Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  •  It was a wonderful experience using I loved the wonderful bride I sold it to and am so happy she'll be as happy in my dress as I was!

    Megan G., September 2018

  • It was such a pleasure selling my dress through

    Dora J., September 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses made it so easy to sell my gently used Bridesmaid dress! My listing sold within 3 days!

    Liz M., September 2018

  • Very happy I listed my dress on! It was easy to use and I'm glad someone else will have the opportunity to wear a lovely dress that they otherwise might not have been able to afford.

    Kiersten P., September 2018

  • was amazing! I wasn't sure if I should sell it or not, but I am really glad I did. It was painless and super easy! 

    Hannah M., September 2018

  • Selling my dress was so easy! It was easy to message the buyer and sort out all of the details. I walked away with way more money than I would've selling at consignment.

    Laura M., September 2018

  • I put my dress on sale on a Thursday on and got an offer by Saturday. So easy and professional.

    A T., September 2018

  • THANK GOD for If it wen't for this website my ultimate wedding dream couldn't have happened. I purchased my dress from here. Furthermore, when I was ready to sell my dress, this website created the platform for me share my dream with another special soul. Thanks a millon

    Fayola B., September 2018

  • Very positive experience! Easy, efficient, and I sold my dress in a couple of weeks for my asking price! 

    M C., September 2018

  • I’m so glad PreOwned was there to facilitate the selling of my dress! Every girl I talked to was trustworthy, and I’m thrilled that my dress will get another day in the spotlight (and that I can recoup some of the cost)! 

    Sarah W., September 2018

  • Great experience, my item sold quickly and communication was easy!

    Melissa R., September 2018

  • I had a great experience with the PreOwnedWeddingDress site - it was simply and easy to use and create a dress profile and the fee was really reasonable. I was so happy to know that the dress I loved went to someone who fell for it just as much as I did.

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • I am thrilled that my dress gets the chance to make another bride’s day magical (and she got to stay within her budget!).

    Sara F., September 2018

  • Great site, easy to use! I appreciate the texts when I had a message about my dress that way I didn’t feel like I constantly had to be checking the site! 

    Carsin P., September 2018

  • is a very easy site to use. Highly recommend.

    Katie S., September 2018

  • I had a great experience. It’s great that I would get text notifications when someone inquired about my dress. It was helpful for me to be responsive.

    Amanda K., September 2018

  • Posting my dress and including lots of photos, and responding to buyer inquiries was super simple using Preownedweddingdresses. Not to mention, buying on the platform itself was also super simple and straightforward - I know from being on both sides of the transaction and couldn't recommend the site more. No sketchy business, just genuine brides looking for great deals.

    Michelle H., September 2018

  • I’ve had the pleasure of selling multiple items on (my wedding dress along with multiple bridesmaid dresses I’ve used) and every transaction has been seamless. I’ve also purchased a bridesmaid dress from here and again, super easy process. I’ve already recommended this site to multiple people for buying and selling and will continue to do so.

    Jackie D., September 2018

  • Wow - I sold my beautiful dress in one day! What a great site. Wish I knew about you before I bought my dress. So easy to talk to my buyer and working out the transaction was a breeze. Thanks!!

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • I’ve used to both buy and sell a wedding dress. Each experience has been pleasant and gone smoothly. The seller fee is so reasonable! I definitely recommend this site! 

    Casey G., September 2018

  • After having to buy a second dress when the first ended up being too short, I panicked about what I would do with the first one to offset some of the cost of buying the second. Selling my separates skirt on PreOwnedWeddingDresses was easy, and my skirt sold within a month for about 75% of the retail value! I

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • really makes it easy to sell and or purchase on. The fees are really low which is a plus. There’s a large selection to choose from and you won’t be disappointed.

    Carolyn J., September 2018

  • PreOwned wedding dresses is an awesome place to get your gown at reasonable prices! 

    Karen E., September 2018

  • Extremely easy to list and sell!

    Amanda S., September 2018

  • I sold a Tiara through the site and it was very easy talking with people who were interested.

    Tru C., September 2018

  • Pre-owned wedding dresses made selling so easy! Putting up the listing was very straightforward, and it was super easy to communicate with my buyer and send her more pictures. Would definitely recommend!

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • Selling my dress on PreOwned was very easy. Within days I had people interested in my dress. It was really nice to see that someone else would get to wear it!

