 2017

  • I was surprised at how fast I received responses to the ad. The gown was sold within a month of listing and communication with the buyer was a breeze. Thanks! 

    Fran M., January 2017

  • Everything was super easy and I am really happy I used to sell my dress.

    Sara G., January 2017

  • I found through a google search and decided to give it a try. It was super simple to post my listing. I like that I could set the payment terms and shipping terms. Within a couple of days, I had several emails requesting more information about my dress. I was able to sell my dress quickly. I even set up my dress buyer with the other bridesmaids from the wedding I was in to sell to her other bridesmaids. I love my dress and my best friend whose wedding it was for and am happy to pass it along for someone who wanted a great deal on a dress worn once

    Katie K., January 2017

  • I had two bridesmaid dresses that I wasn't going to keep and had no idea how to sell them. Finding was a great way to do that. One dress has already sold and it was quick and easy! Thankful for the great experience :) 

    Heather B., January 2017

  • Posted my dress on and had several inquires, sold within 3 months for the asking price. EASYPEASY!

    Terri V., January 2017

  • Love the process of selling my dress on  Service was exceptional, website was very convenient!!

    Rasheda M., January 2017

  • It was an easy process to post on and very easy to edit. I received a lot of inquiries about my dress

    Emily M., January 2017

  •  I had a very good experience buying a preowned wedding dress from this website. I'm mostly happy how the sellers are very responsive and easy to get more information about the dress from. The users here are trustworthy and the whole process went very smoothly.

    Michelle L., January 2017

  • I fell in love with a dress at a boutique near me but the price tag was way too much. I found my exact dress in my size on and I was thrilled to find my $1500 dress for $600. I even was able to get the dress for $430. Such a blessing!! I'm so excited for my big day. 

    Pamela G., January 2017

  • It was easy to find an inexpensive dress in the style I wanted.

    Christa R., January 2017

  • Easiest place I've found so far to sell wedding accessories!!

    Bethany H., January 2017

  • was perfect! so easy, loved it! thought it was going to be way more complicated than it was and I sold it in less than 2 months.

    Anonymous ., January 2017

  • My dress will live on and have another life and make someone's wedding day very special! Great service and was easy to set up and maintain my ad.

    Lauren G., January 2017

  • With multiple (oops!) dresses to sell after my wedding, was a super easy site to manage all of my listings and conversations with buyers. Would definitely recommend to others!

    Liz D., January 2017

  • I felt the most beautiful on my wedding day. I didn't want to let the dress that helped me feel that sit around in the closet; I wanted another bride to feel similar on her big day. helped me make that happen. Thank you! 

    Samantha B., January 2017

  • I've now sold two dresses on this site and could not be happier! It is great to have been able to free up closet space, earn back some of what I spend on the dress, and help someone else find a dress they need at a great price. I recommend to all my friends once they've been bridesmaids.

    Hannah C., January 2017

  • was very simple to list. I liked having a niche market place to sell my dress.

    Kim P., January 2017

  • Sold my dress within a month of posting! Followed the guidelines and suggestions listed on the website. I wish wedding planning had been this simple!

    Sherie B., January 2017

  • I was a bride that had two dresses because I couldn't sit in the first one after alterations & I was stuck with it. Sold it in 4 months & was easy

    Anonymous ., January 2017

  • was very user friendly and set up was simple & quick, exactly what I wanted!

    Dace S., January 2017

  • I didn't have much faith when listed my dress. To my surprise, I got a buyer about a month after listing the dress. very happy with Totally, planning to list another wedding dress since I bought 2 for my wedding. 

    Indi B., January 2017

  • I had the most fantastic experience purchasing a dress on - it was so helpful to be able to see all the information about each of the dresses and to be able to contact the owners directly to learn more about their condition and use. I couldn't have imagined getting a better deal anywhere else, and I'm so glad to have found such a special dress at such a great price

    Anise G., January 2017

  • Good experience with selling. Key is to price item right and have patience. It took several months to find a buyer it communication with buyers was easy. I would recommend.

    Beth V., January 2017

  • I listed an unworn, unaltered popular name brand wedding dress. brought me nearly 5000 looks at my dress. I had to lower my price ($80) from the original listing price. I also added a return policy which really seemed to increase the inquires. A few weeks later, I had a buyer.

