Press + Praise

Press + Praise

  • Made it possible to buy my dream dress. Great selection and amazing customer service thank you for making my day special!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • is wonderful! It's easy to use and I love that I was able to buy a brand new wedding dress for significantly less than in a store!

    Toya B., May 2017

  • This site is SO user friendly and it was such a relief to list my dress and hear from a buyer within that week! It is the perfect platform if you need to sell a dress - especially considering that all the local shops I talked to in my area would have kept 50% of my profit! I would recommend this site to anyone!!!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • I had a great experience with! It took me under five minutes to create a listing. It was easy to communicate with people inquiring about the dress. My dress was sold within a month. I highly recommend them.

    Kasey M., May 2017

  • I was looking for a particular dress and designer and came across It was easy to use- the seller was wonderful. What an easy process- thank so much!!

    Becca V., May 2017

  • Using PreOwnedWeddingDresses.Com was really simple. I had tried on the dress at a local store and looked it up on Google, and the dress showed up in my size. The seller was very easy to talk to and provided me with receipts and other important information. The dress fits great, exactly what I was looking for!

    Stephanie B., May 2017

  • Had an amazing experience with from customer service to sellers! Never thought I find my dream dress in very affordable price. To all soon to be bride out there this is the place to be.

    Chie K., May 2017

  • I was looking for a dress that wasn't being made anymore. I found it almost immediately on & it was an amazing price!!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • Using was so easy! I loved that I was able to sell my dress in a safe environment to a bride who will love my dress as much as I do

    Sandra H., May 2017

  • I listed my first wedding dress (I didn't wear on my day) and sold it! It didn't take long and for a listing fee of only $25 until it sells, you can't beat it! Thank you POWD!

    Sarah T., May 2017

  • Using POWD was really easy and efficient. I especially liked that I could link my email address to my account and receive inquires directly to my email. It's hard to keep up with a lot of different email accounts so when a site offers that feature, it ensures that you won't miss an inquiry

    Hailey P., May 2017

  • Although it took a while to sell (about 8 months) the right buyer finally came along. I'm so happy someone else can enjoy the dress as much as I did.

    Jules M., May 2017

  • We had several inquiries on our dress after posting it on It sold within two months of posting for close to what we originally asked for it. The site is extremely easy to use and the price of $25 for a posting is more than reasonable. I highly recommend this site.

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • I was so happy to come across this website, and felt it was a safe and effective way to sell a wedding dress. Advice: be patient. The overall process went swimmingly. I'd be quick to recommend this site. Thanks! 

    Steffanie K., May 2017

  • It was a great experience the perfect buyer found my dress and I'm sure she'll also be a wonderful bride. PreOwned is perfect they answered my questions, it's easy to communicate with the potential buyers. There wasn't anything that I was unhappy about. The whole process was very easy. I'm so happy to know that my perfect wedding dress is the perfect for another lovely woman as well! Thank you PreOwned!

    Natalia B., May 2017

  • Easy to post photos, versus other companies which are difficult. Like the texting feature so I know immediately when someone has a question.

    Anne B., May 2017

  • was a delightful experience. Easy, fast, efficient.

    Caroline A., May 2017

  • My experience was easy and it made me happy to bring joy to someone else's day!

    Samantha B., May 2017

  • It was a breeze to list my bridesmaid dress with  I loved the dress but knew that it was something I just was not going to wear again. I am so happy another bridesmaid gets the chance to wear it!

    Mary S., May 2017

  • Very easy, sold my item in a few months.

    Meghan B., May 2017

  • Selling on was super-easy. I took a few photos, messaged back and forth with some potential buyers and gave my dress a great new home!

    Lisa V., May 2017

  • I was so worried that selling my dress could take months or years. I was so excited when it sold in just 1 week!!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • Listing the dress was easy and quick. It got lots of views as well as inquiries. Was sold in about a month!

    Joni M., May 2017

  • It was incredibly easy to list my dress and manage my listing. Conversations with potential buyers were simple within the site and allowed for questions to be easily answered.

    Lindsey A., May 2017


    Posting on was super easy, that lead to real leads that came from verified buyers. I posted on other sites and almost got scammed. In this day and age, it's really easy to get scammed online. POWD is definitely the best place to sell your wedding dress. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

    Michelle T., May 2017

  • I had my dress listed on Tradesy and OnceWed for months. A friend suggested and within a few weeks it sold to a wonderful gal who really deserve such a great dress. It was worth the $25 listing fee.

    Emily U., May 2017

  • This site was super easy to use! My dress sold quickly and I got my payment even quicker! I would definitely recommend this site to any of my girl friends wanting to sell their wedding dress or looking for a great alternative place to purchase high quality used dresses!

