Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • I was able to easily list my dress and sold it in 3 days! I liked the estimator tool so I could see what was realistic.

    Brittany J., August 2017

  • Listing my dress was easy and my dress sold within weeks! I made a some money back on a dress I wore once and someone got a great deal on a gently used dress Win Win!

    Rachel B., August 2017

  • My dress sold so much faster than I expected! Serious buyers clearly trust this site and browse it often. The best part for me was knowing that I wouldn't have to pay fees or have to repost until my item sold. It worked! 

    Sadia R., August 2017

  • I had very good success selling my dress on site. Listing was easy and I solid my dress within 2 months! Thank you!

    Brandy A., August 2017

  • I would recommend to all friends in my area. They never imagine they could shop or sell wedding gowns this way. And this will be great experience for each bride and gown sellers. I love it!

    C D., August 2017

  • I loved selling via PreOwned. It was easy to create a listing and communicate with potential buyers. It was also really fun to help another bride and talk wedding!

    Ivria F., August 2017

  • Very easy to list and sell my dress on the website. I will highly recommend this website to all my friends selling used bridesmaid dresses! 

    Amanda C., August 2017

  • Creating my listing was simple, and it felt great knowing my buyer was getting a beautiful dress at a great price! This is a great option for those only-wear-it-once dresses that shouldn't be tucked away in a closet

    Emily H., August 2017

  • I am so happy to be able to sell the bridesmaids dress I never got to wear! The process was so easy and the buyer paid very promptly -- hope she enjoys the dress!"

    Jane S., August 2017

  • Selling my dress on here was so easy! My posting received nearly 800 views in two months. Also, I loved that when you updated the price your dress posting was showing at the top and continued to receive more views. I appreciated the feature of the site texting me whenever I recieved interest from a potential buyer so their message wasn't lost in my inbox. Overall, it was a very easy and positive experience.

    Kate K., August 2017

  • I wanted to sell my wedding dress to someone that would make her feel like a princess like I did. I was nervous to sell on other sites but preowned made it so simple/ safe and easy! If I'm ever in someone else's wedding I will be sure to look at the bridesmaid dresses on here! 

    Kayla W., August 2017

  • made my dress to easy to sell! I was able to communicate with potential buyers and answer any questions. My dress sold within two weeks

    Tori M., August 2017

  • Even though it is absolutely exquisite, I never thought I'd sell my 2011 Claire Pettibone dress - everyone seems to want the newest styles. This site connects people to beautiful, timeless, handmaid dresses for a fraction of the cost and lets them live again. I'm a very satisfied seller and I hope my buyer is satisfied as well!

    Anonymous ., August 2017

  • I sold my wedding dress on this site 9 years ago, in hopes it would be able to be used again, and it was! I just sold my bridesmaid dress, and I am very pleased with the ease and efficiency of using this website! Thank you, POWD!

    Anonymous ., August 2017

  • Great to sell a dress that you wore for a wedding and help someone else find a dress for a wedding. It is a win win for everyone!

    Kelsey M., August 2017

  • My experience selling on has been a positive one. The process of listing the dress was straightforward from the beginning. They also provide helpful tips with both the posting and the transaction process. Also, they were great about responding to my questions within 24 hours.

    Eunice J., August 2017

  • It was so simple and quick to post the listing and I already had a few interests by the next day. I would recommend this site to buy or sell for all my friends and family!

    Loren C., August 2017

  • I thoroughly enjoyed my experience selling my dress on I was able to sell my dress quickly and with confidence.Being able to converse with potential buyers makes the transaction stress free and easy. I was able to build trust with my buyer and answer any questions she had about the dress. Overall I am satisfied with my experience with this site and would definitely recommend.

    Nicole A., August 2017

  • Listing and selling an item on Preowned was very easy and comfortable for me. I felt secure in my listing and dealings with any potential buyers. The staff was helpful and professional.

    Kristina K., August 2017

  • Had a great experience listing my dress. It was easy to upload, and create a profile. The experience selling was also very easy. With easy steps and communication between buyer and seller. I was able to sell my dress in 3 months.

    K M., August 2017

  • Very organized site, was easy to find a buyer and sold fairly quickly and smoothly!