    Sandra H., January 2017

  • Thanks to, I had my dream dress for my dream wedding to my dream guy! Thank you so much for what you do. Your brilliance saved me more than I ever thought possible. Thank you!

    Keli M., January 2017

  • It took six months to sell but it was such an easy process that I didn't mind being patient. The key is to keep your listing up to date and answering any and all customer questions. So happy to make someone's day especially because she wouldn't have been able to afford her dream dress without this cite. 

    Hannah S., January 2017

  • I had an incredible experience. I can't say enough good things about I will now be wearing my DREAM wedding dress within my budget! :) :)

    Taryn S., December 2016

  • I am glad I was able to sell my dress with It was tough deciding on a price, and not knowing if or when I would hear from any prospective buyers. But after a few months, I received multiple offers, and was able to make the sale. The site is well organized and easy to use, and made the process simple. Yay!!

    Marianne Q., December 2016

  • My dress sold incredibly fast. I am very pleased with the whole process and the low listing fee rocks.

    Anonymous ., December 2016

  • I found my dress so easily through It was only the second dress I tried on and I fell in love.

    Alisha R., December 2016

  • I bought both my ceremony and reception dresses on Communication with sellers was easy and efficient! I loved the variety of dresses and ease of searching!

    Krista G., December 2016

  • My dress sold incredibly fast. I am very pleased with the whole process and the low listing fee rocks.

    Heather S., December 2016

  • Super easy to use and I felt safe selling my dress through

    Ranae L., December 2016

  • POWD was super easy to use and provided some great ways for me to promote the sale of my dress. I enjoyed how easy it was to create a listing and rest assured knowing it would be seen by those looking for a similar style or brand name. I received multiple inquiries and the reply back by email format made it easy for me to communicate to my potential buyers.

    Simone P., December 2016

  • I've listed two wedding dresses on and both sold. I had put my dresses up for sale on other sites and had no luck. After selling the first dress on, I was so happy with my experience and knew I would list my other one. I was also very pleased with the security of the site and used PayPal for both transactions.

    Andrea M., December 2016

  • Selling my dress on your site was so easy, I have recommended it to many friends already and really appreciate my experience selling my dress.

    Anonymous ., December 2016

  • We were able to find a buyer for our dress in only a few months - and she was from Norway! Its great that your website reaches around the world.

    Kathy O., December 2016

  • Great website idea! I would have never worn the dress again and was happy to find a buyer that needed it!

    Mary S., December 2016

  • Selling my dress was quick and easy! I would recommend to anyone!

    Joleen K., December 2016

  • I had a great experience with preowned wedding dresses. The listing was easy to create and I was able to successfully sell my dress within four months

    Sarah H., December 2016

  • Good experience with selling. Key is to price item right and have patience. It took several months to find a buyer it communication with buyers was easy. I would recommend

    Beth V., December 2016

  • I loved how easy it was to keep track of conversations and inquiries. The whole process was seemless and I was in control the entire time.

    Jenna L., December 2016

  • It took me almost one year to sell my dress, I was not in a hurry since is such an important dress for a bride. My dress I know was worthy because it was beautiful, comfortable, delicate, modern and I knew it deserved to make another bride as happy as I was and who wasnt able to spend the budget I had.

    Agnes B., December 2016

  • Setting up a listing was a breeze and the fact that I can get a text notifying me of interest in my items for sale is an excellent feature!

    Shannon P., December 2016

  • I listed a dress that I had to wear as a bridesmaid in June and it sold in December. I'm happy that I got it out of my closet and gave it some new life with a new owner! 

    Brooke C., December 2016

  • Found the dress of my dreams on and purchasing was quick and easy! Contacting the seller was so simple! I will definitely recommend this site to others!

    Alexandria W., December 2016

  • I sold my dress! And someone else will enjoy it as i did! Its amazing!

    Alex G., December 2016

  • I wanted to make sure I was selling my dress in a secure fashion, preowned made it easy! Really helpful tips on how to ensure both buyer and seller were protected in the sale as well.

    Whitney J., December 2016

  • I loved my experience so much, that I recommended a girlfriend of mine to buy through She did and she loved it, too.

    Anonymous ., December 2016

  • I'm happy to see that my gown will be enjoyed a second time. As happy as I'd be to keep it, I know it just isn't practical as I would never wear it again

    Jessie M., December 2016

  • I purchased my wedding dress from It was the dream dress for me that I could never have afforded! It fit me perfectly and was in new condition. This is a great site for those brides who are dreaming big for their wedding!

