Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • I had an excellent experience using to sell my wedding dress. This site was recommended to me by a friend, who purchased her wedding dress.

    Virginia R., December 2019

  • When I bought my dress, I was too nervous to buy online, but after selling it afterwards, I wish I had been a little braver. My selling experience was easy and it felt good knowing that another person would get to enjoy the dress as much as I had (for less than half the cost!) I would recommend this site for buyers and sellers alike!

    Micaela K., December 2019

  • I was really skeptical about my dress selling. This website made it a smooth process. My dress stayed on the site for over a year and still sold!! I would do it again!

    Courtney H., December 2019

  • I had a specific dress in mind that I absolutely needed for my vow renewal. To my surprise, I found it on at over 80% off. It was a serious dream come true, perfect size and everything. It was so easy to communicate with the seller and I have nothing but positive things to say.

    Stacy S.., December 2019

  • Using Preowned was a quick and efficient way to sell my gown. I was very happy with the speed in which it sold and the ease of use from the site!

    Jess T., December 2019

  • I didn't have any inquries for over three months, I was contacted by a buyer that was very interested in my dress and I had it sold and shipped within a week. I think selling on a wedding dress exclusive site is the way to go. It may take a while to sell, but the buyer I worked with was wonderful!

    Madisen K.., December 2019

  • This was a much more rewarding experience than I imagined... I was hoping to recoup some of the cost of my dress, and I did, but I also got to give another bride the gift of a dress she loved and couldn’t afford off the rack!

    Maddie J., December 2019

  • My experience with this site was easy and allowed me to find the dress I really wanted for a price that I could afford.

    Erin R.., December 2019

  • I impulse bought a gorgeous gown and regretted it immediately. I posted it on PreOwned Wedding Dresses and within 4 months a bride-to-be joyfully purchased my gown. This site made it easy to communicate and sell the dress securely. Now I can buy the dress of my dreams!

    Phoebe G., December 2019

  • Preowned Wedding Dresses makes selling and buying dresses so easy. There are thousands of dresses to choose from with pictures and details listed for each one. Very easy messaging system to talk with your buyer and to send additional pictures if needed. I would highly recommend this website.

    Brielle L., December 2019

  • Most efficient way to post a dress and get "wedding eyes" -- brides, HIGHLY recommend using this site as we've worn the dress once & reusing is the best idea.

    Shannon D., December 2019

  • I received my veil from the seller in perfect condition. She was very responsive, responsible and the veil cannot be more perfect for my dress.

    Tere P.., December 2019

  • simplified what I was afraid of doing: prepping my wedding dress for photos and shipment. Their questions cover every consideration about the dress that could possibly be a concern for the buyer or the seller. I felt secure using their inexpensive service.

    Abbie R., December 2019

  • This has been an incredible selling experience. This site offers lots of details on the pictures and description of your gown, to email interaction with potential buyers where you are notified by phone when a message arrives, to an easy created invoice when selling and the acceptance of PayPal by the buyer. Awesome! I will recommend PreOwned Wedding Dresses to anyone!

    Susan K., December 2019

  • Had a great, easy experience in posting and promoting my unworn wedding dress! Lots of views and interested, legitimate buyers (unlike a lot of other sites where bot's are reaching out with low-ball offers).

    Caroline R., December 2019

  • I loved selling my dress through this site - it was easy, safe, and streamlined the whole process... Plus, I knew that my dress was making another bride feel happy and beautiful on her special day!

    Anne Marie B., December 2019

  • I loved my wedding dress and was so excited to have the opportunity to pass it on to someone else to love and enjoy, rather than having it in a closet collecting dust. I posted my listing on the site, and within a few weeks had an offer from a lovely woman excited to find her dream dress at an affordable price. 

    Kristin J., December 2019

  • Shopping on gave me the opportunity to find the gown I’ve been swooning over AND purchase it within my budget. There are some nerves with purchasing a dress without trying it on first, but the measurements are helpful and the seller I worked with was so kind in answering all my questions!

    Kate P.., December 2019

  • I listed my dress for 4 months before I was able to sell my dress at the price I wanted. It was helpful to look at other similar designer dresses posted on this site to get an idea for pricing and how to market the dress. I had several messages and was able to utilize the site for all of the communication with customers. This site offers a really great platform for $25. When you compare how much traffic the site gets with the cost of posting the dress, it really is the best option.

