Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • I am very pleased with my experience selling my dress on this site. I feel like I was able to sell my dress because this site brought together my listing and someone who was looking for that specific style and designer. Other sites made me feel like my dress would just be lost in a sea of listings and no one would ever find it.

    Teresa M., December 2018

  • The experience was great. My buyer and I ended up talking on Facebook and creatin a friendship. I’m excited to see her look beautiful in her ballgown!

    Anonymous ., December 2018

  • I received a dress I bought from the site !! It’s absolutely perfect 🦋

    Sunni C., December 2018

  • I both bought and sold my wedding dress on It was a smooth process on both ends. When I went to sell, it was easy to post the pictures, and the price calculator was also helpful.

    K S., December 2018

  • I’ve listed my dresses on a couple of used wedding dress sites, and this one is hands down the best. 

    Alice J., December 2018

  • I had a great experience with purchasing on My seller was so professional and fantastic! I am strongly considering selling my wedding dress in the near future!

    R P., December 2018

  • I both bought and sold my wedding dress on Preownedweddingdress, and am so glad that I did! It gave me access to styles I had fallen in love with in pictures but didn't have the budget to buy new. The site made it so easy to find the right dress, and also to sell it so it could make another bride feel like a princess for a day.

    V. F., December 2018

  • The process on was very easy and efficient. I created a detailed listing in under 10 minutes, and sold the dress within a couple of weeks! I especially liked how I could opt for text message updated on new activity, so I could address any new questions or offers in a timely manner.

    Andrea G., December 2018

  • My wedding dress got a lot of visibility on the site from both local and far away buyers. I had inquiries trickling in steadily every week it was listed. Overall I'm very happy I listed it and most importantly that it sold! 

    Courtney A., December 2018

  • is such a simple and easy way to connect with brides looking for their dream wedding dress for a good price! 

    Erin J., December 2018

  • This site made it possible for me to sell the dress I felt I settled for to buy a dress on this SAME site I absolutely LOVE. The process was easy and I will plan to re-sell my wedding dress back on this site.

    Amber P., December 2018

  • I loved my wedding dress so much, but did not want it to just hang in my closet for the rest of my life. PreOwned Wedding Dresses gave me the chance to connect with another bride who loves the dress as much as I do!

    Hannah H., December 2018

  • It was a very smooth, easy process selling my dress. I am very grateful for this site :) 

    Jenna D., December 2018

  • Posting my dress was easy and communicating with interested buyers was smooth! I also found many more legitimate buyers asking about the dress rather than immediately asking for me to lower the price of my gown. I felt safe and secure posting to the site, and the FAQ page made it simple to work out my selling and shipping questions.

    Sarah A., December 2018

  • This site made selling my dress so easy! I appreciate that I was able to handle all communicating and negotiations with potential buyers myself and was merely a safe and secure platform to get my dress out there! I would highly recommend to any former bride who is looking to free up some closet space and get her dress to someone else who will love it and much as she did.

    Kelly M., December 2018

  • Very easy to list my dress and communicating with potential buyers is easy. I like that you get a text message notification when a potential buyer is interested

    Jennifer W., December 2018

  • I couldn’t have sold my dress without preowned! Such a blessing! 

    Taylor D., December 2018

  • So easy to sell on this site! I had a lot of interest and it was super simple to communicate with people. Would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to buy or sell!

    Alexa V., December 2018

  • My experience selling on this site was easy and no worries about having to list it anywhere else to try and sell it.

    Celina C., December 2018

  • My experience using this site was great, it was really easy to use! Communicating with potential buyers was seamless, receiving a text message when I would get a new message in my inbox was very helpful as sometimes I miss emails

    Kate F., December 2018

  • Posting my dress on here seemed too good to be true, it was really this simple? And it it was! My dress sold in 6-weeks. The process from listing to selling was so easy. If i had any concerns or questions, I went to their FAQs and it was easily figured out. I will definitely share my great experience with my lady friends!

    Tracy P., December 2018

  •  My sister shared with me about Preowned wedding dresses and I am overall happy with my experience. It took a few months to sell, but I am glad my dream dress could make another bride feel just as wonderful in it as I had!

    Naomi F., December 2018

  • was so easy to navigate and offers a ton of specific search criteria so you only see the dresses you're really interested in. It was easy to message back and forth with potential sellers, and I liked that I received email updates about new dresses and any time a seller contacted me on the site.

    Rachel F., November 2018

  • I had the best experience shopping on! Thank you so much for helping me get the dress I’ve always wanted and helping me stay in my budget!

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • I was able to find my dream dress, BRAND NEW, for half the price on Who doesn’t love an amazing deal!!?