    Stephanie N., August 2017

  • This has been a very positive experience for me. It took a little time to sell my dress, but it's a big decision and risk a buyer has to make to purchase such an important item sight unseen. Just be honest and patient. Answer any questions they have in exact detail so that person knows perfectly what they are getting. Showing you are trustworthy and gaining a buyer's trust is key. This is a joyful time in a bride to be's life. It has been my honor to add to that joy by providing my beloved wedding dress to someone who loves it as much as me. Be willing to negotiate. I sold my dress to a wonderful person who truly appreciates it. We became instant friends through our messages.

    Leslie D., August 2017

  • As a former bride, I know how difficult it is so find the perfect dress and I was thankful for real life photos that could be found on this site and I wanted to provide that information about my dress to other brides who were still out there hunting down the perfect dress. This website it a great platform for women who want something beautiful and affordable. Thank you

    Julia V., August 2017

  • Selling my wedding dress via was easy and efficient. The information about payment was also very helpful.

    Maki K., August 2017

  • POWD was extremely user friendly and easy to change prices and communicate with buyers.

    Lyndsey H., August 2017

  • I sold both dresses I signed up to sell! Thanks for providing a great site to do it on! 

    Kassandra T., August 2017

  • Very easy to do and really like the one time up front fee for selling!

    Sarah H., July 2017

  • Had a great first experience on here!! My buyer was very pleasent which made for an easy transaction!

    Rachel C., July 2017

  • Thanks to for making my selling experience a total breeze! Gown sold in less than two weeks!

    Karen R., July 2017

  • Awesome service, and great way to share beautiful gowns with other brides in a sustainable and effective manner! Really happy with my experience! 

    Mary H., July 2017

  • It was very simple to upload the images of the dress and within 2 months I sold my bridesmaid dress. I liked that once I received an email I could continue to use email back and forth instead of signing back into the website.

    Jennifer C., July 2017

  • I had a hassle-free, positive experience with I loved how user-friendly the site was and how I was IMMEDIATELY notified when I received messages from potential buyers!

    Yolanda R., July 2017

  • I am glad to know my dress will be worn again and not just lay around in my closet. It feels like it's being put to good use and not taking up room in my home

    Casey M., July 2017

  • Selling my unworn dress on was stress-free.

    Daniela N., July 2017

  • helped me find a buyer for my bridesmaid dress. I love knowing the dress will be used again instead of just hanging in my closet!

    Anonymous ., July 2017

  • My dress sold within about a month and a half of listing it. I initially saw a sponsored post on Instagram after I began to follow wedding dress designers and thought I'd just give it a shot because if I saw an ad when I first started shopping, I thought other brides-to-be must be seeing them as well. I think I was right because my dress sold!

    Roxane M., July 2017

  • I recently sold my wedding gown to a bride-to-be in New York. The process of listing and promoting my dress was very easy, and although it took a couple months to sell, I found a buyer who was super excited to buy my dress. It felt great to be able to pass on the dress that I loved so much to someone who really appreciated it. I hope it makes her as happy on her wedding day as it made me. Thanks PreOwnedWeddingDresses for making the transaction possible!

    Kristinelle C., July 2017

  • is such a great site. Ive bought and also sold my wedding dress on it! will recommend to friends

    Chelsea D., July 2017

  • is easy, quick, and intuitive.

    Lauren M., July 2017

  • I was surprised about how quickly I heard from interested buyers - and sold my dress to a bride who was very grateful to have it!

    Rebecca K., July 2017

  • Site was extremely easy to use, and had excellent recommendations for sellers. I felt very confident that I had a legitimate buyer thanks to the recommendations on this site.

    Anonymous ., July 2017

  • Easiest way to sell your dress. Other local consignment shops offered me less than 1/3 of what I sold it on for! I'm so glad someone else will get to enjoy my dress as much as I did! 

    Matty W., July 2017

  • I put my dress up thinking it would be a while before anyone expressed any interest, but it sold within 1 week! It was so easy!

    Amanda C., July 2017

  • I sold my dress on in less than a week! Website was easy to use and I was able to communicate with prospective buyers by responding directly through my email, which made it quick and seamless. Highly recommend to both users and sellers!

    Jess R., July 2017

  • From beginning to end the process was a breeze! Would highly recommend!