    Jackie J., December 2019

  • It was quick and easy to list the dress for sale on the website! I connected with a local buyer and was able to easily meet them and complete the sale. I’m very happy with my experience using this website!

    Jenny M., December 2019

  • When it came to selling my dress, I kept putting it off because I was worried that it would be too difficult. PreOwnedWeddingDresses made the process simple and took all of the hassle out of it for me! It was easy to talk with potential buyers and answer their questions. I'm very pleased with my experience!! 

    Jessie F., December 2019

  • I’m very happy with my experience on PreOwnedWeddingDresses. I feel that the layout is very inviting. Customer service and experience is very high! High quality dresses for a fair price. And what better interaction than emailing with soon to be brides and brides who can make other people happy with their dress! Love it! Xoxo

    Sheela S., December 2019

  • I listed my dress in June after a long, hard decision whether to keep my dress or sell it following my April wedding. The listing was easy to interact with and make changes to. Sold my dress in November.

    Asia E.., November 2019

  • I was worried about finding a dress that wouldn't fit, but Pre Owned had a feature where I could narrow it down by city. I saw a beautiful dress in my city, contacted the bride to try it on, and then bought it on the spot! I saved over 60% off the original price of the dress and I saved a ton of time because I didn't have to wait months and months for the dress order to come in to the store! I will recommend that all my friends use this website.

    Amanda S., November 2019

  • My dress was posted for a year and a half, but it eventually sold! Don’t expect a quick turnaround time unless you are selling your dress for pennies, but be patient! 

    Summer T.., November 2019

  • I had a great experience it took about 3 months to sell and I went down on the price I started at 1000.00 and sold for 628.00. The only problem I experienced was the buyer or me new how to make an invoice so she could buy it and I could sell it. I don't usually sell things. So that was a little frustrating but it all worked out in the end. So thankful to this site. No more dress in the closet collecting dust and my buyer has a new dress at a great price!

    Annette L.., November 2019

  • Love the experience, both the seller and I were so excited about the sale because we shared the same love for the dress style and also the same height, so it made dress shopping all the more emotional than buying new at a store!

    Yvonne T., November 2019

  • Great site to buy/sell wedding dresses & accessories. It's user-friendly and you only pay once to list your item, so you're not paying a regular fee if your item takes a while to sell. Mine took a few years but in the end I found a buyer and was able to give my perfect wedding dress a new home where it can shine instead of sitting in my closet or attic for years to come!

    Erica P.., November 2019

  • It was very easy to look for dresses that fit my style :)

    Heather H., November 2019

  • I had a wonderful experience. I cannot wait to wear my wedding dress on June 20th 2020. I have the dress it fits perfect and the seller was awesome. Thank you to my seller Jean and PreOwned Wedding Dresses your company, your business is great! I have been telling everyone about it!

    Wendy S.., November 2019

  • I first chose to sell my dress via because it was one of if not the most popular sites and the website was extremely easy to navigate myself. One of the features I also loved was the wedding dress calculator to give me an idea of what price I should list the dress as and also see previous sales of the same style of dress. The entire experience was very easy, I promoted this dress once, and sold in 2 months!

    Cynthia L.., November 2019

  • I’ve sold my entire bridal outfit and MOB dress on this site. Couldn’t have managed the wedding dress budget without it!

    Lana L.., November 2019

  • Buying and selling have been super easy and efficient. Not only do I now have my dream dress, but the dress I bought on a whim ended up with a bride who is in love with her!! 

    Caitlin S.., November 2019

  • I've sold two dresses total on preowned wedding I’ve had nothing but a good experience it was very easy to post the dress sell the dress and communicate with the buyer. I plan on posting so much more dresses on this website also there is no strings attached, it’s very nice that it’s free and they don’t collect any fees when selling address you just pay a little amount to post your dress.

    Rosemary E.., November 2019

  • Trustworthy place to buy and sell gowns.

    Margie D., November 2019

  • Selling my dress with preowned wedding dresses was quite easy. Managing the posting was easy. Once I got an interested buys, I had a great time talking with her and answer her questions through the email feature. I got alerts to both my email and text message to let me know when she had responded. 

