Press + Praise

Press + Praise

  • I went dress shopping with my family and found *THE DRESS* as so many of us do. I happened to look on to just see if by any chance my dress who somehow be listed - and there it was, like fate. The dress, new with tags and never altered IN.MY. SIZE! I contacted the seller, Danielle B. and she was so quick with all of her responses, sent me additional pictures of the dress and even was gracious enough to have a phone call with me to ease any other hesitations before I purchased the dress from her. Best experience I've had, especially with such a large purchase and investment! Britten F., December 2016

  • a great platform to sell a wedding dress. I'm so glad that someone else will be able to get use out of such a beautiful dress! Alexandra N., December 2016

  • Selling my wedding dress on was super easy! This was the second time I had sold a dress as I originally picked a dress that was wrong for my venue - in both instances, I had a really positive experience. The best part was when one of my buyers sent me a message thanking me for her dress and that without me selling my dress, she never would have been able to have the dress she had always dreamed of. It was a great feeling to have had my own special day but also to have helped also make someone else's day all the better Bianca S., December 2016

  • was an easy, pleasant, and efficient way to sell a bridesmaids dress! I'm happy to know I have a place that I can trust and pass on a dress to another. Lindsay S., December 2016

  • was an easy site and received a lot of interest! Sold my dress very quick! Stefanie E., December 2016

  • I was able to find a buyer who lived just a short distance away. She had tried on the same dress at a local bridal shop and was thrilled to find the same dress at! A win-win situation for both of us!!! Susan H., December 2016

  • My transaction was simple and I was really excited to find the dress I needed for $100 less than the retailer! Heather K., December 2016

  • How do you give a seller a good review?? I just purchased this white by Vera wang gown and it is absolutely amazing! Better than I could have expected!!!! The seller actually met me half way so we didn't have to ship anything!!! I hope everyone's experience is as wonderful as mine has been shopping with!!! Thanks so much for providing a service like this to help women like me find our dream gown!!!! Lani T., November 2016

  • was very helpful, it helped me sell my dress for the right amount. Once I took the suggestion they emailed me about lowering it but not to a price that was unreasonable  it sold within 4 days after the minor adjustments. Will recommend. I'm happy and satisfied and so is the buyer.

    Brittany D., November 2016

  • My experience with was great.  All of the tips that were provided along the way were helpful, and the ease of communication with potential buyers always felt secure and legitimate.  I would definitely recommend this website to a friend!

    Catherine Y., November 2016

  • I sold my dress on and the experience was amazing. The listing process was super easy, and the selling process was quick. The website only required a 25.00 deposit, and asks for nothing else. I would recommend this site to anyone!

    Shante H., November 2016

  • Selling my dress on was a breeze. They take a one time payment and using the selling tools are very simple. I Could not be happier with the entire experience. 

    Kim N., November 2016

  • was such an easy experience. I thought selling my dress was going to be a hassle, but from the text notifications to negotiating your own terms it was simple and well worth it!

    Gina O., November 2016

  •  I felt like was easy, convenient,  straight forward. You have access to inquires, to change pricing,  etc.

    Tenielle S., November 2016

  • Selling on was really very easy. I appreciate the site to help connect sellers and buyers specific to wedding dresses

    Colleen M., November 2016

  • was an easy and straightforward process. I sold my dress quickly and without hassle. Highly recommend!

    Hannah D., November 2016

  •  Great experience, easy, low cost.

    Juliana K., November 2016

  • made it easy to sell my dress! I only had it listed for three months before it sold and I really loved that I could put it out of my mind and when I had an inquiry the site notified me immediately. I would recommend this site to anyone!"

    Lacey N., November 2016

  • It was a very quick, seamless process. Sold my dress within the first week of posting!

    Jamie H., November 2016

  • The ease of listing the dress and the ease of communication with potential buyers along with the amount of exposure the dress received on the site, makes the process of selling the dress on this site amazing!! I would recommend to anyone who wants to sell their gown!!

    Mary A., November 2016

  • I was so impressed with this company. I had a wonderful experience and am happy that my daughter's Vera Wang gown can be enjoyed by another lucky bride. 

