Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  •  I looked high and low for this particular Sophi Tolli gown even tried it on in a local boutique but the price was just not within my budget, I seen a lot of other brides on social media talk about preowned dresses so I gave it a try. My seller was prompt and willing to work with me stays in consist communication never would I have thought I’d find my dream dress for a price I could afford.

    Marqueta S., October 2017

  • PreOwned Wedding made selling my wedding dress simply and convenient. It's great that a dress that made my day so special can also make someone else's day special too -- and at a discounted price! It's a win win!

    Megan C., October 2017

  • Can't say enough good things. If you want your dress to actually be purchased and for other brides to easily reach out to you...don't even waste your time trying to sell on another website.

    Michelle S., October 2017

  • was the easiest to navigate and seemed like the best shopping experience for the buyer. I was able to sell my dress in a few days and I'm glad that I was able to sell my unworn, unaltered dress to a buyer who needed it at a discounted price! 

    Paige G., October 2017

  • I bought my perfect dress for my perfect day from, and sold the same dress after my wedding so someone else could experience the joy of the dress on their special day! There is truly no need to buy and brand new dress!

    Tallia M., October 2017

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses has a great selection of bridesmaid dresses and makes it really easy to purchase 

    Ellen B., October 2017

  • My seller showed me her wedding pictures, sent my dress the next day and put dried rose petals and stickers on the box with a thank you card inside - I'm so glad I got a dress with such a great story!

    Anonymous ., October 2017

  • Selling my dress on POWD was a Quick and seamless experience. My dress sold in a week, and it was a very easy process.

    Crystal G., October 2017

  • I had a very petite and short wedding dress to sell. I offered a discount and sold my dress in one month! was so easy to do.

    Marie R., October 2017

  • Fast and easy!

    Casey B., October 2017

  • It was very user friendly, I love that the website has an estimator for what I should sell my dress for, super user friendly.

    Reem E., October 2017

  • I am very pleased with I was able to list my dress, communicate with interested buyers, and fully execute a successful sale.

    Anonymous ., October 2017

  •  Last year was the year of the wedding for our family. We ended up with all of these flower girl dresses we had no need for. I listed a couple on POWD and sold them both fairly quickly. Less clutter in the house and a little extra cash; win, win!

    John M., October 2017

  • The buyer lived 25 minutes away and came over to try the dress on. She also purchased my veil that I did not have listed. Overall the experience was great.

    Sam D., October 2017

  • My daughter had a gorgeous flower girl dress that would make any girl feel like a princess. I knew it could make someone else happy, so I put it up on the site, and made nearly as much as we paid originally!

    Elizabeth T., October 2017

  • Posting the dress was easy and the fee is minimal for the site..I was contacted by a prospective purchaser, got a shipping price form my local post office a she sent payment thru PayPal the next day. I sent the dress and tracked delivery in 2 days. Very easy.

    Anonymous ., October 2017

  • I found easy to use. They even sent me reminder emails to update my listing to improve chances of selling. Thanks!

    Molly H., October 2017

  • Sold two bridesmaids dresses on the site - easy to upload photos and description and a great way to make some money and give the dresses another night on the town!

    Erica W., October 2017

  • It was really easy to create my account. I was really nervous about the payment and shipping process but the instructions/recommendations that your site had on it made it easy and made me feel more confident about the process.

    Kelly T., October 2017

  • It's a very friendly website to sell your preloved dress.

    Sofia V., October 2017

  • Its a relief to have a place to sell your wedding gown without the fear of being scammed. This was a great find when I was looking on how to sell my gown! 

    Molly T., October 2017

  • Sometimes these things take patience to sell but it is worth the wait and it is great that we only have to pay the fee one time. It can suit on the site forever after that! The site is very user friendly. I've recommended it to so many of my friends and former, fellow bridesmaids!

    Krystyna O., October 2017

  • Creating my listing was easy, straight forward and the ad looked nice.

    Nikki B., October 2017

  • I sold my dress within 3 weeks of listing it and am so happy that it will be worn again by someone else! It was such a easy process to list the dress and communicate with potential buyers. The customer service representative was so helpful and responded with great advice when I had questions. 

    Vickie S., October 2017

  • Amazing dresses at unbelievable prices. I purchased a dress I would never have been able to afford retail but thanks to this site I was able to buy my perfect dress for my perfect day! Can't wait! I would definitely recommend this site to everyone who is a bargain shopper and wants to obtain a designer dress on a conservative budget. Happy shopping!