    Jenna K.., November 2019

  • I really liked using because they charged a one time fee for the listing and then I just waited for it to sell. It sold within 2 months.

    Olga L.., November 2019

  • Took a little time to sell but once price was reduced and promoted item it sold quickly.

    Anna S.., November 2019

  • Accessories have been easy to sell from this site.

    Tas C.., November 2019

  • Great experience! Found my dream dress for more than half the price, I can hardly wait for our big day.

    Tiffany G., November 2019

  • The website made the entire process of selling my dress - from start to finish - incredibly easy. I appreciated the frequent updates and regular communication from the site about the status of my dress. 

    Caitlin K.., November 2019

  • My experience was wonderful! My seller was informative and accurate. I was able to have a desirable dress while staying within my budget.

    Allison B., November 2019

  • Please make sure you clarify who is paying for shipping, and get a quote before you send your buyer an invoice. My buyer agreed to a shipping quote I got from an online guestimate. When I went to the store, the shipping was more. I checked with my buyer first, she said she was fine with it so I sent the dress. Once she received my dress she quit responding to my emails, and did not pay the rest of the shipping. I sold my brand new unaltered never been worn dress for 800 less I paid, and she couldn't even hold up her end of the deal and pay the full shipping cost. 

    Rianne S.., October 2019

  • Selling on the site was very easy and it was fun to converse with someone who was excited to wear the dress I felt so beautiful in. I really appreciated being able to sell the dress on my own terms with no consignment fee. Had I known about the site before my wedding, I would have definitely shopped here first!

    Katie H.., October 2019

  • My dress took over 3.5 years to sell, but I literally listed it and then every few months would confirm it was still for sale. So while it did take a bit of time, there was minimal effort on my part.

    Ashley R.., October 2019

  • I not only found my dream dress on this site but was able to sell it afterwards! Thanks again

    Shayna B.., October 2019

  • Sold all three of my dresses on this website, my wedding dress, a bridesmaid dress for another wedding, and a ball gown. What a great experience!

    Courtney K.., October 2019

  • I have had great success selling dresses on this site, I sold two wedding dresses and two bridesmaid dresses without any issues. The website is easy to use and safe. I had many interested buyers and more than another wedding dress site I was also trying to sell on. Definitely recommend Preowned Wedding Dresses for buying and selling.

    Siulin N.., October 2019

  • The platform is easy to use but you must have patience and great communication with the buyer if you want to get a good price for your dress.

    Angelica W.., October 2019

  • Overall, I had a great experience on Preowned wedding! I would have never been able to advertise my dress to so many people like I was able to on this site. The easy messaging platform made talking to initial buyers very efficient. It took some time, but in the end, I was able to find a happy home for my dress and it was exciting to see someone love it as much as I did for my big day!

    Montie L.., October 2019

  • I loved how easy it was to find my dream dress on here. The seller i went through was very fast at responding, shipping and sending tracking info.

    Sarah G.., October 2019

  • I found a GORGEOUS Maggie Sottero Which retailed for $1800 and I got it for a third of the price, I mean I was beyond ecstatic! The seller was GREAT about communicating with me every step of the way, and this website made it extremely easy to keep that communication open.

    Sumer R.., October 2019

  • A very easy and pleasant experience. It took a little time to find the right buyer, but keeping the account was very easy. Now it's not taking up space in my closet!

    Rebecca H.., October 2019

  • Selling my bridesmaid dress was a breeze! 

    Lauren M.., October 2019

  • Listing on PreOwned Wedding Dresses was the best fit for me. I liked the ease of creating my listing and the regular check-ins from the site.

    Magda C.., October 2019

  • Listing on PreOwned Wedding Dresses was the best fit for me. I liked the ease of creating my listing and the regular check-ins from the site.

    Magda C.., October 2019

  • It was so easy for my dress to find a new home on this site! Their communication portal between the buyer and seller is so seamless, and the text alerts when a message comes through is fantastic. 

    Alyssa M.., October 2019

  • Preowned wedding dresses was a great way to sell my wedding dress! I had more interest on this site from buyers compared to other sites. I highly recommend Preowned Wedding Dresses!