    Nicole V., December 2016

  • My experience using has been positive. The site is easy to use from uploading the pictures to making and receiving the payments

    Vanessa Y., December 2016

  • Super easy! Great experience! Really happy that I can contribute to another bride enjoying her special day!

    Anonymous ., December 2016

  • I didn't have much faith when listed my dress. To my surprise, I got a buyer about a month after listing the dress. very happy with Totally, planning to list another wedding dress since I bought 2 for my wedding. 

    Indi B., December 2016

  • What a seamless way to sell a bridesmaid dress I will never wear again

    Kelly M., December 2016

  • My dress was quite old, and while it took a while to sell, I don't think I could have sold it any other way. It was nice to have the dress make someone else's day.

    Elizabeth W., December 2016

  • Selling the dress was fast and easy. Granted the dress I was selling was a Pnina which usually sells fast but preowned made is very easy to navigate through their site and gave me a broad range of people to sell too. I am from Ontario and wanted to reach out to people from the United States as well so my chances of selling are better. A lot of Canadian sites don't give you that advantage. It was a good thing that was my frame of mind because a wonderful girl drove all the way to Toronto from Buffalo to buy the dress.

    Anonymous ., December 2016

  • Using allowed me to find my perfect dress at the perfect price point!

    Erin B., December 2016

  • I loved the experience on and found it really easy to do. I sold my veil in about a month and ended up making a long-distance new friend!

    Daniela M., December 2016

  • I initially listed for sale to be initially in US only however my dress sold in Germany and it was really fairly easy. 

    Vanessa F., December 2016

  • I went dress shopping with my family and found *THE DRESS* as so many of us do. I happened to look on to just see if by any chance my dress who somehow be listed - and there it was, like fate. The dress, new with tags and never altered IN.MY. SIZE! I contacted the seller, Danielle B. and she was so quick with all of her responses, sent me additional pictures of the dress and even was gracious enough to have a phone call with me to ease any other hesitations before I purchased the dress from her. Best experience I've had, especially with such a large purchase and investment! Britten F., December 2016

  • a great platform to sell a wedding dress. I'm so glad that someone else will be able to get use out of such a beautiful dress! Alexandra N., December 2016

  • Selling my wedding dress on was super easy! This was the second time I had sold a dress as I originally picked a dress that was wrong for my venue - in both instances, I had a really positive experience. The best part was when one of my buyers sent me a message thanking me for her dress and that without me selling my dress, she never would have been able to have the dress she had always dreamed of. It was a great feeling to have had my own special day but also to have helped also make someone else's day all the better Bianca S., December 2016

  • was an easy, pleasant, and efficient way to sell a bridesmaids dress! I'm happy to know I have a place that I can trust and pass on a dress to another. Lindsay S., December 2016

  • was an easy site and received a lot of interest! Sold my dress very quick! Stefanie E., December 2016

  • I was able to find a buyer who lived just a short distance away. She had tried on the same dress at a local bridal shop and was thrilled to find the same dress at! A win-win situation for both of us!!! Susan H., December 2016

  • My transaction was simple and I was really excited to find the dress I needed for $100 less than the retailer! Heather K., December 2016

  • How do you give a seller a good review?? I just purchased this white by Vera wang gown and it is absolutely amazing! Better than I could have expected!!!! The seller actually met me half way so we didn't have to ship anything!!! I hope everyone's experience is as wonderful as mine has been shopping with!!! Thanks so much for providing a service like this to help women like me find our dream gown!!!! Lani T., November 2016

  • was very helpful, it helped me sell my dress for the right amount. Once I took the suggestion they emailed me about lowering it but not to a price that was unreasonable  it sold within 4 days after the minor adjustments. Will recommend. I'm happy and satisfied and so is the buyer.

    Brittany D., November 2016

  • My experience with was great.  All of the tips that were provided along the way were helpful, and the ease of communication with potential buyers always felt secure and legitimate.  I would definitely recommend this website to a friend!

    Catherine Y., November 2016

  • I sold my dress on and the experience was amazing. The listing process was super easy, and the selling process was quick. The website only required a 25.00 deposit, and asks for nothing else. I would recommend this site to anyone!

    Shante H., November 2016

  • Selling my dress on was a breeze. They take a one time payment and using the selling tools are very simple. I Could not be happier with the entire experience. 

