Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • There were so many beautiful options and just being able to see pictures of some of the wedding dresses on real people helped me so much in finding the dress for me! 

    Laney R., February 2018

  • I had purchased a wedding dress and then experienced buyer’s remorse. PreOwnedWedding dresses took away my anxiety and I was able to easily sell it to another buyer

    Gina M., February 2018

  • was a pleasure to use. Immediately received multiple inquiries and serious offers. Never happened on other sites.

    VP B., February 2018

  • Highly recommend for local ppl to trade their wedding dresses !

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • makes it possible for those on budgets to find affordable dresses for their special day! 

    Jen G., February 2018

  • I did not want to spend a lot of money on a wedding dress, but still wanted something quality. made it easy to do just that with a huge selection. 

    Caroline S., February 2018

  • So easy to find my dress. The seller was amazing and so friendly.

    Tori W., February 2018

  • I found the exact gown that I was looking for but couldn't afford new. It was on at a price I could work with. Such a beautiful gown. Thank you for making it possible, I can't wait to wear it.

    Jen C., February 2018

  • This site was surprisingly easy, and showed me that other brides made the same mistake I did (I bought a dress I didn't love). It promoted buyer communication well and I sold my dress efficiently.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • I listed my dress and had a buyer 10 hours later. I marked the unaltered, neverworn dress down $500 from what I paid because I wanted to sell it quickly.

    Jessica L., February 2018

  • I had a great experience with I was happy to sell my dress and super happy the buyer got exited when she got the dress and thanked me for selling.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • I had a good experience. My friend who just got married bought her dress from this site so that is how I knew to sell it here. I had a rough experience. I found out my fiancé was cheating on my three weeks before the wedding so the wedding never happened. Thankfully your website helped me close that chapter of my life and let someone else create a love story with the dress.

    Lydia Y., February 2018

  • I had a great experience selling my unused dress! I got a fair price for it and the site is easy to use.

    Barb S., February 2018

  • was a breeze to use! It allowed me to sell my wedding dress quickly and efficiently! I highly recommend! 

    Anni A., February 2018

  •  was perfect for selling my used bridesmaids dress that I had no intention of wearing again! It was a simple process and I think the buyer was very happy too!

    Danielle T., February 2018

  • Happy that someone else could enjoy my dress. 

    Michelle C., February 2018

  • I visited 5 boutiques in New York and couldn't find my perfect dress - but I was able to find it the first time I used PreOwnedWeddingDresses!

    Shelley W., January 2018

  • I found my dream dress and my dream seller on My seller went above and beyond to make the purchase work and I couldn't be happier!

    Lynn S., January 2018

  • Listing my dress was very easy. My dress sold after only one day on I felt like I got a fair price.

    Katie B., January 2018

  • I thought this was a great site to use! I typed in the designer and the dress I needed popped up! The seller was super nice and sent the dress immediately!

    Anonymous ., January 2018

  • I found my dream wedding dress on PreOwned Wedding Dresses. It fit me perfectly. The savings will enable me to afford to have a honeymoon.

    Tiina V., January 2018

  • After researching various options, preowned wedding dresses was the easiest and most effective way to sell my dress. They help brides looking for a dress connect with brides selling something they might love. Nothing complicated about it!

    Anonymous ., January 2018

  • Selling my dress on POWD was so easy and efficient. I spent about 20 minutes creating my listing then just let the buyers come to me. And since POWD does a flat fee instead of commission... so CHEAP! Definitely recommend!

    Ande R., January 2018

  • was incredibly easy to use, minimal fee to keep my listing as long as I need and everything was easy once the listing was posted. Loved the site. Thanks!

    Jessica R., January 2018

  • This website did the hard work in selling my wedding dress and made it a stress-free experience for me! 

    Jacqui S., January 2018

  • From the seller’s perspective, the website walks the seller through the whole process step by step. It made it easy to advertise and ultimately sell my wedding dress in just 3 weeks!

    Jen B., January 2018

  • The experience selling my dress and veil on this site was easy from start to finish. I highly recommend this to anyone!

    Ashley K., January 2018

  • It was very easy to sell my dress, communication between the buyer and myself was flawless. No delay with emails and mailbox on website. Text notifications were extremely helpful.

    Regina M., January 2018

  • This site was very easy to set up and navigate. I felt a good amount of people search on here which is Great for sellers. I'm Happy I chose this site to put my dress on. The selling of it went very easy

    Anonymous ., January 2018

  • made the experience of selling my dress hassle free! I chose to go with them over other sites because there was not a commission taken from the sale. Thank you for standing by that, and I hope it never changes. Letting go of your wedding dress can be quite bittersweet, so not taking commission certainly alleviates some of that blow.