    Amanda R., November 2018

  •  Bought my dress on, loved it, wore it and sold it to someone else who now gets to love it! All super easy and efficient!

    Veronica W., November 2018

  • I listed my dress on other online sites to try to sell it, but had little to no interest for over a year. When I listed on I had several interested buyers contact me, and within a few weeks I sold my dress . My only regret is that I didn't list it sooner! 

    Kristin W., November 2018

  • Using to sell my dress was easy and FAST! I had over 800 views and had an offer on my dress within 24 hours of listing it! 

    Allie S., November 2018

  • Super easy, economical, and I couldn't be happier with my dress!

    M N., November 2018

  • I was very pleased with the convenience of seller my Daughter's gown. I was able to keep it listed by updating it with the hope that one day that perfect bride to be will purchase this Gown!! 

    Ann Marie P., November 2018

  • was easy and a good place to sell a dress fast and secure.

    Brittany P., November 2018

  • was Fast. Easy. Good way to list items in a specific area to the right audience! 

    Jenny H., November 2018

  • was easy to use and it was nice to have a place to sell that is specifically for wedding dresses

    Jamaica J., November 2018

  • I was skeptical at first selling my dress online because there are always risks. After doing some research and looking through multiples sites where you can sell your dress, I thought Preownedweddingdresses seemed the most legit based on active dresses and recent reviews from both the buyer and seller which helped ease my thoughts.

    Jessica H., November 2018

  • I had a very easy time listing my dress on, and when a buyer contacted me, the suggestions for selling were extremely helpful. I'm so glad someone else has the chance to enjoy the dress! 

    Isabella P., November 2018

  • was very easy to use, and allowed me to recoup some of the money I spent on a dress that I decided not to wear for my wedding day. I love how it connected me with hundreds of buyers all over the country. I couldn't be happier with my experience. 

    Emmalee A., November 2018

  • I didn't think I would ever sell my dress, because I have never done this before, but this website made it pretty painless and within a couple of months my dress was sold!

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • I had a wonderful experience with Not only did I have a great buyer that was eager and very dependable, but I felt that I was protected should anything have gone wrong. Highly recommend using this site rather than consigning! 

    Kelsey H., November 2018

  • I'm so glad I found PreOwnedWeddingDresses! I was able to help out another bridesmaid get the dress she needed, at the price she wanted! 

    Leah B., November 2018

  • Something interesting happened in my case: about a year after I put the dress up, I started receiving bites (like three in two weeks). The woman I sold my dress to is just incredible; we have been corresponding daily (i.e., I think there are some great folks on the site!)

    Allyson D., November 2018

  • I wore my gown for only one hour or less. Long enough that i couldn’t return it to BHLDN, but since it was purchased as a back up, not exactly a gown I could afford to keep. It was such a huge relief to be able to sell it!!!

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • Great experience. Took a few months, but I had several contacts until I finally connected with the right buyer! Very easy transaction.

    Kat B., November 2018

  • I thought it would take forever to sell my dress and to get a fair price for it. My gown was viewed way more often then I imagined it would be and it was so quick and easy to converse with buyers! My dress sold in 3 months:)

    Jess Y., November 2018

  • Selling my dress on preoowned wedding dresses was easy. It took a few months, but the process was easy!

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • Such a great experience on I had a lot of inquiries and was able to sell my dress with ease. Would highly recommend.

    Kirsten H., November 2018

  •  I was so happy when someone told me about! I had purchased a sample dress because my fiance and I had decided to get married quickly... but then I completely changed my mind and purchased another dress. I thought I the money would completely be wasted. (as well as a perfectly great dress!) When I found PreOwned wedding dresses I was able to get my dress listed in minutes. Within a couple of weeks I had found a buyer and got nearly all of my asking price. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

    Judy G., November 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses made selling my bridesmaid dress easy. It was an easy an inexpensive way to get a good ROI on my original investment

    Cara W., November 2018

  • My European buyer and I could not get over the ease of with which this transaction was able to take place! We became friends to boot! Great service, thank you!

    Karen K., November 2018

  • I’m not a super sentimental person (sorry mom), which is why I chose to sell my wedding dress. This site has really helped with selling dresses to real women at a fraction of the cost. You not only get have the joyous memories of your own wedding, but also get to parktake in helping someone else’s wedding dreams come true

    Kelly T., November 2018

  • Very quick and easy. So glad that someone else will be able to enjoy my dress! 

    Michelle S., November 2018

  • It took about 2 years, but my dress eventually sold. Posting, editing, and communicating with buyers was easy and felt secure. I appreciated the tips for sellers about return policies and pictures.