    Robyn P., July 2017

  • couldn't have made it easier for me to find a good home for my dress! Thank you :)

    Angie S., July 2017

  • helped me give my wedding dress a new home! The website is easy and fun to use. I will definitely recommend it to all of my fiends.

    Jena J., July 2017

  • So easy to sell, collect payment, and ship! My local second hand wedding shop was offering much less than what I collected through Preownedweddingdresses! 

    Ashley L., July 2017

  • Most efficient way of selling my wedding dress. I received numerous offers.

    YLC ., July 2017

  • Setting up a listing was quick and easy. Within minutes I had dozens of views, after a few days hundreds! I sold my dress in less than a week. I would highly recommend using

    Cari E., July 2017

  • I have now sold two dresses through and have been very happy with the platform. I have two more items listed and will continue to use the website. I am so glad there is a place that specializes in reselling wedding items!

    Hannah R., July 2017

  • I had a wonderful experience selling my wedding dress. It sold within 2 weeks which really impressed me. Letting your wedding dress go can be really emotional but I sold to the sweetest bride and am so happy she will get to spend her happiest day in the dress I wore on my happiest day!

    Cathy K., July 2017

  • Very easy selling experience. My buyer lived locally, so we arranged a time for her to try on the dress and the purchase was made with cash. Couldn't ask for a better transaction!

    Anonymous ., July 2017

  • I had my dress on for less than a week before I sold it and I thought a dress this expensive would never sell online, especially pre-owned but it did and I am very thankful. I'm sad to see my dress go but I know it's going to a happy home. My buyer was a doll.

    Manifa S., July 2017

  • Easy to navigate, many inquires from potentional buyers, boost feature is awesome and helpful. Happy I was able to sell my gown to a bride to be! 

    Sandra B., July 2017

  • It was great to have a place to sell my wedding gown to someone who loved it as much as I did!

    Debbie S., July 2017

  • I sold a bridesmaid dress in a matter of weeks and made half my money back! Ive been a bridesmaid several times and usually donate the dresses after they sit in my closet for years. I was so excited to find, they made it so easy and convenient to sell my dress. I am going to use them from now on.

    Beth B., July 2017

  • made it very easy to sell my wedding dress. I was able to post pictures and information without any difficulty and communicate with buyers through email via the website. Thanks so much, I couldn't have sold my dress without you! 

    Jeannette B., July 2017

  • I got my dress on here! It is beautiful! I can't wait to wear it! 

    Shannon F., July 2017

  • I had a fantastic experience with I found my dream dress and less than 12 hours later it is on its way to me

    Sofia S., July 2017

  • I am so thrilled with my dress! I fell in love with my dress but it was way too expensive new, so I began looking for a used one. I found it on this website for less than 1/3 of the retail price, making it affordable

    Amanda B., July 2017

  • I searched many websites for secondhand wedding dresses and was my favorite. It was easy to navigate, easy to narrow search criteria, and it offered a wider selection of genuine secondhand dresses. Also, the seller made all the difference! She quickly answered all my questions and provided pictures and support. I was very happy with my experience!

    Chelsea F., July 2017

  • I just wanted to thank who ever runs the site. I recently found my absolute DREAM dress here after trying on nearly 60 dresses in 3 states and 6 shops. I knew from the moment i saw it, it was going to be a match! The seller was very pleasant to work with and im so thankful for this site and finding a dress that i couldn't find anywhere else!! Thank you!!

    Rebecca B., July 2017

  • I have bought and sold my dress on your site, thanks for everything!

    Andrea B., July 2017

  • Bought my dress from Beth S. Dress was EXACTLY as advertised, if not MORE beautiful! And I got my DESIGNER DRESS at HALF PRICE!! I wouldn't hesitate to buy through your website again! 

    Chanda S., June 2017

  • I was a little nervous about buying such an important item for my wedding. I knew what dress I wanted and was able to put in the item number. The listings for this dress on the website came up immediately and I was able to see the different dresses available. The seller was awesome and eliminated any of my fears about buying on line!! She responded to my emails very promptly and was willing to answer any questions I had about the dress. I definitely had a better experience then I expected.

