Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • I was initially skeptical of selling my wedding dress online, but I am so glad I took a chance with this site! Listing my dress was very straightforward, and communicating with buyers was quick and easy. I like the fact that they send text notifications to let you know when you've received a message through the site. The listing fee of $25 is reasonable, especially since your listing never expires. My dress sold within 24 hours of listing it, and I was able to recoup most of what I initially paid for it.

    Emmalee A., June 2018

  • My overall experience selling a wedding dress on was very pleasant. My customer was very easy to work with. I tried to accommodate her needs for a better shopping/selling experience for the both of us. I highly recommend for those who would like to sell their wedding items.

    mike N., June 2018

  • Selling my wedding dress on their site was very easy and I was able to sell it in less than 1 month! I've already told all of my bridesmaids about the site! 

    Casi C., June 2018

  • Selling my bridesmaid dress on was really easy and I appreciated all of the tips. I'm glad to have sold it in a rather short period of time!

    Meghan H., June 2018

  • I had a positive experience on I had a new dress and sold it in less than 2 months. I made sure PayPal money was deposited before sending dress. Other sites had sketchy customers that seemed like they were part of a scam. Be careful!

    Dawn L., June 2018

  • Selling my Bridesmaid Dress on POWD was so simple and easy! I wish I knew about this site before I had purchased my dress new. I was grateful for the easy step by step instructions and how easy it was for me to search for dresses to see if I would list my own. Great site! Worth the $ to list tenfold!!!!

    Anonymous ., June 2018

  • Great way to sell your dress without any hassle. They even contact you via text when new inquiries come in!

    Kristin W., June 2018

  • All of my interactions were very positive. I was able to sell my dress in about a month and the transaction went very smooth. I couldn't have been more happy to know that this person was going to love my dress as much as I did.

    Sarah S., June 2018

  • I've now successfully sold two different dresses on One was a sample I bought my very first dress shopping trip, and another dress was a "backup" dress when I wasn't sure if my dress order would come on time. Both dresses found new owners within 10 days! My advice: be realistic about pricing, be detailed with your photos, and be open to returns if it doesn't work out for the other bride. I'm super happy that both dresses sold quickly and glad that this platform exists to connect brides together.

    Melody C., June 2018

  • I successfully sold two dresses on with ease, efficiency, and trust.

    Lauren B., June 2018

  • I really had a great experience. I listed every single detail for the buyer and priced the item fairly. For this reason she barely asked me questions. It took me about a year ( which is expected) to sell my wedding dress. I had a wonderful experience conversing with buyers and am beyond thrilled to have worked with such an easy website to sell my wedding dress. I was sad to part with it, but happy it will be worn by another ! Friends of mine are now considering listing too because they saw how great it worked out for me

    Ashley Y., June 2018

  • My slip was sold in a few weeks time and the process was easy and efficient! Great resource for re-selling wedding gear

    Kellie B., June 2018

  • Great site that allows for easy posting and conversation with potential buyers.

    Demetria R., June 2018

  • is an easy way to list your wedding dress for sale. The tools available make it simple to include all the details a buyer might want to know about your dress and to determine what the listing price should be! 

    Kiri D., June 2018

  • My experience with pre owned wedding dresses was easy to handle. I️ was thankful that another bride was so thrilled to get to wear the never worn or altered dress.

    Sue B., June 2018

  • made the process so easy! I loved how the website was very user friendly. It took me five min to upload my photos and listing details! The listing price was reasonable and the selling process was seamless. Thanks! 

    Amy J., June 2018

  • It was a great experience. Pretty easy and effective. It did take me a while to get a hit but when I did, it was meant to be. I made sure to keep constant communication with the buyer and me, which made the process seamless

    Jenna P., June 2018

  • Listed my wife's dress, got a hit and sold it within a couple weeks for the asking price. We were happy and the buyer seemed happy too.