    Holly T., November 2018

  • From the day I purchased my gown for my own wedding, I knew I wanted to re-sell it, rather than preserve it. made that a reality and I'm thrilled that my dress was able to complete another brides big day! :) 

    Tiffany D., November 2018

  • This site is legit and I can't believe how fast and easy I sold my dress, in two days!

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • Excellent experience - trying to unwind a wedding which had to be called off 5 weeks before, so very beneficial in trying to make a difficult time easier.

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • My dress sold after about a month on the site. It was easy to make a listing. I'm happy that another bride gets to love my dress again and I was able to make some money off of it - much better than my dress sitting in my closet for years.

    Anonymous ., November 2018

  • I am so thankful for! It made it so easy to sell my dress! I am so happy to have made another brides day and make a little cash while doing so! 

    Ashley W., November 2018

  • This was extremely easy to list on.

    Morgan W., November 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses helped me share my beautiful dress with another person on her special day. I never wanted to keep my original dress, but absolutely loved it and wanted someone else to enjoy it. PreOwned was easy to list and it was sold within 3-5 months!

    Erika S., November 2018

  • I always felt that my dress was a very 'classic style' however it was worn in the early '90's. When I saw Princess Kate Middleton's dress and how it was a similiar design to mine. I thought maybe another Bride would enjoy wearing it, too? Also, it really did bothere me that my dress was being stowed away in a box, tht was under my sons bed! When I sold it to my Buyer, she was so sweet and included me in her dress process. It felt so fantastic to know that she adored the design and will be now giving such a wonderful energy wearing it at her wedding!! I'm thrilled that I decided to sell on through this awesome website! It's been a heartfelt and amazing experience! ~Thank you!

    Bridget M., November 2018

  • Posting my dress on the site was simple and efficient. Categories and descriptions were clear and it was easy to search for what you're looking for. Price and not taking a percentage was awesome too! 

    Calen C., November 2018

  • has allowed me to find my dream dress at about 50% less including shipping! I’m not one to spend crazy amounts of money so this was an amazing resource to have available. It was so easy to navigate, search and purchase!

    Gabbi K., October 2018

  • I loved browsing on because they had many of the designers I loved and they had such a variety of beautiful dresses. I'm glad I could get the dress my heart loved but also to stay in budget! 

    Tiff S., October 2018

  • I purchased my wedding dress on this site from a seller located in Texas, wore the dress for my wedding in New York, and just sold it to a bride-to-be in Alabama! I love the idea of three different brides getting to enjoy the dress and having it be such a huge part of their special day. Who needs a brand new dress when you literally wear it for one day? This was the perfect opportunity to find the perfect dress at an affordable cost. From my experience, this is a fantastic site to buy and sell from.

    Kristen K., October 2018

  • At first I questioned selling my dress. Even when I recurved inquiries, my heart beater a little faster. I guess wedding do that to you :) There are so many expectations out there and weddings have become so commercialized, I felt ‘guilty’ to give away ‘my’ dress. Then one day I received a message from a panicked bride who bought the dress I had but her tailor ruined it beyond repair. She asked if I could ship it to her overnight. My heart sank. I remembered what it felt like during wedding planning and I would have been stressed out of my mind. My husband and I were actually at a wedding during that weekend, but we literally look up a post office that was open until 5pm on Saturday and made sure we sent it to her ASAP! When the dress arrived, I recited a message “Good news... we are exactly the same size! The dress is everything and more!! ??” I literately cried. I’m so glad I sold it to someone who felt amazing in it for such a special day. Otherwise it would have sat in my closet. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of something so special!

    Heather B., October 2018

  • So many dresses, styles,sizes and price ranges to choose from, shopping from the comfort of your home!

    Therese L., October 2018

  • I was intrigued by the option to re-sale my once used bridesmaid dress, make a little cash, and give someone else the opportunity to use a dress for someone else's special day!

    Connie T., October 2018

  • Had a great and easy experience selling with — would gladly do it again!

    Emmy C., October 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses has allowed me to increase my selling area to not just local brides. Reaching brides in other states has allowed me to sell the dresses.

    Anonymous ., October 2018

  • "I bought and sold a dress on and both experiences were a delight! I loved helping another bride find her dream dress!"

    Charlotte H., October 2018

  • Selling my dress was easy on Preowned! I was considering bringing it to a consignment shop but they wanted 50% of the selling price. I love that all I had to do was a pay a one time fee here. I definitely saved money selling it here.

    Anonymous ., October 2018

  • Even though it took about 2 months to sell after I listed the dress on this site, I'm really glad I was told about it. POWD was super efficient and effective, in my experience. I will definitely recommend using this site to anyone, just as is was recommended to me! 