    Anonymous ., November 2016

  • is an easy to use site. I set up my sale in minutes and sold it within weeks. An easy way to share a treasured item with a person who needs it more than you do!

    Anonymous ., November 2016

  • Selling my gown on was easy and stress free. I'm thrilled that another bride will now feel as beautiful on her wedding day as I did, thanks to you!

    Kim R., November 2016

  • Incredibly easy to use! Posting was inexpensive and easy and I was surprised how many inquiries I got. Would definitely recommend to a bride.

    Stephanee D., November 2016

  • Selling the dress on this site was much easier and faster than I thought! It took less than a week! The fact that when you are creating the ad questions are very detailed, makes it easy for buyers to evaluate whether they are interested or not / they fit or not etc. So that limits the # of inquiries you get and those that do get in touch are really interested so you don't waste time. The email system also works very well. Highly recommended!

    Laura B., November 2016

  • This site was incredibly easy to navigate. The process was simple, and I had a positive experience as a seller. I would highly recommend brides utilize the services of, to buy and sell their dresses.

    Alicia H., November 2016

  • was a perfect way for someone to get a beautiful dress for less than half the price.  It seems silly to wear an expensive dress for a few hours and then put it in a closet or attic for years until you get rid of it.

    Colleen F., November 2016

  • I posted my dress on I can honestly say that the brides that contacted me from your site  were serious buyers. I sold my dress to a lovely young woman at my asking price plus shipping.

    Iris B., November 2016

  • made it super easy for me to sell my wedding dress and communicate with interested buyers

    Lea W., November 2016

  • made it super easy for me to sell my wedding dress and communicate with interested buyers

    Lea W., November 2016

  • I had such a great experience on! I really appreciate the simplicity of the entire process and ease of communication between myself and potential buyers!. My dress sold in less than a week! I 100% recommend this site.

    MIchelle H., November 2016

  •  Once I posted with Pre-owned wedding dresses I received multiple offers and ended up selling for $100 over asking price.

    Edina M., November 2016

  • Easy to use with step by step instructions on how to sell.  The ability to post photos and adjust the price as needed was helpful. 

    Samantha S., November 2016

  • I sold both my wedding dress and my daughters maid of honour dress on the site.  The process was very easy and pretty quick.  I got married in August, listed the dress in September and the wedding dress sold in November.  I appreciated the information on the website about how best to ensure that both myself and the buyer were protected in terms of payment etc as I live in Canada and was selling to someone in the U.S.  I love the dress, but it could only be worn that one day.  It gave me a sense of satisfaction knowing that someone else will get pleasure from wearing it too.  We sent emails back and forth a fair amount and she seems like a lovely person.  Its funny to think that my dress once here in Toronto is now in Texas.  Would highly recommend the the site and the process.

    Anonymous ., November 2016

  • I found the site to be simple to use and the selling process even more simple. I like that there are no fees to sell and transactions are arranged directly with the buyer. 

    Vicky V., November 2016

  • My seller was so great.... and even added an extra gift! She always responded right away.

    Christina C., October 2016

  •  I searched for a specific gown on this site and I ended up finding it close enough to meet the seller in person. I was able to try it on, loved it, paid cash, and made a new friend. I got the dress I have been wanting for a long time for half the cost as it was in store. And it happened to be my size and altered to almost my exact height. I could not be more happy about that. 

    Leah H., October 2016

  • While a number of sites and shops charge quite high fees to list wedding dresses, I found to be very reasonable. It was easy to list my dress for sale, and easy to communicate with prospective buyers. I sold my dress about 3 months after I listed it, for the price I set, and with very little effort.

    Trinity B., October 2016

  • was easy to maneuver; I had no difficulty joining and designing the ad. Making changes such as lowering the price or adding pictures was simple. Compared to other sites or services, it is more likely you'll get more of the money from a sale.

    Danette C., October 2016

  • With, I sold my dress quickly to someone who will cherish it. 