    TJ N., January 2018

  • is just what i needed to sell my beautiful wedding dress. I didn't want something so beautiful to only sit in a closet for the rest of it's life, so i sold it! It took about 3 months! 

    Lynette L., January 2018

  • is a safe and secure way to purchase you dream dress.

    Jennie S., January 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses saved me when the dress I was looking for was out of stock! Easy to use and a quick turn around.

    Alyssa F., January 2018

  • It was such a great experience working with my seller. She was honest and patient with all of my questions; and I found my dream dress!

    Hayley B., January 2018

  • I sold my dress within 2 months! It was a very simple process to post and a very easy to use site. I’m very happy with the site and loved how user friendly it was to use! 

    Michelle F., January 2018

  • is exactly what I am looking for to sell my wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses hanging in my closet that I will never wear again. Its nice to know they will be loved by someone else!

    Regan P., January 2018

  • Sold my designer wedding shoes on POWD and it was a very easy, efficient and secure transaction. Would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell pre-loved items! 

    Andrea O., January 2018

  • I sold my dress on Preowned and it was so easy as people go there looking specifically for their gown. I’m so happy my beautiful dress has gone to a new owner.

    Jennifer N., January 2018

  • It took me about three months to sell my dress but once the process was started it was very easy.

    Amanda G., January 2018

  • Great experience!! First time using the website and everything worked out pretty well, I sold the dress in less than a month. I definitely recommend it. Also, I recommend using Escrow for payment transaction, its very safe for both buyer and seller, and it works perfectly.

    Clau H., January 2018

  • I listed my dress on preowned after doing a bit of research, and I chose this site for the ease of use, flat fee, and search functionality. I posted various photos of my dress, both personal and catalog, and made sure to highlight the unique features of the dress in the description. It took a couple months before I got some inquiries, but I got the notifications in my email inbox and was able to answer some additional questions directly through email. Once the buyer confirmed their intent to purchase, I chose to request payment through Paypal, and when I shipped the dress (make sure to take thorough photos to document the condition of the dress as well as for keepsakes) with insurance, I notified the buyer right away about the tracking information so they knew when to expect it. I also made sure to track the delivery on my end and check-in with her to see if she'd received it and what she thought. The key to building trust is to promptly and honestly answer any questions and encourage dialogue!

    Sylvia C., January 2018

  • My dress was posted for about 6 months before someone purchased it but it was easy to manage the posting and inexpensive. It was also nice to be able to help another bride out by selling my new dress for much less than she would have been able to get it at a boutique. 

    Kathyrn B., January 2018

  • I never thought my dress would sell. I purchased it in 1995. It sold less than 6 months, boy I was suprised.

    Tina P., January 2018

  • Selling my dress was so simple. While I'm sure I could have sold the dress to one of my friends eventually, allowed me to connect with a wider network of interested buyers. It took me less than two weeks to sell my dress, and I get the satisfaction of knowing that someone else will enjoy wearing it in the future!

    Melania W., January 2018

  • This is the ideal place to match buyer with seller for private wedding dress transactions. I'm so happy to have found a buyer for my unworn, unaltered dress that didn't get use

    Britta H., January 2018

  • I like how specific the listing information is and the advice with photos and return policies. The whole process was very smooth. 

    Andrea F., January 2018

  • It was super easy to list my dress and easy to communicate with the people that were interested.

    Brittany S., January 2018

  • This is the second dress I have sold on Preowned Wedding Dresses. Easy to post, quick responses from buyers, overall quick and easy way to get rid of that dress that is taking up room in your closet!

    Shanel H., January 2018

  • I sold my dress in 60 days! How easy and fast it was! I have already recommended this site and will continue to do so.

    Meredith K., January 2018

  • Selling my dress on Preownedweddingdresses was seamless and efficient. It is so easy to manage the page with photos, info and price adjusting. I originally looked on the site to purchase my dress but wanted a unique French style that I had to find at a boutique wedding store. I was so happy to be able to share my dress with another bride who wanted the same look after my own wedding. It is bittersweet to sell your dress but I am happy the process was so smooth and that another bride can enjoy her beauty:)

    Anonymous ., January 2018

  • is wonderful for those who don't want to compromise on the style of dress because of the price. I also chose this site because I would much rather recycle a dress than contribute to the capitalist nightmare.