    Jean V.., October 2019

  • Took almost a year to sell the dress and it sold for $300 less than I originally listed for, but at least it sold!

    Holly L.., October 2019

  • I was fortunate to find another dress that fit my wedding better so I sold my never been worn, brand new with tags dress! It went great and I'm so happy I helped another 

    Dominique K.., October 2019

  • I am so happy with my experience! It was quick and easy to post, communication with my buyer was so easy, I felt supported and guided with the info the site gives (ie. Helpful info on dress style types, trains, etc). I had interest in my dress within 24 hrs! I have already recommended this site to friends and hope they go for it. They won't regret it!

    Jessica R.., October 2019

  • I appreciated the ease of purchasing, posting and editing the listing for my wedding dress. It took some time to get the right buyer, but I am happy to know my dress is going to good home!

    Mallory C.., October 2019

  • At first I was skeptical about paying to list my dress here, because no other site I was listing it on required that. However, it was worth it because I got more serious inquiries on this site and ultimately found my buyer here.

    Soo R.., October 2019

  • The whole process was very simple. Plus it's nice knowing the people messaging you are serious about looking for a dress - not someone trying to scam you like on other sites.

    Audrey P.., October 2019

  • Everything happened so easily and quickly! I expected my dress to sit for a while, but I ended up getting a lot of interest and a buyer right away!

    Michele T.., October 2019

  • I love how easy and affordable it was to list my dress and veil on this site! It’s also where I bought my dress. Great site for brides overall!

    Desiree L.., October 2019

  • This site was easy to use and very efficient as I did sell my dress on here.

    Kitta S.., October 2019

  • Simple, efficient, and it worked! I didn't expect to actually sell my dress, but it happen so quick! (Almost too quick). This is a great platform.

    Caitlin B.., October 2019

  • I found the communication process with the buyer very helpful. Getting texts and emails letting me know when she responded helped me converse prompty.

    Laura B.., October 2019

  • I loved my experience with PreOwnedWeddingDresses! I bought my dress and then resold it on the website. It was easy to use, and I'm glad that it's promoting sharing and reusing dresses!

    Maggie C.., October 2019

  • Return policy is a MUST! If your dress is not selling, do not drop the price, just add a return policy.

    Michelle B.., October 2019

  • I started getting questions about my dress the day I posted. I sold my dress within 2 weeks.

    Ayaka S.., October 2019

  • I happened across after visiting David's Bridal, finding my dream dress for way outside of budget. I decided to take a chance and just Google the style number and this site popped up! They use PayPal, which I like because it protects both seller and buyer. Once I heard back from the seller, it was very quick and easy to purchase the dress! Now just waiting anxiously for it to arrive!

    Paige S., September 2019

  • The whole experience is super easy from beginning to end. Be sure to include lots of real life photos and make sure you price your item right for maximum views!

    Kerry J., September 2019

  • I purchased a dress and then changed my mind on wearing it. It was not returnable to the store, even unaltered. I loved that I was able to sell my dress easily and quickly on So happy my pretty gown went to someone who loves it and will make sweet memories as they start their lives together.

    Mary K., September 2019

  • Thank you for making this a smooth and secure process. Turns out that selling a wedding dress is not as easy as you might think. But I'm grateful I had success selling here on

    Jodi S., September 2019

  • A great site allowing for brides to search for their dream wedding gown at a great price. Allowed for communication through the site which upheld safety and privacy. Thank you.

    Heather W.., September 2019

  • Even though it took longer than I thought, I was able to sell my dress. PreOwned gave great tips on how to structure the selling process for the seller. With good communication with my seller, we both came to an agreement and both of us were satisfied with our transaction. Thank you.

    Angie H.., September 2019

  • preowned wedding dress helped me display my dress easily and efficiently. They also made communication between me and other brides simple, I was so happy to pass on the dress to a beautiful bride!

    Jaime W.., September 2019

  • I was able to find the exact bridesmaids dress I needed on the site after visiting a retail store, saving $80! Seller was extremely responsive and the dress arrived within the week. Will always check this site first for future dresses!

    Meghan H., September 2019

  • Was so easy to post my dress and then wait. I go a much better price then I would have received at consignment store.