    Kaitlin B., May 2017

  • I love that you don't take commission on bridesmaid dresses, opting instead for a flat rate. That means I don't have to inflate the price of the dress to cover hosting costs - thank you!

    Kelly E., May 2017

  • Listing my unused wedding dress on was a breeze! Interactions with possible buyers was seamless. I thought it was great that you did not have to login to the site every day to check your mail. Any inquiries were sent directly to your personal email address which made it so easy. If in the future I have anything else to sell I would definitely use the site again. 

    Bobbi A., May 2017

  • You made it so easy for me to resell my gown. I know it is going to a bride that is going to love it as much as I did!

    Rachel B., May 2017

  • From crafting my listing to chatting with potential buyers (from the mobile site!), my experience absolutely exceeded my expectations. I felt it was fair, efficient, nicely marketed, and my gown sold within two weeks! 

    Danielle D., May 2017

  • I thought the chances of selling my bridesmaid dress were slim – they're such a specific thing – but I had three inquiries in the first 24 hours, and sold it to the first potential buyer. It couldn't have been easier.

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • My experience with was fantastic. It was definitely worth the $25 listing fee, I had several serious buyers within a couple of weeks. The feature that allows you to drop your price and promote your listing was just what I needed to get my dress sold quickly! 

    Lauren F., May 2017


    Super easy process! My listing was viewed frequently and the sales transaction was very intuitive.

    Michelle B., May 2017

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses makes it so easy to post a listing and interact with interested buyers! My dress sold in a matter of months! 

    Meg B., May 2017

  •  My dress sold at the asking price and the buyer was thrilled that it fit like a glove. All her wedding dreams have come true.

    Kelly K., May 2017

  • I came to this wonderful site in order to sell a bridesmaid's dress from J. Crew. I had tried to sell the dress on eBay, but had more traffic by far, which allowed me to sell the dress at my asking price. The people who made inquiries about my dress were really easy to deal with, too, and it was satisfying to know that my dress ended up in the hands of a happy buyer

    Jaime C., May 2017

  • Wanted to sell my dress so someone else could enjoy a gorgeous dress at a fraction of the price. My buyer was wonderful and getting an email from her saying the dress was perfect really made my day :)

    Emily H., May 2017

  • I found the site incredibly helpful and hassle free, which quite frankly after the chaos of aranging my wedding was just what i needed. I ended up paying the additional $5 to "promote" the dress after about 4 months and then it sold within 2 weeks. Definitely worth the extra $$$. Having the prompts on next steps through the purchase process were greatly appreciated.

    Rosie W., May 2017

  • I was very happy that I could share my daughter's lovely wedding dress with another young woman. The buyer was very enthusiastic about the dress and promised to send photos of her wedding. It was important to my daughter that the dress be worn by another bride and not just hang in a closet for no one to see.

    Susan K., May 2017

  • I used PreOwned Wedding to sell my wedding dress. It was so easy, I had offers within the first day! I would highly recommend this website to anyone interested in doing the same!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • Everything was very simple and straight forward and I found my dream dress!

    Elisa D., April 2017

  • Found using google search. Listing to sale my dress was simple to create with the step by step instructions. Communicating with potential buyers on the site was easy. My dress sold within two weeks of being listed. So happy I found this site

    Gwen B., April 2017

  • Had an amazing experience with Preowned from customer service to sellers! Never thought I find my dream dress in very affordable price. To all soon to be bride out there this is the place to be.

    Chie K., April 2017

  • made it possible to buy my dream dress. Great selection and amazing customer service thank you for making my day special!

    Anonymous ., April 2017

  • I was looking for a dress that wasn't being made anymore. I found it almost immediately on & it was an amazing price!!

    Anonymous ., April 2017

  • Great experince selling my designer dress! streamlined the process and connected me with my buyer! 

    Kate H., April 2017

  • A buyer interested in the dress contacted me through the site. We were able to exchange questions and arrange shipping without barriers. She emailed that it fit perfectly and was beautiful. She loved it. So happy the dress found a perfect home through Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses

    Sharon J., April 2017

  • is one of the best websites I've found to sell and buy dresses!

    Diana N., April 2017

  • I sold my wedding veil in just a few days. Seriously, I was impressed at how quickly it was purchased! 

    Rachel G., April 2017

  • It was a very simple process to list and sell my dress. I had several inquiries and sold my dress in 3 months. This site is a win/win for buyers and sellers. Buyers get discounted dresses and sellers recoup some cost of the initial dress cost. Thank you POWD!