    Cara A., December 2017

  • My experience on was wonderful! Using this website gave me time to look around and search for the perfect dress based on my size and desired style. It was great to shop at my leisure with absolutely no pressure to buy at any given point! Not to mention, I got a great deal on an absolutely gorgeous gown that had never even been worn - the tags were still on the wedding dress that I purchased! I would highly recommend this website to any bride! 

    Katey D., December 2017

  • Great experience selling my unused wedding dress. I like the fact that it was only a one time fee for listing it and not a percentage taken out. 

    Shannon M., December 2017

  •  I sold my dress is less than 2 weeks! I bought a dress for a boutique and changed my mind. I would have lost SO much money if I did not sell it. I was able to sell quickly so I could purchase my REAL dream dress. :)

    Amanda B., December 2017

  • I found my dream wedding dress at a David's Bridal store- only to be let down when I learned that the dress was not available in my size and that the style was discontinued. I searched for the style online and found the exact dress in my exact size on and for half the price. Got my dream dress! 

    Sheila N., December 2017

  • I used Pre Owned Wedding Dress to find a bridesmaid dress. I have multiple weddings this upcoming year so it was great to find the dress I was looking for a half the sale price and by helping someone else clear out their closet. I had a great experience and have already recommended the site to other people looking for dresses

    Kirstyn T., December 2017

  • I was able to sell my wedding dress for a decent price and in a quick manner.

    Bridget C., December 2017

  • I bought my Berta bridal gown on AND sold it on this same site after my big day! It was easy and I paid a fraction of the price of a new Berta gown.

    Kelly G., December 2017

  • Reaches tons of brides looking for a dress within their budget. I felt confident I would be able to sell my dress.

    Kelley M., December 2017

  • I am so happy I found preowned wedding dress site to sell my wedding dress. It was easier then selling it instore at a consignment location. Everything was easy !! Thanks, 

    Tina H., December 2017

  • Everything about my experience with POWD was positive. The dress was easy to list, and it sold much faster than I thought it would! -

    Becca M., December 2017

  • Communication with buyers was simple and easy to do! I sold my dress after posting it within three months. It’s definitely bittersweet but I’m glad it’s getting use again for a wonderful day.

    Crystal C., December 2017

  • It's nice that POWD does not take a commission! 

    K R., December 2017

  • It was a smooth, simple process to sell my wedding dress. I didn't feel overwhelmed and the website made the process safe and secure

    Kathryn P., December 2017

  • Selling on was a really easy experience! It was really easy to communicate with buyers and promote my dress for sale. Overall it felt really safe and not spammy like other sites!"

    Sarah M., December 2017

  • Very easy site to sell wedding items. Will definitely recommend this site to friends.

    Nat K., December 2017

  • I was so pleased by how easy it was to post the dress, how reasonable the pricing was and how quickly my dress sold. What a great service for helping women help one another!

    Dana M., December 2017

  • Selling my dress was a breeze. It was easy to interact with people who were interested. After a few emails back and forth the dress was sold.

    Laura D., December 2017

  •  I found this to be a very easy selling experience. I didn't think anyone would actually purchase the dress but I gave it a try anyway and in the first month had 4 people message me about my item and sold it as well! Very user-friendly experience.

    Kayla S., December 2017

  • I highly recommend using the PreOwned Wedding website. It was very easy to list my dress, and I got inquiries in timely fashion. The payment process was super problems...payment was completed via PayPal...I had my money in minutes! USE PreOwned Wedding - you won't regret it! 

    Pam C., December 2017

  • My experience selling the dress was great, and easy. I was very happy for the person who bought the dress. She was super awesome to talk to and made the process super easy.

    Tatiana L., December 2017

  • I placed my bridal headband on the site a month after my wedding, and three days later I had someone interested in buying it! It sold very quickly and I can't wait for her to be able to wear that beautiful headpiece! 

    Jess N., December 2017

  • Selling my dress, was a wonderful experience. I made a young bride's dream come true. Should could not afford this dress retail. When I saw how happy she was when she was wearing the gown, I got the opportunity to re live that feeling of wearing your dream wedding gown. A very positive experience. A gave the dress a life again instead of storing it in an untouchable box put in storage. I highly recommend this to any bride.

    Anonymous ., December 2017

  • After being in multiple weddings and having so many bridesmaid dresses, it was nice to declutter my closet and get paid for it. We spend so much money on these one time wear dresses and it's nice to be able to sell them and have someone else benefit from it and save money!

    Kelli B., December 2017

  • POWD made selling my dress a breeze! The site is user friendly to sellers and buyers. I was easily able to post my dress and find the perfect buyer. I would highly recommend it to anyone! 