    Kimberly H., October 2016

  • was very user friendly and easy to navigate. I attempted to sell my dress at consignment shops, online sales, etc. and never had any luck. The site opens up the market to so many more people that have the opportunity to access a site with exactly what they are looking for, beautiful wedding gowns at a discounted rate. The buyer was very easy to work with and I feel excited that someone else gets to use my former beautiful gown at a discounted rate.

    Kristin C., October 2016

  • was very user friendly and easy to navigate. I attempted to sell my dress at consignment shops, online sales, etc. and never had any luck. The site opens up the market to so many more people that have the opportunity to access a site with exactly what they are looking for, beautiful wedding gowns at a discounted rate. The buyer was very easy to work with and I feel excited that someone else gets to use my former beautiful gown at a discounted rate.

    Kristin C., October 2016

  • My experience has been wonderful. I'm so glad there is a location where people can help each other save money while still having a wonderful wedding day in the dream dress. I recommend this site to everyone I know who is getting married.

    Laura C., October 2016

  • It took a while to sell my dress, but eventually someone showed interest and it was easy to correspond with them via the website.  I got notifications and was able to see statistics of how many people looked at it etc.  EASY and great way to sell the dress without loosing too much money on consignment fees etc.

    Emily B., October 2016

  • Such a quick and easy way to sell your dress and make someone else super happy. Mine sold in 3 days and I was able to easily receive payment and ship it right after.

    Anonymous ., October 2016

  • was very easy to use and monitor my items.  It was easy to communicate with buyers and finalize my items.  My products looked professional and sold quickly on this well kept site.

    Trisha S., October 2016

  • Made selling my dress completely hassle free. Just put listing up and waited for replies. Only took me about five months to find someone interested.

    Juanita D., October 2016

  • made it so simple to sell my dress. I wanted it to find a good home and interacted with a number of great women during the process. I am happy that it will get another day in the sun!

    Erin R., October 2016

  • Thankful for! Connected  me with so many great people from around the globe..and the special one, who this dress was waiting for my new beautiful pal from Vietnam! Barselona-La Jolla-Hanoi! Quiet a voyage for this gown:)

    Anonymous ., October 2016

  • is great. Very easy to list dress, load pictures. Lots of traffic. Reduced price, paid $5 to promote dress and sold it soon after.

    Alison M., October 2016

  • Nice to be able to help other girls with their accessories for the big day of your wedding and participate or collaborate in each stage of their dream.

    Sasha R., October 2016

  • Posting the dress was easy.  I was able to set up the account and post all of the information about my dress and forget about it. I didn't have to continually check in or worry about anything until I was contacted by potential buyers. I was able to name my price and negotiate it with buyers.

    Melissa S., October 2016

  • I couldn't be more satisfied with my decision to purchase from My dress is perfect and I couldn't have asked for a more accommodating seller! Wonderful experience overall!

    Samantha H., October 2016

  • I was shocked at how many views my dress had in just a couple days. Within a few weeks I had corresponded with 8 different credible and interested buyers. They were wonderful and the site allowed for us to connect!

    Megan G., October 2016

  • In life you never know when emergencies will happen. Sometimes plans can change because of it. With I was able to not change my plans about my wedding dress. I am so thankful for that!

    Shannon S., October 2016

  • Was able to find a buyer, for my never used brand new wedding dress, fairly quickly. It was very easy and affortable to add listing.

    Denise G., October 2016

  • made it easy to post my dress and was very affordable. I liked that it provoded an accurate  estimated value and the FAQ was very useful with information on how to ship a wedding dress. I  had no probably finding a buy and sold it after only 2 short months.

    Anonymous ., October 2016

  • It was a great experience, easy to sell the dress and love that you can leave it posted until it sold.

    Brittany K., October 2016

  • Wow! Sold my dress in less than two weeks and it couldn't have been easier.

    Anonymous ., October 2016

  • I have sold two dresses on It is so easy to use and gets the job done without a lot of effort.

    Kathleen D., October 2016

  • I heard about this website through a friend who also sold her dress.  The process was painless and sure enough, in 1 month, my dress was sold for 62.5% of what I paid for it.