    Sarah B., April 2017

  • Easy and definitely worth the $25. Ive already recommended to a friend.

    Anonymous ., April 2017

  • This site was easy and efficient. Sold my wedding dress very fast.

    Anonymous ., April 2017

  • The process of selling my dress on was so simple and took a lot of stress off my shoulders. I'd recommend buying or selling off this site to anyone!

    Kylie H., April 2017

  • Simple and easy to post. A great way to share your beloved wedding items with others to enjoy. 

    Jess C., April 2017

  • I would highly recommend listing your dress with this site. It's easy to set up and easy to correspond, and ultimately was the only site to pull through with a sale!

    Anonymous ., April 2017

  • was easy, quick, and user friendly. Just sold my brand new wedding dress.

    Stefanie C., April 2017

  • Easy to use. Loved receiving emails notifying me when someone was interested. Gave great tips on how to sell the dress faster. 

    Victoria T., April 2017

  • The wedding dress sold much faster than I ever expected. This site makes it so easy for a bride to put in all her required information for a dress and have a huge number of dresses pop up to browse through. It's very satisfying to see someone else find enjoyment from the same dress you enjoyed on your own wedding day. 

    Chris W., April 2017

  • made it incredibly easy to create a listing for my items and communicate with interested buyers. I will definitely recommend this website to my friends!

    Jena J., April 2017

  • During such a difficult time trying to sell my wedding dress because my wedding was canceled this site made it easier to close a chapter in my life

    Genevieve K., April 2017

  • POWD is easy to use, alert you when you get message and have people with genuine interest in your wedding dress. I had a great experience and my sold my dress in less than a month.

    Flavia B., April 2017

  • was super easy to use and I'm beyond thankful for this resource. This site provides a win-win for all as it provides maximum visibility and you don't have to split the profit of a sale!

    Alison E., April 2017

  • Communication with buyer was easy, payment was quick and the entire transaction was seamless! ;)

    Karen P., April 2017

  • This is my second wedding dress I sold here, took me less than 2 months to sell each.

    Diana M., April 2017

  • I had my dress posted on other sites for over 4 months and only had a few inquiries. I decided to switch to PreOwnedWedding Dresses and sold my dress within 6 weeks. I liked that I was able to track how many people viewed my dress and I also liked the options for promoting my dress.

    Kelan S., April 2017

  • I listed my dress and veil on three different websites. by far got the most response and ultimate was where I sold my listings

    Ellen D., March 2017

  • I received multiple inquiries right off the bat. Loved that I could email the buyers directly to answer questions / send pictures. Basically feels like one huge wedding store where you can interact directly with brides looking for their very specific dresses! I only wish I knew about the site when I was shopping for my wedding gown. :)

    Anonymous ., March 2017

  • This site made it so easy! I sold my wedding dress, veil, and a hair accessory. Now I'm ready to start listing all the bridesmaid dresses I've accumulated!

    Sara D., March 2017

  • is a great site to sell your wedding dress. Website is very easy to navigate, you get tons of viewers and easy to correspond with interested buyers.

    Dianna M., March 2017

  • I listed my mother of the bride dress on and it was the best decision I could have made! Top notch customer service and constant communication throughout the process was greatly appreciated! If you are looking for a site to sell your wedding dress, look no further - this is the one! 

    Denise W., March 2017

  • I recently went wedding dress shopping with my mother, fell in LOVE with a gorgeous dress but was instantly disappointed when I saw the price. I came home and started my google search. PreownedWeddingDress was the first site to come up. To my surprise I FOUND THE DRESS. In my EXACT SIZE. It was SOOO EASY. The filters made my process a breeze. I never ever considered buying my wedding dress 2nd hand. But the price was amazing the dress was in great condition. I searched a maybe 10 more sites. Some of which I gave up on almost immediately because their sites were so confusing, or the prices were unrealistic. I then contacted the seller and she was so nice and understanding. She made honestly made me feel so much better and reassured me I was making a good choice. My dress came 3days ago and I am 100% happy. you have made me a VERY HAPPY BRIDE!! THANK YOU!

    Latisha J., March 2017


    I've been trying o sell my dress for about a Year now, On Facebook Groups, Ebay etc. Sooo glad I found! I had an interest for someone to buy my dress the very next day, and ended up selling within 1 week. Couldn't of been happier. Just Price to Sell Ladies.

    Gina D., March 2017

  • Great choice to use this site to sell my gown. To list was easy and the minimal fee with no commission to the site was a huge plus for me!