    Kim N., November 2016

  • was such an easy experience. I thought selling my dress was going to be a hassle, but from the text notifications to negotiating your own terms it was simple and well worth it!

    Gina O., November 2016

  •  I felt like was easy, convenient,  straight forward. You have access to inquires, to change pricing,  etc.

    Tenielle S., November 2016

  • Selling on was really very easy. I appreciate the site to help connect sellers and buyers specific to wedding dresses

    Colleen M., November 2016

  • was an easy and straightforward process. I sold my dress quickly and without hassle. Highly recommend!

    Hannah D., November 2016

  •  Great experience, easy, low cost.

    Juliana K., November 2016

  • made it easy to sell my dress! I only had it listed for three months before it sold and I really loved that I could put it out of my mind and when I had an inquiry the site notified me immediately. I would recommend this site to anyone!"

    Lacey N., November 2016

  • It was a very quick, seamless process. Sold my dress within the first week of posting!

    Jamie H., November 2016

  • The ease of listing the dress and the ease of communication with potential buyers along with the amount of exposure the dress received on the site, makes the process of selling the dress on this site amazing!! I would recommend to anyone who wants to sell their gown!!

    Mary A., November 2016

  • I was so impressed with this company. I had a wonderful experience and am happy that my daughter's Vera Wang gown can be enjoyed by another lucky bride. 

    Anonymous ., November 2016

  • is an easy to use site. I set up my sale in minutes and sold it within weeks. An easy way to share a treasured item with a person who needs it more than you do!

    Anonymous ., November 2016

  • Selling my gown on was easy and stress free. I'm thrilled that another bride will now feel as beautiful on her wedding day as I did, thanks to you!

    Kim R., November 2016

  • Incredibly easy to use! Posting was inexpensive and easy and I was surprised how many inquiries I got. Would definitely recommend to a bride.

    Stephanee D., November 2016

  • Selling the dress on this site was much easier and faster than I thought! It took less than a week! The fact that when you are creating the ad questions are very detailed, makes it easy for buyers to evaluate whether they are interested or not / they fit or not etc. So that limits the # of inquiries you get and those that do get in touch are really interested so you don't waste time. The email system also works very well. Highly recommended!

    Laura B., November 2016

  • This site was incredibly easy to navigate. The process was simple, and I had a positive experience as a seller. I would highly recommend brides utilize the services of, to buy and sell their dresses.

    Alicia H., November 2016

  • was a perfect way for someone to get a beautiful dress for less than half the price.  It seems silly to wear an expensive dress for a few hours and then put it in a closet or attic for years until you get rid of it.

    Colleen F., November 2016

  • I posted my dress on I can honestly say that the brides that contacted me from your site  were serious buyers. I sold my dress to a lovely young woman at my asking price plus shipping.

    Iris B., November 2016

  • made it super easy for me to sell my wedding dress and communicate with interested buyers

    Lea W., November 2016

  • made it super easy for me to sell my wedding dress and communicate with interested buyers

    Lea W., November 2016

  • I had such a great experience on! I really appreciate the simplicity of the entire process and ease of communication between myself and potential buyers!. My dress sold in less than a week! I 100% recommend this site.

    MIchelle H., November 2016

  •  Once I posted with Pre-owned wedding dresses I received multiple offers and ended up selling for $100 over asking price.

    Edina M., November 2016

  • Easy to use with step by step instructions on how to sell.  The ability to post photos and adjust the price as needed was helpful. 

    Samantha S., November 2016

  • I sold both my wedding dress and my daughters maid of honour dress on the site.  The process was very easy and pretty quick.  I got married in August, listed the dress in September and the wedding dress sold in November.  I appreciated the information on the website about how best to ensure that both myself and the buyer were protected in terms of payment etc as I live in Canada and was selling to someone in the U.S.  I love the dress, but it could only be worn that one day.  It gave me a sense of satisfaction knowing that someone else will get pleasure from wearing it too.  We sent emails back and forth a fair amount and she seems like a lovely person.  Its funny to think that my dress once here in Toronto is now in Texas.  Would highly recommend the the site and the process.

    Anonymous ., November 2016

  • I found the site to be simple to use and the selling process even more simple. I like that there are no fees to sell and transactions are arranged directly with the buyer. 

    Vicky V., November 2016

  • My seller was so great.... and even added an extra gift! She always responded right away.

    Christina C., October 2016

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