    Brittany B., September 2017

  • I went to a store and found a dress that I LOVE, however, there were some flaws in it and it was a dress that was no longer manufactured (from a couple seasons ago). I was looking online for the dress, and came across the exact dress in the exact size I was looking for. Contacting the seller and making the purchase was so easy and I cannot wait for the dress to arrive! 

    Nicole G., September 2017

  • Very easy process - sold my dress in less than 24 hours!

    Jo W., September 2017

  • was great to reach the perfect audience to sell the dress. Buyers were much more serious than other sites.

    Jacynda G., September 2017

  • Without a doubt, the best exposure of any site available!

    Julie V., September 2017

  • This site was the best around. The listing was easy to set up and I was excited to see every day how many people saw your dress. I liked how a text message was sent when there was an inquiry so you knew that there was a question about your dress. I also listed on another site with no responses. My dress sold in 8 weeks. I highly recommend.

    Brianna B., September 2017

  • I've unsuccessfully tried selling my wedding dress on multiple different websites before I was told about preownedweddingdresses and decided to give it a try. Even though you pay for your listing it's well worth it because I sold my dress within 5 days of listing it. Thank you!

    Olga M., September 2017

  • It is super easy to sell with It is great to make a new bride happy :)

    Moni F., September 2017

  • Selling my dress was easier than I thought it would be. I had my dress listed and sold within two weeks! I was so happy to see my dress used for another wedding day.

    Samantha D., September 2017

  •  just wanted to get back in touch with you and let you know thank I am truly grateful to you having gone the extra mile when you didn’t need to.  The bride who was selling the gown did get in touch with me this morning-so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I will be forever grateful!


    Shayna S., September 2017

  • This was a great way to sell my dress. I felt comfortable and safe.

    Kayla Y., September 2017

  •  The person who bought my dress for their daughter had the same exact dress as me. She couldn't believe she found mine. It was from 1988.

    Renee L., September 2017

  • Thank you so much for your website! I literally am paying less than half for my dream wedding dress, and could not have had it without finding your website, so THANK YOU! 

    Jen D., September 2017

  • I sold my daughters beautiful flower girl dress and made back half of what I originally spent! This site is easy to use and navigate. I will be recommending!

    Cassi C., September 2017

  • I am very please with and happy that my dress will be celebrated in again.

    Vic B., September 2017

  • I wasn't sure I could sell my dress as it had been in my closet for two years, but I got an offer within two months and I am happy my dress will be used again.

    S M., September 2017

  • A really great place to buy or sell a dress. I got a great buyer who understands how much the dress meant to me and has agreed to send me photos in it new life!

    Isobel M., September 2017

  • I was pleased with the site. Great turnaround!

    Katie M., September 2017

  • I was able to find my dream dress brand new for a price that fit in my budget on

    Meagan M., September 2017

  • I had a great experience selling my dress on The entire process was easy and inexpensive. I will be recommending to friends!

    Jacqui Y., September 2017

  • I was so happy to be able to sell my dress. It was a stress free experience.

    Emily E., September 2017

  • The experience of selling my dress on this site was seamless. It is absolutely worth the listing fee. I don't know how I would have gone about selling the dress otherwise! 

    Risa G., September 2017

  • I loved how easy it was to sell my dress! And the listing fee was great! I'm glad they don't take a percentage of your sale.

    Mj M., September 2017

  • As a first time mom with a baby on the way, the sale of my wedding dress was something that helped my husband and I purchase the last of our baby essentials. The Preowned Wedding Dress site took the stress out of making some extra money through an easy to use platform that was very mobile friendly (I did the entire process all from my phone!). It was easy to communicate with possible customers using either the private message center on the website or through my email that is linked to my sale page. I would highly recommend other brides this site who are looking to sell their wedding dress.

    Anonymous ., September 2017

  • It makes me so happy to know that my dress will get to be enjoyed by another bride on her special day! 

    Kanani L., September 2017

  • was such an easy and efficient platform for selling my dress online! I am so happy that my dress will have a second life instead of wasting away under my bed. Another plus is that I was able to recoup some $$$ too. 

    Steffanie E., September 2017

  • I'm so happy that someone can enjoy my beautiful dress as much as I did! What a waist it would be to just sit in my closet. Thank you preownedweddingdresses for making this possible.

    Claire P., September 2017

  • Missed the deadline at David's Bridal to order my bridesmaid dress. Didn't want to disappoint the bride so looked everywhere frantically - was THRILLED to find my style, color and size listed on It arrived in perfect condition!!