    Anonymous ., March 2017

  • Best decision I made to sell my wedding dress! Easy to use site, trustworthy way for both buyers and sellers to make a deal

    Nikki L., March 2017

  • Although my experience was bittersweet as I was selling my daughter's gown due to her wedding being cancelled at the last minute I found to be very easy to work with and I felt a connection with the bride who purchased the gown. I was pleased with the ease of working with this company and highly recommend their site!

    Karyn F., March 2017

  • My dress was listed for less than two weeks before it found its new home. I love the idea that someone else will have the time of their life in the dress and love as much as I did instead of it sitting in a closet for the rest of my life. The whole processes was simple, quick, and easy.

    Anonymous ., March 2017

  • I sold 2 of my bridesmaid dresses on here and it was super easy and simple. You just post the dress, write some info about it, and respond to messages- that easy! I would recommend it to anyone!

    Taylar S., March 2017

  • I was a buyer on first as a I bride purchasing some hair piece and I returned a year later to sell a few things. I have had a good experience as both a buyer and a seller.

    Lauren S., March 2017

  • Parting with your wedding dress is an emotional experience, and PreOwned Wedding Dresses made the actual process as painless as possible.

    Lynn G., March 2017

  • This is a great website for those who are wanting to sell their used wedding dresses. Convenient and easy! It is a popular website so you will get alot of views on the dress.

    Vivian C., March 2017

  • was easy to use and had more searches than I expected. I had a few hits and then found someone who was willing to buy it. I am so glad it finally sold!

    Rhiannon H., March 2017

  • is the easiest way to sell a dress! I paid a minimal fee and quickly created a listing, then just waited for a buyer. Once a buyer contacted me, we followed the site recommendations for payment through PayPal and it was done.

    Tracey A., March 2017

  • I found the value calculator extremely helpful when determining the cost of my dress. It made me feel confident that I was asking a decent price. I eventually sold my dress for only $200 under the asking price

    Meghan G., March 2017

  •  I love that Pre Owned Wedding Dresses lets me keep the listing live until it is sold, no matter how long it takes

    Kendall W., March 2017

  • was so easy to use, the $25 was worth it, I sold my dress 2 weeks after posting.

    Cecilia V., March 2017

  • What a fantastic way to recycle barely worn bridesmaids dresses! A great option for both the buyer and seller. A win-win for both parties!

    Kari T., March 2017

  • Overall my transaction was very smooth from listing to selling. I made one price reduction and that seemed to be the trick to gaining more interest. I had a lovely buyer and we now follow one another on social media. I can't wait to see pictures of her on her big day!

    Cassie H., March 2017

  • Initially I wasn't sure if I wanted to sell my dress. It's special to me and I thought my daughter might want to wear it someday. :) But after looking through different sellers websites I'm glad I stuck with preowned wedding dresses because I found the right person to give my dress too. It will go from Caribbean wedding to the Foothills in the U.S. Very excited for her and can't wait to see her wedding pics.

    Domique L., March 2017

  • It makes me so happy to know that someone will enjoy my dress again as much as I did! Much better than collecting dust in my closet.

    Ashley G., March 2017


    Site is great. So happy at the ease of selling.

    Lori C., March 2017

  • Wow! made the process of selling so easy. I love the communication tools your provide to simplify the back and forth with prospective buyers. Super overall experience!

    Toni F., March 2017

  • This is the second dress I have sold on and I have had great experiences both times. The site is user friendly and I like that the posting stays up for as long as necessary.

    Jessica D., March 2017

  • The site was very easy to understand. I liked how I could pick the price I wanted to list my dress. You pay one amount to list the dress, then the rest of the information is completely up to you. It was very easy to communicate with the buyers and to adjust my listing if needed

    Lindsey H., March 2017

  • I was able to sell my wedding dress and veil and the process was super easy. I loved it. Thanks.

    Eneida B., March 2017

  • great experience! Hoping the woman who bought my wedding dress will enjoy it as much as I did. It was easy to sell and transaction for sale was quick.

    Cassie E., March 2017

  •  I am very happy that I was able to sell my beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress to someone who will use it again on her special day.

    J S., March 2017

  • It's a breeze to list your dress, provide all the required details and converse with potential customers. The ability to see how many views your dress received is another nice feature

    Sara H., March 2017

  • So simple and easy! Great way for brides to sell their wedding dresses and even better way for brides-to-be to have purchase "THE DRESS" for less! 

    Erica S., March 2017

  • I honestly thought that my dress would disappear into the long list of dresses being posted on the site, but I got offer after offer! I sold my dress a couple weeks after activating my post!

    Catherine L., March 2017

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