    Ben K., June 2018

  • I thought PreOwned Wedding Dresses was easy to use and update. It helped me get into contact with people that were interested in my dress, and willing to make a purchase

    Signourey H., June 2018

  • It was so convenient to sell my dress on preowned wedding dresses

    Riley W., June 2018

  • My experience with PreOwned Wedding Dresses was excellent! I sold my dress in less than a year and the whole process was easy. Highly recommend!

    Krystle O., June 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses created an easy platform for me to list my dress, and I did not even bother listing on another site. I am so glad I chose PreOwned Wedding Dresses, because I was able to sell my dress with very little effort! The dress calculator and ability to promote my listing via price reductions were very useful tools of the site. I was able to connect with a very sweet buyer and overall the process has gone very smoothly from start to finish.

    Sarah R., June 2018

  • My daughter's wedding was called off and I offered to sell her dress so that she didn't have to deal with it. Listing her brand new dress was so very easy! Uploaded her photos, picked a price and waited for the emails to come in. It was sold in about 6 months (I had listed in the fall and it was a summer dress). The entire process was very easy! I highly recommend for anyone looking to sell their dress

    Kasey O., June 2018

  • The best site to sell your new/used wedding dress! Very easy to make your listing and you will never miss a message from a potential buyer because they notify you by email as well! 

    Cassie S., June 2018

  • The selling process was easy and my dress sold quickly.

    Casey O., June 2018

  • It was just very straight forward. I listed it and sold it almost right away. I forgot to take the listing down though! I had four people messaging me. Im super happy!

    Brit T., June 2018

  • Easy way to sell a gown with serious buyers. 

    Melissa C., June 2018

  • Very easy to use and sell. Thank you

    Susan L., June 2018

  • Using was the best decision I could have made in selling my gown. I got so many inquiries from interested buyers and I sold my dress within 6 months of listing it! I am so happy with how easy this process was and would highly recommend this site to anyone trying to sell their gown! -

    Whitney P., June 2018

  • Great experience withe this site. Dress sold so fast and everything went so smooth. Highly recommended out of all other sites I've tried.

    Deanna G., June 2018

  • Using the PreOwned Wedding Dresses site was super easy and my dress sold in less than 10 days. The post was very easy to create and add photos. Overall I had a very good experience.

    Andrea C., June 2018

  • I truly loved my experience with PreOwnedWeddingDresses. Easy and most importantly trustworthy.

    Anonymous ., June 2018

  • Shopping on was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I found the perfect dress from my favorite wedding dress designer, and it was in the exact price range I needed. It was very easy to pick out the dress, contact the seller, and get the dress home. I highly recommend using this site!

    Melissa O., June 2018

  • Thank you guys,so much.I've searched for months for my dress on different site and stores and I so glad to say between this site and my seller I'm going to be one happy and lucky bride..

    Anonymous ., June 2018

  • It was so easy to contact the seller, she was very helpful and accommodating, made buying a wedding dress stress free.

    Chrys C., June 2018

  • I fell in love with a dress that was more than double my budget in the store (my sister pulled it off the rack). I ended up finding it on for less than my budget, in excellent condition and the right size/length. I am so happy I didn't settle for a cheaper dress in the store!!

    Elena G., June 2018

  • I had a great experience buying my dress - I connected with the seller, and we had so much in common. The alterations she had made to the dress made it fit me perfectly, so I didn’t need to get it hemmed or bustled after it arrived! Buying my dress preowned felt more special than any of the other dress fittings I had in salons because the seller had her own beautiful story and I felt honored to wear such a stunning dress with its own unique history. I also sold my backup dress using and loved being able to make someone else’s day so special. The site was easy to use and I received so many responses in a short amount of time!

    Chelsea R., June 2018

  • Thank you guys,so much.. I've searched for months for my dress on different site and stores and I so glad to say between this site and my seller I'm going to be one happy and lucky bride..

    Anonymous ., June 2018

  • It was great to browse dresses and when I figured out what I was looking for, it was easy enough to contact the seller.