    Eliza T., September 2017

  • It was so easy to sell my wedding dress on POWD, I highly recommend this site to anyone in need of selling their dress. I had several inquiries, and thought I would need to lower the price, but I didn't! It sold for asking price, which was very reasonable

    Catherine S., September 2017

  • I love that POWD only takes a one-time fee and doesn't charge a percentage of the listing fee like other websites. For expensive items, like wedding dresses, this saves a lot of money.

    Emily J., September 2017

  • supplied the most qualified leads and I was able to sell an extra wedding dress I had within three months.

    Adrienne H., September 2017

  • I found a dress I loved and bought it. It was pretty simple and I would recommend it to those brides (like me) on a budget.

    Abby M., September 2017

  • I wasn't going to purchase a traditional wedding gown as I am doing a small, intimate beach wedding & didn't see the value in such an expense. However, stumbling across PreOwned Wedding Dresses made me change my mind. My shopping experience was seamless. I found a dress I loved, at an affordable price and the communication with the seller was amazing! Thanks!! Looking forward to eloping in the dress of my dreams

    K L., September 2017

  • Huge selection of dresses. Seller was fast to communicate. PayPal transaction are very easy and safe. Found my $2000 dress for $750.

    Jenny C., September 2017

  • Easy to use site! I sold my dress within a week! 

    Julia R., September 2017

  • Safe, reliable, efficient. Best site on the internet for selling a wedding dress. I looked into others which were far less secure, more complicated, and took a larger share of the sale. Preowned is the only site I would recommend to fellow brides.

    Julia K., September 2017

  • Nice site to find wedding accessories at a good price!

    Lia R., September 2017

  • This website was easy great and secure. It made selling my dress very very easy.

    Gina P., September 2017

  • I was skeptical initially about posting to the site when someone referred it to me, however it was super easy, and I sold a dress! I pretty much have starred in the movie 27 Dresses, so I have plenty more to sell. Check out my listings! 

    Kendall T., September 2017

  • It was so easy to list my veil on this site. It actually connected me to a local customer - and I was able to meet her and show her the features of the veil.

    Sarah P., September 2017

  • It was easy from start to finish!

    Amy M., September 2017

  • 2017 is the year that my first wave of friends got married. Being in 3 weddings is costly, so I was so relieved to save money on my bridesmaid dress! I purchased it for less than half of its retail value. The dress was in excellent condition and I enjoyed corresponding with the seller who told me an accurate report of what I would be buying. I would definitely search for a bridesmaid dress again on this site and I will probably sell some now too.

    Anonymous ., August 2017

  •  My experience with was wonderful! The searching process was easy. My seller was so sweet and helpful and the delivery was SO prompt! I ordered the dress on a Saturday and it was in my hands by Thursday!

    Samantha H., August 2017

  • It was very easy to search for a dress that was my style, size, and fit into my price range without wasting time looking through pages of search results that did not interest me. I found a lot of high quality (even new!) dresses that I liked and when I purchased one, it arrived two days later!

    Adriene S., August 2017

  • I was able to easily list my dress and sold it in 3 days! I liked the estimator tool so I could see what was realistic.

    Brittany J., August 2017

  • Listing my dress was easy and my dress sold within weeks! I made a some money back on a dress I wore once and someone got a great deal on a gently used dress Win Win!

    Rachel B., August 2017

  • My dress sold so much faster than I expected! Serious buyers clearly trust this site and browse it often. The best part for me was knowing that I wouldn't have to pay fees or have to repost until my item sold. It worked! 

    Sadia R., August 2017

  • I had very good success selling my dress on site. Listing was easy and I solid my dress within 2 months! Thank you!

    Brandy A., August 2017

  • I would recommend to all friends in my area. They never imagine they could shop or sell wedding gowns this way. And this will be great experience for each bride and gown sellers. I love it!

    C D., August 2017

  • I loved selling via PreOwned. It was easy to create a listing and communicate with potential buyers. It was also really fun to help another bride and talk wedding!

    Ivria F., August 2017

  • Very easy to list and sell my dress on the website. I will highly recommend this website to all my friends selling used bridesmaid dresses! 

    Amanda C., August 2017

  • Creating my listing was simple, and it felt great knowing my buyer was getting a beautiful dress at a great price! This is a great option for those only-wear-it-once dresses that shouldn't be tucked away in a closet

    Emily H., August 2017

  • I am so happy to be able to sell the bridesmaids dress I never got to wear! The process was so easy and the buyer paid very promptly -- hope she enjoys the dress!"