    Caitlyn W., September 2018

  • Great way to sell a dress. I listed my dress easily and it sold in less than a month!

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • This was a quick and easy sale. In the future I would recommend to friends who have an upcoming wedding to shop here first!

    Jacki V., September 2018

  • I had little hope of selling a never worn bridesmaid dress that I have had in my closet for almost two years. This site helped me find a buyer in need (who I am glad I could help out). It was a very easy process with little work from me. It makes you feel more at ease with it being in a site just for bridal dresses as well. I will use this site again if I ever need to sell a formal dress again.

    Hannah T., September 2018

  • I am thankful for this community. When I searched for my own wedding dress, I came here and poured through thousands of options until I found the perfect one. There’s no way I would’ve been able to do that by visiting physical stores with my timeline. I loved looking at the joy in the pictures posted to show the dresses and reading the descriptions too. It helped me love the dress even though I wouldn’t get to touch it until I purchased it. When it was time to pass along my dress, I returned to this site, and it sold in a few months. I hope she loves it as much as I do!

    Hosanna R., September 2018

  • Why consign your dress and split the payment 50/50 with the store when you can pay a nominal flat fee and sell it how you want to?

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • Nice to see how many views I had for my dress. Finally when the right person was interested in my dress it was easy to communicate through

    Anisa M., September 2018

  • It was simple to list my bridesmaid's dress and it sold quickly! Happy to recycle a dress and minimize my clutter. 

    Olivia J., September 2018

  • I had a great experience selling on It was easy talk to potential buyers and the tools helped to provide a smooth transaction

    Sam C., September 2018

  • was easy to use. I wasnt bothered with scam emails like I was through eBay. My dress sold in a little over a month and the buying process was easy

    Stephanie R., September 2018

  • This is a great site to use. Easy and set up for both buyer and seller to get the best out of it.

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • Preowned Wedding Dresses made it easy and convenient to sell my bridesmaid dress quickly!

    Ellen B., September 2018

  •  I had my beautiful bridesmaid dress listed because I didn’t want to see it go to waste sitting in my closet. Thankfully someone else loved it and decided to purchase it from me. Easy!

    Loren R., September 2018

  • I listed my dress about a month ago. Had lots of views and interest. Sold it today. Very happy!

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • Selling my dress on POWD was a breeze! I got several great inquiries and the communication was easy. I can't recommend the site enough as the best way to sell your dress.

    Liz B., September 2018

  • This was the easiest process to sell my dress. I sold my dress within a month of my wedding. Loading the pictures were easy. I was able to manage all inquiries as quickly as possible because of the text message notifications and emails. Once the buyer was ready, I shipped it off and it was perfect

    Ashley D., September 2018

  • Very happy with my experience with PreOwned Wedding Dresses! Sold my dress in 8 days! :)

    An L., September 2018

  • My experience with selling my dress on was very positive. The ease of posting, commenting with potential buyers, and user friendly interface was great. I have no complaints.

    Stephanie B., September 2018

  • Immediately after posting my dress I received 50 views and 2 inquires. The experience was easy and simple! Not to mention the up to date texts and emails! I HIGHLY recommend

    S A., September 2018

  • It was simple and easy. I had inquiries within 2 days and my dress was sold in a week! It was great!

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding helped me find the perfect dress at an affordable price!

    Anonymous ., September 2018

  • I was very pleased with the selection that was available and the prices for the dresses. I want to look good on my wedding day without spending a ton of money on my dress and I feel like I have accomplished that. The buyer was extremely nice and answered all of my questions. It was a very pleasant experience.

    Beth G., September 2018

  • I found my wedding dress within a week of being engaged on The selection is huge and the filters are easy to use.

    Elyse W., September 2018

  • I found my wedding dress within a week of being engaged on The selection is huge and the filters are easy to use.

    Elyse W., September 2018

  • I found a dress I really loved on Pinterest, after looking online, I found there was one on Preowned and it happened to be in Chicago. I messaged the seller and was able to meet at her home to view the dress. It was in great condition and I ended up purchasing it a few days after viewing it.

    Mayra A., September 2018

  • was a life saver when it came to finding an affordable wedding dress! I was able to try the dress on in-store but when I searched here for it, it was a third of the price, in my size, and already altered to my height.

    Ana O., September 2018

  • I have found and bought my perfect dress for the big day. I would love to close my account and come off the mailing list. I'll be sad to go, but it is for the best reason! You're business is amazing!