    Anonymous ., June 2018

  • The process of sell my gently worn wedding dress was simple and easy. I would definitely recommend to anyone!

    Michelle B., June 2018

  • I found the wedding dress I have been looking for for 2 years! I am beyond excited! Thank you,

    Kristin B., June 2018

  •  I saved so much money and hassle using for the same dress every other bridesmaid paid way more for.

    Jackie T., June 2018

  • I had seen a dress I really liked on another site but they didn't have it in my size. Luckily enough I was able to find the dress I was looking for on in my size and for a third of the price. My interactions with the seller was spectacular, she answered all of my questions with in 24 hrs and emailing her and once I was ready to make my decision she even drove the dress down to DC from Philly to ensure I was happy with the gown. I was very lucky at this find and the experience was spectacular with my seller.

    Nancy T., June 2018

  • saved my wedding day when I needed a dress quickly. You can add multiple different filters to find the right dress for you. I would recommend this site for anyone like me that prefers not to shop in-store for clothing

    Michele B., June 2018

  • I'm very glad I signed up for this site! I sold my dress in 3 weeks and the buyer was incredibly easy to work with. We are both very happy with the experience and I'm so glad my dress got a second life!

    Lindsay C., June 2018

  • No scammers contacted me about the dress from this site. Other sites I advertised on had multiple immediate and continuos scammers. I loved that we ( seller and buyer) could communicate via e mail thu the site! I love that we could connect to PayPal thru your site and all the recommendations on preowned on how to price item, what to include in add, photos , and especially loved the promote feaure. That is what cinched the deal for us. Overall great experience.

    teresa c., June 2018

  • It was very easy to list my dress, and whenever I needed to edit my listing I had no problem!

    Maria B., June 2018

  • I was able to sell my dress within a few months of listing. Great experience, easy to do!

    Jane W., June 2018

  • The dress took a few months to sell, but it sold! I am happy and satisfied!

    Jill F., June 2018

  • After looking at several sites to sell my dress, I chose this one and I'm so glad I did. It was so easy to create the listing and figure out a listing price. I uploaded pictures and it was done. The buyer was so excited it made me excited to sell my dress to someone who will love it too. 

    Trish H., May 2018

  • I had already purchased a wedding dress a few months before I found this site. After waiting months for it, the dress arrived in the wrong color and the designer refused to make it right. I was so disappointed and stressed about the dress. And on top of that, I had a really strict budget now for finding a new one. After spending countless hours looking, I came across this site. I was in awe of how many stunning dresses I found, especially in my size. I found the perfect dress and the seller was so wonderful. Within a week the dress arrived at my door and it is absolutely beautiful! I’m so grateful I found it. This site and the seller have made my wedding dreams come true! 

    Brittany B., May 2018

  •  Great shopping experience on Filter dresses and get notified when prices drop or new dresses added. Great experience!

    Audrey M., May 2018

  • this was my first experience with PreOwned Wedding I was very surprised to have sold my daughters dress that was never worn in only one week. It is a beautiful dress and sad that no one would get to wear it.

    Linda N., May 2018

  • I love!! I actually bought a wedding dress on this site as a back up dress in the event I didn't like my dress that I originally got from an Australian website. I'm so glad that I went with my gut because I loved the dress purchased on and wound up selling my original dress here!! Happy that the dress that I won't be wearing is going to another bride

    Kelley V., May 2018

  • was easy to use. It was great you were able to put all of the dress details in it give you an estimated value for the dress. Great site! I am glad I was able to sell my dress! 

    Patricia W., May 2018

  • I had looked into selling my dress with a consignment shop but they were only going to give me 40% of the cost they so it for so I thought I’d give selling it online a try. I had a few people message me about the dress but finally had someone lined up to purchase it after 5 months. Overall, it was a very smooth transaction.