    Rebekah S., October 2016

  • Loved this site. Easy to use and very quick to sell. I had trouble selling on other sites and this one was very successful. Would recommend to all brides out there. - 

    Brittany R., October 2016

  • Posted the dress and received numerous inquiries.  I like the one time fee and the ability to communicate via site instead of personal email. I have now purchased and sold a dress on this site and have had positive experiences with both. 

    Christina O., October 2016

  • Posted the dress and received numerous inquiries.  I like the one time fee and the ability to communicate via site instead of personal email. I have now purchased and sold a dress on and have had positive experiences with both. 

    Christina O., October 2016

  • Posting the listing to was quick and easy. My dress sold very quickly (less than 1 month) and without hassle. The view counter was great, it was nice to periodically check in and see how many people had viewed my listing. I highly recommend this website to others who may be interested in selling their wedding or bridesmaid's dresses.

    Lisa P., September 2016

  • made it easier for me to sell my dress by presenting it to an audience that was searching for a dress. The site was very simple to use and the cost was very fair.  I do not feel like I would have sold my dress as quickly or for as much money if I had not used this site.

    Amy D., September 2016

  • I loved the experience of selling my dress online. I wore a unique gown and wasn't sure I'd ever be able to sell it, I found a wonderful bride to be who I know will love and cherish it as much as I did. It was easy and safe, I highly recommend

    Kate B., September 2016

  • I had tried selling my wedding dress in another website for more than 9 months, but when I announced it here I sold it within 2 months! I think the webpage is really well designed, and the advice for selling and buying is excellent. It was my first time selling something over the internet (Paypal), and it was easy and safe. I wish I had discovered this website when I got married. I totally recommend this site!

    Jimena R., September 2016

  • Super easy to use. I had no idea a website like existed. The seller was super friendly and answered all my questions before purchasing. This website saved me over $100 dollars for a dress I will only wear once! Highly recommend to anyone.

    Brittany P., September 2016

  • I have been trying to sell my wedding dress for the last year on various sites.  I listed it with and sold it in three weeks. It was so easy.

    Ashley B., September 2016

  • I was very happy to sell the dress on I was very happy with all the information provided to help with the process. Also the quick response with andswers to questions was prompt and very helpful .

    Anonymous ., September 2016

  • Helped me sell my dress, had lots of inquiries and made the process much easier. 

    Marcela C., September 2016

  • is a fabulous resource for budget-conscious brides. I purchased and sold my dress through this website and found it to be very user friendly. The single fee is definitely worth it. The bride I purchased the dress from and the bride I sold the dress to were both wonderful to work with. I highly recommend this site for both buying and selling!

    Anonymous ., September 2016

  • Loved using this site to sell a bridesmaids dress that I only needed to wear once!  It was simple to list the dress, and I appreciated being able to keep the listing until it sold. Will use again! 

    Brittany L., September 2016

  • I was glad to sell my dress on because they had a quick turnaround time, don't take any commission, and attract quality buyers. I would recommend this website to anyone looking to sell wedding fashion items

    Sara S., September 2016

  • was a great, efficient, safe way to sell my wedding dress.

    Sierra M., September 2016

  • It was super easy to sell my dress.  I exchanged contact information with the buyer and it was sold within a day.  I would advise any sellers to mark up their dress by about 20% more than they actually want to cover costs of shipping, paypal, and the $25 POWD listing fee.

    Shannon S., September 2016

  • Thanks for giving some lucky woman, the opportunity to feel as I felt when I wore my dress on my wedding day. I could not have asked for a better way to have my dress listed.

    Katrina P., September 2016

  • Great experience selling a never-worn wedding dress on this site.  Reached a bigger pool of interested buyers that I would ever have found in our local second hand stores. 

    Carol W., September 2016

  • was easy to create and update if needed. It took about 6 months to actually sell my dress, but the interface of POWD was a positive experience. I liked the text & email I received when someone messaged me about the dress.