    Karen C.., September 2019

  • For any seller, keep in mind to be patient when selling your wedding dress. There is a buyer but you need to find the right one. My dress I sold to a lady in FL, loved my dress and got it for such a steal! This is a great website to buy or sell a wedding dress. And to be able to help someone out on their special day is awesome!

    Michell B.., September 2019

  • Selling my dress on this website was great! Rather than having a dress I used once in my closet forever, I was able to get a little back from what I paid and another lady will get to used it for her event for a lot cheaper than David’s Bridal! Win win! Thanks for having this site available!

    Heidi R.., September 2019

  • Buying my dress on this site was the best decision I could have made as far as purchasing my wedding dress. There are so many good bargains on here and such a huge selection to choose from. It’s crazy Iv’e never heard of this sight before, it’s such a simple concept to sell your wedding dress that you either have only used once or never used at all (depending on the story) to someone else who will fall in love with it and use it on their special day.

    Shantell D., September 2019

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses made it extremely easy to list and sell my dress, it couldn't have been easier! A lot of other sites took a commission for the dress, so I loved you only have to pay a small fee to list your dress. It sold quicker than I expected so all around it was a great experience! 

    Ashley F.., August 2019

  • A safe and convenient way to sell a bridesmaid's dress while reaching a broader group of serious buyers.

    Courtney C.., August 2019

  • Since this dress was never worn, or altered, there were a couple of areas I was able to stress that. The amount of information collected was perfect and the alerts as to if someone was interested were great.

    Mindy R.., August 2019

  • Sold my veil pretty quickly and easily! It was nice to have a legitimate channel to go through.

    Lauren F.., August 2019

  • The website is incredible and allowed me to connect with the perfect buyer for my wedding dress! I am walking away from the transaction happy that my dress will be worn again and cherished by the new owner.

    Maureen W.., August 2019

  • I sold all of my wedding attire on The experience was easy and I was glad to recoup some of my investment and share my dress, veil, and earrings with other brides!

    Jessica B.., August 2019

  • I was able to sell my wedding dress with ease. Some tips is to sell as early as possible so that the dress is "current". The email conversation with my buyer was really smooth and was thorough.

    Yoko K.., August 2019

  • Love this site! So far I purchased a pre-owned wedding dress and hairpiece on here and I've also sold a different wedding dress on here.

    Lana L.., August 2019

  • My experience was wonderful. My dress is amazing. I do not even have to have it altered. Thank you PreOwnedWeddingDresses for providing the platform for a truly satisfying buying experience!

    Christine H., August 2019

  • Selling my dress on was super easy and hands-off once I got my listing created. I would get text message updates when a buyer sent me a message. I didn’t know how thrilled I would be for another bride to fall in love with my gown or how happy I would be to package it up nicely to send to her. What a special bond to share with a stranger - I feel honored. My dress deserves to be worn again and again and of all the ideas for what to do with your dress after your wedding, this was the best. Send it intact to another bride looking for a gorgeous, perfect gown to call her own. 10/10 experience.

    Angela W.., August 2019

  • Easy to manage listing, loved the text updates when I received messages! Plenty of photo space!

    Rebecca P.., August 2019

  • Super easy and convenient experience. This is my second dress I've sold on this website, and I will continue to use it in the future! 

    Sammie K.., August 2019

  • Great site! I was able to get some money back on bridesmaid dresses that I spent a lot of money on and will never wear again. Easy and simple to navigate! -

    Emily S.., August 2019

  • I was hesitant at first to make any purchases since it was not recommended by anyone I know of. I searched for pre-loved wedding dresses online and came across the site. I gave it a shot based on good reviews. I inquired for several dresses and got quick responses. As for the payment, the transaction was smooth. You can even track order once item is shipped. The dress I ordered was purchased 2015 and it’s still in a good condition. Overall, I would definitely recommend! I am one very satisfied customer (:

    Ann C., August 2019

  • Had a very good experience I would definitely recommend them.It took 5 months to sell my dress but a word to the wise you'll never recoup what you put into it so put it in a reasonable price.

    Janine J.., August 2019

  • It was so easy to list the dress and I’ve recieved a lot of offers and inquiries. It took me a year to sell the dress, but I sold it for a great price and there was no rush.

    Victoria V.., August 2019

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