    Renay G., September 2018

  • After browsing 5 stores I found the dress of my dreams for a steal at preownedweddingdresses! Couldn't be happier and love the idea of upcycling.

    Nadine M., August 2018

  • Found my daughter's dream dress for a fraction of the cost. Our seller was quick to respond to questions. Paying for the dress was a breeze. Our seller had our dress to us in less than a week. Exactly as advertised and packaged very well. Could not be more pleased. 

    Shirley D., August 2018

  • After making my listing, I was able to forget about selling my did all the work of selling it for me! They brought the buyers to me, and I could respond directly to them quickly, and efficiently. Overall, I was able to get much more back for my dress than I would've if I had sold it at a consignment store, or online independently.

    Sarah C., August 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses made my selling experience easy. I was able to find a bride who loved my dress as much as I did. I'm excited for my dress to be part of another woman's beautiful day.

    Anonymous ., August 2018

  • I had an amazing selling experience. Sure it took a while to sell my dress, but the person who bought it loved it so much and she was so easy to work with. Everyone who messaged me about the dress asked great questions and were very courteous. When selling a dress, the fields you fill out are so thorough, and it’s so easy to make any updates.

    Sarah G., August 2018

  • You need patience to wait for the right person to come by who would fit your dress, and love what you love. When it finally happens, it’s a joy to know that your dress becomes part of another beautiful wedding.

    Ling A., August 2018

  • Super easy!! My dress sold a little over two weeks from listing it! Would definitely recommend if you are looking to make more money on selling your gown as opposed to other websites and consignment stores which will take a large portion of what you would make on the sale of your dress.

    Katie B., August 2018

  • I loved how convenient it was to use Website is user friendly and makes editing your listings super easy.

    Adrina M., August 2018

  • is a great site for anyone looking to sell wedding attire. I have been please with the service from the site and all the attention my listings have received. 

    Marcia F., August 2018

  • The site was super easy navigate and to create a listing. I sold my wedding dress within 11 days. Super happy customer here. I'm glad that my dress will get another opportunity to shine! 

    Veronique D., August 2018

  • My experience with PreOwneed Wedding was seamless. I was able to provide another bride the opportunity to share the same excitement I had with my wedding dress.

    J R., August 2018

  • I sold two of my bridesmaid dresses here already and it was so easy! I'm glad someone else get to wear my dresses!

    Jane D., August 2018

  • My listing received so many views, and my dress sold way faster than I expected! It's a well-known site and I wouldn't recommend selling a wedding dress anywhere else!

    Mindy S., August 2018

  • I found my dream dress on, the process is easy and the price is amazing.

    Trang T., August 2018

  • I have sold three dresses so far with Preowned Wedding Dresses and have loved every second! It's so easy to communicate with buyers and I now have money back in my pocket from dresses I knew I would never wear again but someone else might!

    Lauren S., August 2018

  • Why buy the dress full price? Save a dress from never being used (or used again) and landing in a landfill AND save yourself some money! It’s a no brainer.

    Chloe Q., August 2018

  • I found a dress I loved but could not justify buying it brand new from the bridal salon. I was able to find the exact dress on preownedweddingdresses! I saved over $1,000 and the process was simple. I should be getting my dress in the mail within a few days. So excited about this purchase.

    Jacklyn D., August 2018

  • I have used twice and have had great luck both times. They have the most thorough search engine I've seen, so finding what you're actually looking for is easy. Would (and have) suggested to everyone looking for a dress to check here first.

    Rebekah B., August 2018

  • My listing received so many views, and my dress sold way faster than I expected! a well-known site and I wouldn't recommend selling a wedding dress anywhere else.

    Mindy S., August 2018

  • So much faster and easier than I would have imagined! I also appreciated that the site charges up front rather than a commission.

    B B., August 2018

  • I am thrilled with my experience on I sold my dress quickly and easily!

    Anonymous ., August 2018

  • I bought my dress on here - easy and fast! I then sold my dress on here!! Win- win!

    Anonymous ., August 2018

  • I had a great experience buying and selling my used wedding dress on Preowned wedding dresses. The dress was listed and sold within 3 weeks. Very easy and highly recommend! 

    Tiffany V., August 2018

  • PreOwned is the best place for brides to sell their wedding dress. The website is easy to manage and efficient.

    Anonymous ., August 2018

  • It was a great experience! Initially it didn't seem like anyone was interested and then I got a lot of buyers looking and it only took a little over a month to finalize a sale.