    Morgan H., December 2017

  • Honestly, I just love how simple the process was. No hassle what’s so ever. 

    Christine B., December 2017

  • Selling my dress on this site allowed my dress to live on and make another bride very happy!

    Hannah H., December 2017

  • Selling my dress on this site was a great experience! I was able to sell my dress with ease and I’m happy someone else can get joy out of my dress rather than it sitting in my closet gathering dust 

    Christie J., December 2017

  • Wedding dresses are a niche market so I knew I needed a niche site to sell on. I feel like I definitely got more serious inquiries here.

    Colleen P., December 2017

  • Selling a dress made easy! Adding a listing was simple. So worth the listing fee to be able to advertise and sell my dress. I was able to make a bride dream dress come true. Thanks pre owned wedding dress

    Tabitha E., December 2017

  • My experience was really good, i bought my wedding dress 2013 from Preowned wedding dresses and i sold the dress from the same website 2017. I also sold my engagement dress 2015 from the same website.i guess it is a great website and i will continue using it.

    Anonymous ., December 2017

  • PreOwnedWeddingDresses was very helpful. Listing was easy and convenient. I found a buyer for my wedding gown within a week of listing it. Will definitely recommend it to my friends.

    Yulia V., December 2017

  • I'm glad I took the leap to list my dress on Even with the site fee, I felt the overall experience was better because my dress was targeted toward the proper audience. I also never received any spam responses on here like I did on some of the other non-wedding dress resale sites I tried. Overall a great experience, just as I had hoped!

    Mia L., December 2017

  • I️ said “yes, to the dress” on PreOwned Wedding! My dress was half the price that it would have been if ordered from the store and flawless. It was never worn and is as good as new. Don’t be afraid to buy “pre-owned” because it was the best decision I️ made. 

    Amanda M., November 2017

  • My experience was great. It was very nice to be able to buy a barely used dress that i'm going to use 1 night for under $100.

    Rebecca K., November 2017

  •  My experience using this site was very helpful and I went in it to just look at my best options and I never thought I would end up getting my dream dress from here !

    Alinka S., November 2017

  • I had been looking for a particular dress that I had my heart set on. I visited multiple sites and was lucky enough to find my dress in my city. I was super fortunate to be able to try it on and meet the wonderful bride who was selling her dress. The fact that the dress fit me perfectly and we hit it off right away made the experience perfect. I have to say the experience was made easier by being in person and being able to walk away that night with my dress

    Sacha A., November 2017

  •  i love preownedweddingdresses, its easy to place an ad and search for your dream dress, making my wedding purchase on this site is so easy. All thanks to I found my dream dress.

    Ilyn M., November 2017

  • Super easy search and filter options. Seller was amazing quick responses and super fast shipping. I had just days to find my wedding dress and this site made it so easy!

    Shellee R., November 2017

  • I did that thing where I tried on a dress that was way out of my budget and fell completely in love with it. This story has a happy ending thanks to your site. I was able to buy my dream dress for less than half of the salon price.

    Carrie S., November 2017

  • Great site to pass on the magic!

    Anonymous ., November 2017

  • This was my 3rd time selling on this site and it is much more effective and simple than other sites I've used. I basically wasted money posting my dresses anywhere else.

    Anonymous ., November 2017

  • The listing process was easy and I was surprised at how much faster it sold on versus other sites. I would consider using it again!

    Rebecca W., November 2017

  • It was easy to list my dress and sell it on I feel so great that my dress isn't just sitting in my closet. Now someone else can use it and save the money

    Kelly L., November 2017

  • It was easy all the way around and I feel good that my dress isn’t just sitting in my closet anymore. I accomplished exactly what I had hoped. Thank you

    Malea M., November 2017

  • I love the site. It was easy to set my item and it was sold to a great girl, who I hope will enjoy it.

    Daniela A., November 2017

  • Selling my dress on PreOwned Wedding Dresses was incredibly easy and a great experience. Customer Service was very responsive with any issues and ultimately, I was so happy to sell my dress to the cutest, sweetest bride-to-be who loved it as much as I did!

    Anonymous ., November 2017

  • This site makes it easy to communicate with buyers, and doesn't constantly nag you with notifications or emails. The no-commission feature is nice. Also nice that the return policy template that works well is provided.

    Anonymous ., November 2017

  • made it easy to sell my dress and got a good price for it

    Vanessa T., November 2017

  • I was very happy that other bride can used the gorgeous dress I sell through preownedweddingdresses, hope the new bride will have a very good experience!!

    Anonymous ., November 2017

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