    Ally B., October 2018

  • This experience in selling my dress was super easy. I posed pictures of my dress and details about it. It took a couple of months to sell so be patient and it helped when I lowered my price a bit. I thought I could get a lot more out of my dress but no one is on her to spend a ton of money.

    Alexa C., October 2018

  • I really loved using this site because it made it so easy for me to sell a new wedding dress I had bought.

    F A., October 2018

  • Purchased my dresss here and couldn’t fit it turned right around and sold it back on the site!

    Debbie N., October 2018

  • was efficient and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to sell a gown.

    Anne V., October 2018

  • Sold my dress in one week it was fantastic!

    Anonymous ., October 2018

  • made selling my dress promptly--while still in season--super easy!

    Rachel B., October 2018

  • Selling my wedding dress on Pre Owned Wedding was simple and straightforward. The information provided online about how to go about selling the dress, pricing it, collecting payment, return policy, etc. was all very helpful. Thank you!

    Stacey S., October 2018

  • Great experience. My dress sold in less than three weeks!

    Nancy K., October 2018

  • I loved! Very easy to use, logical, and helpful. They provided simple guidelines to help walk you through any questions

    Esther B., October 2018

  • I was able to connect with an amazing Bride who was willing to sell her gorgeous dress to me at such a great price! It was dream dress that otherwise I would not have been able to afford! is awesome!!!

    Sarah P., October 2018

  • made it so easy to narrow down my search, found my ideal dress, connected with the seller immediately, paid via safe and secure paypal and received my gown in a few days. With the stresses of wedding planning, POWD definitely made finding a dress the easiest part. Thank you!

    Christy V., October 2018

  •  The experience with was exceptional -- the platform is user friendly and each experience with an interested buyer, messaging, adding additional photos through to transaction was exceptional.

    M L., October 2018

  • I would highly recommend to future brides! The first wedding dress I tried on was from this site, and I sold my dress on this site as well. The brides who use this site are friendly, genuine, and incredibly warm. This was the perfect finale to my wedding!

    P Y., October 2018

  • definitely opens you up to more potential buyers. I had my dresses listed on several sites and both dresses were sold to POWD buyers.

    Jane Y., October 2018

  • It was nice to be able to list my dress and pay a one time fee and just wait back and wait for interested buyers! I dont like sites that make you realist every 10 days and pay a listing fee each time. This was easy and successful!

    Adrienne G., October 2018

  • Found this very simple and straight forward. Enjoyed that it was not a stressful experience

    Mackenzie E., October 2018

  • I would not have sold my dress without! Someone recommended it to my buyer and she came to the site looking for exactly what I had. What are the odds?

    Lauren B., October 2018

  • I ended up getting a 2nd dress and I thought that my 1st dress was a complete loss. Luckily I sold it pretty quickly here and regained some money back! Wedding expenses are high so to be able to easily sell.

    Anonymous ., October 2018

  • was  a great way to make back some of the money spent on our wedding.

    Jenn L., October 2018

  • I am so glad that I found my buyer through I love that my dress now has the opportunity to make someone else as happy as it made me

    Anonymous ., October 2018

  • I bought a dress that I thought I was in love with until I found the one. I was left the stress of owning two dresses. Preowned wedding dresses assisted me in selling my first gown and making my wedding a much greater experience.

    Chelsey C., October 2018

  • I enjoyed having the ability to communicate with interested parties. It simplified the process and I also enjoyed having being able to upload additional photos to the website.

    Anonymous ., October 2018

  • I had an incredible experience selling my dress. It was so special to pass my dress on to someone else, see her finding her dream dress and sharing that moment with her! Plus a huge win-win for the both of us!!

    Maria T., October 2018

  • I am telling everyone about! I am so impressed with how easy it is and the deals! I had a budget for my dress and ended up being 500 dollars under! Now I can wear my dream dress with no guilt while I walk down the aisle in Ireland!

    Kayla B., September 2018

  • I bought my wedding dress from and it was the best decision! I saved money and got the wedding dress of my dreams! It was a fast and easy process and the seller was great! I will definitely be recommending this website to my friends!

    Taylor V., September 2018

  • I bought AND sold my dress on PreOwnedWeddingDresses, and am so thankful for providing a safe space for brides to find their dream gowns under wonderfully affordable circumstances!

    Michelle H., September 2018

  •  I was able to buy a beautiful dress which was no longer available from the designer. An added bonus was the affordability of the dress. I would definitely recommend.

    Kathy C., September 2018

  • was easy to use , buying and selling is simple!

    Margaret Y., September 2018

  • makes it simple to create your listing and advertise your gown. I was also able to converse online with potential buyers easily through the site or email replies.

    Ann H., September 2018


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