    Wendy B., August 2018

  • Listing my dress was easy, I liked getting reminders about my listing, and communicating with my buyer was easy.

    Jane P., August 2018

  • I found this site when looking for my own dress. Not above wearing used, only wear it one day for a couple hours, right! So when It came time to sell my dress this was the site I believed in.

    Wendy H., August 2018

  • Great experience! I sold my dress in one day! Easy communication with the buyer, and over all a simple, efficient process! 

    Elaine D., August 2018

  • Selling my wedding dress on was easy, professional, fair, and convenient. I would highly recommend this site to anyone looking to buy or sell a wedding dress

    Allix M., August 2018

  • It wasn’t an easy decision to sell my dress but made it easy and I couldn’t be happier that it’s being passed along to someone else who will have the happiest day of their life in it! What a great way to give it a second life!

    Monika R., August 2018

  • The site made it so easy to connect with potential buyers! Everything was very efficient and professional and made selling my dress a breeze.

    Dena H., August 2018

  • I wanted to sell my dress but didn't know how or where, until I found - what a gem! It was so easy to use and it helped me sell my dress.

    Erin F., August 2018

  • I remember the crazy hunt for my own wedding dress and being shocked at the prices retail locations/bridal shops wanted. As a budget-minded bride myself, I went back to sell my dress through Preowned to help other brides realize their dreams in a budget friendly way. 

    Elys F., August 2018

  • I wish I had known about this site when I was shopping for a dress! It was such an easy experience to sell mine that I would honestly recommend it to any bride. My dress got 500+ views within the first few days and was sold within 2 weeks. Fantastic experience! 

    Diana W., August 2018

  • My dress sat in my closet for 7 years and when I finally decided to sell it I made a listing, had an interested buyer in 48 hours and it was sold & shipped 48 hours later. What a smooth process. 

    Christine V., August 2018

  • I had my dress on 2 other sites, and never got any responses. The dress was up for several months. I put my dress up on preownedweddingdresses and I got two people wanting to buy in the first few weeks of it being up! And sold it in less than a month! It’s definitely worth the listing fee if you’re wanting to get money back on your dress! -

    Meagan S., July 2018

  • Great experience with this website! I sold my bridesmaid dress at the price I requested and within last than 2 weeks which I was very happy with! Very easy to use and coordinate. I also love the text alerts!

    Breana F., July 2018

  • So easy! I’m glad my beautiful dress could be used again! Thank you

    Erica C., July 2018

  • I was looking to sell my wedding dress, and I was so happy to find PreOwned Wedding Dresses! It is exactly what I was looking for! I was able to list my dress and match it with the perfect owner. Unlike a resale shop that may have a few wedding dresses, this site is a great resource for buyers. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to buy a wedding dress, and to anyone looking to sell one!

    Julie P., July 2018

  • I had a great experience with Preowned Wedding Dresses. It was very easy to list my dress, edit the price, etc. I posted my dress on multiple sites, and it received the most views and sold first on this one.

    Joy H., July 2018

  • I had a pretty easy experience with Pre Owned. Before I got married I would always be browsing the site for a wedding dress. Then when I did get married I sold my gown on here. Took about 3 and a half months for it to sell! Would recommend to someone who is either wanting to buy a dress or sell theirs

    Sadie H., July 2018

  • helped me sell my dress and connected me with interested buyers worldwide. They have excellent exposure and are easy to use.

    Renata K., July 2018

  • made selling my dress easy! I found the perfect buyer and I can’t wait for her to wear the dress on her special day.

    Lauren T., July 2018

  • I just sold my first dress via and am very pleased with the entire process. The fee from the site is the lowest I found and the site is very easy to use. I would recommend to others looking to sell.

    Rachel P., July 2018

  • Super easy! I sold a dress and jewelry. So glad I did.

    Natasha P., July 2018

  • I really enjoyed my experience using It's very easy to use, tracking customers, comparison of price with similar dresses, all for one flat fee! I recommended it to all my friends.

    Liliana P., July 2018

  • Overall great experience!! Preowned wedding dresses made it super easy to sell my wedding dress within one week. It was very easy to create a posting and they gave me texts and emails every time someone inquired about my dress which made it easy for me to respond quickly. This website has a lot of people that visit it, which I didn’t realize, and made this process very quick. Definitely recommend!!

    Beth A., July 2018


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