    Autumn F., May 2018

  • This site was very easy to use, and helped me sell my dress in 2 months! The $25 listing fee was so much better than other sites that take a percentage of the commission. I love this site because people come here specifically looking for wedding dresses, so your dress gets viewed way more than on other sites

    Zara D., May 2018

  • It was very easy to list and sell my dress on the site, highly recommend! 

    Lorraine L., May 2018

  • was amazingly easy to navigate! I couldn’t have sold my dress and made as much as I did on any other site!! 

    Tracy N., May 2018

  • So glad my dress sold on Would definitely recommend it - they'll stick with you even if your dress doesn't sell immediately.

    Elizabeth C., May 2018

  • Was super easy to setup and it was nice to connect with other brides who loved the dress!

    Amanda L., May 2018

  • The whole process was smooth and seamless. From listing the dress to communicating with prospective buyers, and eventually the sale. I am pleased with the whole experience!!

    Anonymous ., May 2018

  • Trustworthy, reliable site to sell/buy used dresses at a fraction of retail prices! This site gives sellers all of the options they need to appropriately describe the dress, fits, alterations, and current state of dress so that buyers are fully aware of what they are purchasing

    Anonymous ., May 2018

  • PreOwned was easier, more convenient and I received more views so must be more popular.

    Sally T., April 2018

  • Amazing experience! Simple, convenient, and love knowing my dress with have another love story! 

    Danya C., April 2018

  • I had a wonderful experience using this website to find my wedding dress. I found exactly what I was looking for and purchased it from a wonderful lady who already had all the alterations I needed. This site and my seller are truly a blessing and played a big part in making my wedding dreams come true and keep me in budget! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Felicitie P., April 2018

  • has a HUGE selection! Good search filters to find what I was looking for. Quick response from sellers.

    Tracey T., April 2018

  • Searching for a wedding dress is by easy but made the experience pleasurable and put me in contact with sellers outside of the U.K. I have now bought my dream dress through you- thank you so much! 

    Anna P., April 2018

  • Quick and Easy!

    Cristina P., April 2018

  • I had a brand new, unworn gown to sell, and although it took about 6 months to sell, I had a great experience with the buyer. It's a great website that is easy to navigate. I did not use any other website because I felt confident my dress would eventually sell.

    Brittany E., April 2018

  • Even better than making some money back was getting to see someone else feel like the belle of the ball in their dream dress-- OUR dream dress.

    Christina L., April 2018

  • I love being a part of friends weddings but it is such a drag knowing you could be stuck with a bridesmaid's dress you paid over $200 for and wore once! made it easy for me to earn some cash back for my purchase by sharing it with another bridesmaid in my position! Thanks for making this process clear and easy! 

    Lucille L., April 2018

  • Great and easy process to sell my dress. Took less than a year and just a few email exchanges with potential buyers! 

    Risa E., April 2018

  • Selling on PreOwned was so easy! I didn't want to hang onto my maid of honor dress, and the person who bought the dress said it fit them like a glove! We both benefited - I made space in my closet, and she got a dress that fit perfectly at a fraction of the cost! A win win! 

    Andrea S., April 2018

  • I had a great experience. Was able to sell my dress in 4 months of listing date. Communication between customer was fast and simple. 

    Molly M., April 2018

  • I had a great experience using My dress sold in less than two weeks for a fair price. It was very easy to stay in contact with my buyer, and the process of collecting the payment went smoothly.

    Anonymous ., April 2018

  • I had my doubts that this would actually work. I only had to wait a few months for the right buyer to come along. I was nervous about the process but PreOwned Wedding Dresses walked me through with detailed instructions and suggestions on the website. I would definitely recommend this service!

    Sarah B., April 2018

  • The dress sold within 2 1/2 weeks!! is amazing, I will recommend it over and over again!

    Jill F., April 2018

  • I had been trying to sell a brand new bridesmaid dress for over 2 years. Within 3 months on it was sold! I will definitely be using this site again! 

    Kathryn H., April 2018

  • Easy as can be!