    Jane S., August 2017

  • Selling my dress on here was so easy! My posting received nearly 800 views in two months. Also, I loved that when you updated the price your dress posting was showing at the top and continued to receive more views. I appreciated the feature of the site texting me whenever I recieved interest from a potential buyer so their message wasn't lost in my inbox. Overall, it was a very easy and positive experience.

    Kate K., August 2017

  • I wanted to sell my wedding dress to someone that would make her feel like a princess like I did. I was nervous to sell on other sites but preowned made it so simple/ safe and easy! If I'm ever in someone else's wedding I will be sure to look at the bridesmaid dresses on here! 

    Kayla W., August 2017

  • made my dress to easy to sell! I was able to communicate with potential buyers and answer any questions. My dress sold within two weeks

    Tori M., August 2017

  • Even though it is absolutely exquisite, I never thought I'd sell my 2011 Claire Pettibone dress - everyone seems to want the newest styles. This site connects people to beautiful, timeless, handmaid dresses for a fraction of the cost and lets them live again. I'm a very satisfied seller and I hope my buyer is satisfied as well!

    Anonymous ., August 2017

  • I sold my wedding dress on this site 9 years ago, in hopes it would be able to be used again, and it was! I just sold my bridesmaid dress, and I am very pleased with the ease and efficiency of using this website! Thank you, POWD!

    Anonymous ., August 2017

  • Great to sell a dress that you wore for a wedding and help someone else find a dress for a wedding. It is a win win for everyone!

    Kelsey M., August 2017

  • My experience selling on has been a positive one. The process of listing the dress was straightforward from the beginning. They also provide helpful tips with both the posting and the transaction process. Also, they were great about responding to my questions within 24 hours.

    Eunice J., August 2017

  • It was so simple and quick to post the listing and I already had a few interests by the next day. I would recommend this site to buy or sell for all my friends and family!

    Loren C., August 2017

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my experience selling my dress on I was able to sell my dress quickly and with confidence.Being able to converse with potential buyers makes the transaction stress free and easy. I was able to build trust with my buyer and answer any questions she had about the dress. Overall I am satisfied with my experience with this site and would definitely recommend.

    Nicole A., August 2017

  • Listing and selling an item on Preowned was very easy and comfortable for me. I felt secure in my listing and dealings with any potential buyers. The staff was helpful and professional.

    Kristina K., August 2017

  • Had a great experience listing my dress. It was easy to upload, and create a profile. The experience selling was also very easy. With easy steps and communication between buyer and seller. I was able to sell my dress in 3 months.

    K M., August 2017

  • Very organized site, was easy to find a buyer and sold fairly quickly and smoothly!

    Stephanie N., August 2017

  • This has been a very positive experience for me. It took a little time to sell my dress, but it's a big decision and risk a buyer has to make to purchase such an important item sight unseen. Just be honest and patient. Answer any questions they have in exact detail so that person knows perfectly what they are getting. Showing you are trustworthy and gaining a buyer's trust is key. This is a joyful time in a bride to be's life. It has been my honor to add to that joy by providing my beloved wedding dress to someone who loves it as much as me. Be willing to negotiate. I sold my dress to a wonderful person who truly appreciates it. We became instant friends through our messages.

    Leslie D., August 2017

  • As a former bride, I know how difficult it is so find the perfect dress and I was thankful for real life photos that could be found on this site and I wanted to provide that information about my dress to other brides who were still out there hunting down the perfect dress. This website it a great platform for women who want something beautiful and affordable. Thank you

    Julia V., August 2017

  • Selling my wedding dress via was easy and efficient. The information about payment was also very helpful.

    Maki K., August 2017

  • POWD was extremely user friendly and easy to change prices and communicate with buyers.

    Lyndsey H., August 2017

  • I sold both dresses I signed up to sell! Thanks for providing a great site to do it on! 

    Kassandra T., August 2017

  • Very easy to do and really like the one time up front fee for selling!

    Sarah H., July 2017

  • Had a great first experience on here!! My buyer was very pleasent which made for an easy transaction!

    Rachel C., July 2017

  • Thanks to for making my selling experience a total breeze! Gown sold in less than two weeks!

    Karen R., July 2017

  • Awesome service, and great way to share beautiful gowns with other brides in a sustainable and effective manner! Really happy with my experience! 

    Mary H., July 2017

  • It was very simple to upload the images of the dress and within 2 months I sold my bridesmaid dress. I liked that once I received an email I could continue to use email back and forth instead of signing back into the website.

    Jennifer C., July 2017

  • I had a hassle-free, positive experience with I loved how user-friendly the site was and how I was IMMEDIATELY notified when I received messages from potential buyers!

    Yolanda R., July 2017


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