    Emily G., September 2016

  • Honestly, hands down, the best site to sell dresses. I posted my gown 2 days ago and it had been viewed over 140 times within the 2 day time frame right before it sold. I had posted this same gown on tradesy over a month ago and had not received one inquiry about it. I took a leap of faith and paid the $5 to have this dress listed and it was worth EVERY PENNY. I paid $180 for this gown and made $65 off of it. Better than some girls who have 15 or more bridesmaids dresses taking up space in their closet and are stuck with them years later due to being out of style. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    Anonymous ., September 2016

  • I'm so glad I found to sell me gown. It enabled me to connect with a bride across the country who needed this gown quickly. I'm so glad to see the gown was still able to be worn. 

    Marsha S., September 2016

  • is super easy to navigate and the best way of selling your gown. I sold my gown on here, I received so many inquiries about my gown and it was so worth it.

    Katherine M., September 2016

  • It was easy to list (and very reasonable cost). When I heard from a potential buyer it was easy to communicate with her. She decided to buy the dress and it worked out great. I'm glad somebody will get to use it - it's such a beautiful dress - and it's nice to have a little cash and more space in my closet, since I knew I'd never wear it again.

    Steffany K., September 2016

  • I had an easy time finding a buyer for my BHLDN dress on, and it felt good knowing that my dress was going to make someone else feel special for their big day!

    Elizabeth F., September 2016

  • Very happy with my sales experience. Always hard to let go of something so sentimental, but felt so much better meeting the woman who bought it and knowing how happy it will make her on her special day. 

    Erin R., September 2016

  • I listed my dress & within a week it was sold. It was easy to post on preowned wedding dress & I knew it was going to be a focused sell vs other online selling avenues. 

    Melissa R., September 2016

  • Very easy process to set-up service and to communicate with interested buyers on Overall great experience.

    Erica R., September 2016

  • Selling on was so easy and straightforward! I didn't have to haggle or have strangers come to my house. I just responded to emails and working with the buyer was a breeze.

    Erin K., September 2016

  • It's great to have this network, specifically focused on matching great dress buyers to great dress sellers!

    Liz D., September 2016

  • Selling my dress on was so easy. I took a few pictures and posted it on the listing. I like that the site gives you so many options for the process of selling. The person who bought it from me asked me to invoice her on PayPal and paid it immediately. Great experience overall. I will be posting more dresses.

    Meredith C., September 2016

  • This site was so easy to use!  The experience of being a seller was so easy because there was no middle man and I was able to sell the dress for the price I wanted and have no fee's take the money away.

    Nikki M., September 2016

  • I loved being able to look up comparable sales of my gown right here on the site! It made it so easy to price it just right. I can't imagine selling it for more or so easily on any other site. Definitely recommending this site to my friends. Thank you!

    Raquel R., September 2016

  • The process was quite simple. It took me 6 months to sell the dress to someone who was close to me so I didn't need to mail it or use the escrow account. The future bride was very excited to buy it at the  price I was selling it for as she could not afford retail price for the same dress.

    Dawn C., September 2016

  • Super easy to post my dress on! Great interface for managing inquiries and makes for quick conversations with potential buyers. My dress sold in less than three weeks!

    Liz D., September 2016

  • Selling on a very easy process. I thought it would take a while to sell my dress but it sold very quickly.

    Hilary D., September 2016

  • I had a seamless experience selling my unused wedding dress on  It was extremely easy to use - I was able to upload pictures and specs of my dress in a matter of minutes - and I found a buyer within a month who was nearly able to match my listed price.  I definitely recommend this site for wedding dress buyers and sellers.

    Stacie B., September 2016

  • Selling my dress on was super easy. The profile was very inclusive where I could share all the details about my dress. The messaging system was very handy too- it went straight to my Gmail address but still was kept confidential and through  the POWD website.

    Monica H., September 2016

  • I loved using this site because there are no fees, and your listing stays active for as long as you need it to.  I like that you can get texts when a buyer contacts you to stay on top of the transaction.  

    Chelsea K., September 2016

  • Posting on was quick and easy! I got a text alert when someone inquired about my dress which made it easy for me to respond timely. Definitely recommend!

    Terrah N., September 2016

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