    Agatha B., April 2018

  • My dress was listed and sold in less than 4 months of being on Communication, editing, and photo sharing was simple and quick. It was worth the listing price! 

    Kelcy W., April 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses made selling my dress a dream. I am over-the-moon to have sold it to a lovely woman from Germany was specifically seeking this particular gown which is no longer produced

    Jill M., April 2018

  • Thanks to PreOwned Wedding Dresses, my wedding dress had a chance to shine again on another beautiful bride. I am so glad to have chosen to sell on PreOwned Wedding Dresses, which was a breeze to use - from setting up an account, adding my listing, and selling to a buyer. I highly recommend this great company! 

    Annika W., April 2018

  • Pre Owned Wedding Dresses made it easy to find the bridesmaids out there who were looking for a deal (as I had been!) and get us in touch!

    Erika H., April 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding is a great way to sell your gown. Easy to keep track of your listing, and easy to communicate with people who are interested in buying. Thank you!

    Clarissa P., April 2018

  •  Selling my dress through PreOwned was such an easy, simple, and stress-free process. Their site is very straightforward and easy to navigate through. Using them is totally worth the $25 dollars it costs to post the dress. Good luck!

    Angela M., April 2018

  • I think the site enabled me to sell the dress and veil easily since I could reach a large audience. 

    Nicole A., April 2018

  • A very easy website, you can put a lot of pictures about your dress, and the website has all the information for how you proceed with the sale. Amazing experience and really people interesting on by.

    Monicka C., April 2018

  • I had a wonderful experience selling on PreOwned Wedding Dresses compared to Poshmark, Ebay, or even Craigslist. The efficiency of listing an item and communicating with potential buyers was excellent. I would definitely recommend listing your dress here

    Ana H., April 2018

  • It was so easy to use this site! They provide really helpful suggestions about each phase of the process and I felt very comfortable with everything. Would definitely recommend! 

    Leigh S., April 2018

  • Took almost 1 year to sell but once the right person found the right dress for her it was easy to communicate and ship. thanks. 

    Shan K., April 2018

  • is the perfect way to make sure a wedding gown finds a new home!

    Susan D., April 2018

  •  I was thrilled to find a buyer who loved my mother of the bride dress as much as I did. Thank you, PreOwned Wedding for enabling me to make that connection. It was a pleasant transaction with a resident in my own community.

    Cathy B., April 2018

  •  I had seen the dress I wanted online, but couldn't find it in any stores. I bought and sold my dress on POWD. It is a wonderful way to save money and get the dress of your dreams!

    Amanda K., April 2018

  • I am very happy that there is such a site as PreOwner Wedding It made it so easy to communicate with potential buyers and a great way to sell a dress without having it sit in the closet forever. I am happy to know that someone else will be enjoying my dress. 

    Kimberly W., April 2018

  • I was so EXCITED to find thr dress I was looking for  on and it was so easy to contact seller. I think my seller and myself were both happy about the process.

    Renee Q., April 2018

  • This is by far the easiest site to purchase a quality, used dress from! I literally found my dress at 8 A.M. and the seller had my dress in the mail by 4 P.M. The seller kept me posted throughout the day on her timeframe for when she would ship the dress out and she was spot on. Communication is easy on here!

    Megan B., April 2018

  • I had several interested buyers within the first day of posting my dress on the site! The mobile notifications made it super easy to communicate with interested buyers and I'm thrilled to know that my dress will have a second life

    Zoe F., April 2018

  • I'm involved with a lot of bridal parties. As much as I love my girlfriends, I know that these beautiful dresses are most likely are going to waste sitting in my closet after the occasion. This website is a game changer. It's great to be able to sell popular bridesmaid dresses and help out another woman!

    Lisa K., April 2018

  • I have now bought and sold a dress in this site. Both processes went so smoothly and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Selling was not intimidating, the fee for the process was much better then other sites, so much traffic comes through - I sold in two days!!

    Anonymous ., April 2018

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