    Kimberly B., June 2017

  • I sold my wedding dress in under two weeks! Knowing someone else will love my dress again as much as I did is the best thing I could have done with it. WAY better than keeping it in my closet

    Veronica C., June 2017

  • After reading about POWD I was much more that they would provide a more focused customer base, and a more secure selling experience. Other sites I posted my dress with resulted in spam and potentially dangerous "interested buyers". I had none of those issues with POWD, and my dress has finally gone on to the next beautiful bride! I greatly appreciate this site and the care that's taken to look after it's clients.

    Kim F., June 2017

  • Browsing on was very easy. I loved everything about the homepage. I found my dream wedding dress here. Everything was so easy, communication with seller, buying the dress, sending the money. Everything went very fast, although I'm in Germany I have my dress already. International shipping was no problem. Thank you very much for this wonderful website

    Julia O., June 2017

  • I was in search of an affordable, but boutique dress for my wedding and I found exactly what I was looking for! Sellers on the site are so responsive and really take the time to answer any questions and send extra photos. Two thumbs up!!

    Amanda L., June 2017

  • I had my bridesmaid dress listed on many sites for a few months. Upon shopping for a bridesmaid dress for a different wedding I came across . I could not be happier with my experience! The dress sold in just two days and the buyer was an absolute joy to work with. I have already recommended the site to many friends and look forward to using POWD in the future.

    Brittany M., June 2017

  • is the best way to sell your wedding dress! Avoid eBay fees or Craigslist hassle.

    Natalie S., June 2017

  • makes it easy to reach target customers and perform legit transactions! A lot more trustworthy than trying to sell a high ticket item on craigslist

    Jennifer M., June 2017

  • I'm so glad was able to help me sell my dress quick and efficiently with an easy and smooth transaction even though my buyer was from another country!

    Teresa L., June 2017

  • easy and efficient. Can't believe how fast my dress sold!

    Allie G., June 2017

  • was a very seamless and efficient site to sell my wedding dress. Managing my listing was very easy and the transaction was handled professionally.

    Princess H., June 2017

  • I chose Preowned because of its simplicity! It's easy to get your posting started and any inquiries can be replied to from either your email or from the website. It only took a few months and I was able to happily pass on my lovely dress to the next blushing bride!

    Sylvia C., June 2017

  • I sold my dress in less than a month! POWD is a great website providing a needed service. Thank you!

    Kara O., June 2017

  • It took a few months but my wedding dress did finally sell. The site is super easy to navigate through and I set my phone up to receive texts when receiving an inquiry which was nice

    Alesha K., June 2017

  • Very easy to use! I was able to connect directly with buyers easily and the dashboard let me see the dress's demand.

    Jillian O., June 2017

  • Selling on was easy. I only dealt with serious buyers unlike some of the other sites I have listed on. I was always notified of new communication which made my experience smooth. I highly recommend using this site for a quick and simple selling. 

    Paula C., June 2017

  •  Preowned wedding dresses was easy to use and actually got a lot of views. It took awhile for my dress to sell, but if it weren't for this site I don't think I would have gotten as much for the dress as I did.

    Ashley F., June 2017

  • This site was great. It connected me with people truly interested in buying my dress and I was able to get it sold just a few months after posting it:)

    Jessica N., June 2017

  • Just sold my first item on PreOwned Wedding and it was so easy. Sold my item in a week.

    Rondi S., June 2017

  • Everything was so easy! I got responses so fast. It's the best place to sell wedding items.

    Shelly B., June 2017

  • It was so easy and seamless selling my dress on this site! I had heard great things from friends and now I can confirm that I had a great experience myself! I would highly recommend both buying and selling on this site! 

    Lexi S., June 2017

  • My dress was only listed for a few weeks and it sold! Very easy to use site, and great that there is only a flat listing fee, no commission!

    Lauren S., June 2017

  • It was very easy. I like that the site told you how many views the items received. Plus the site is well known and I felt comfortable knowing I was dealing with fellow brides

    Kate V., June 2017

  • POWD made selling my wedding dress a breeze! I got so many more views and interest using POWD than I did using any other website. POWD made selling my dress feel much more secure and legitimate - I strongly recommend this site to anyone looking to sell! 

    Amy G., June 2017

  • Was very easy to do. I have sold two dresses and both transactions went smoothly.

    Marie M., June 2017

  • This was my first time selling anything online and it went smoothly. I had a million questions and I found all of the answers on the website. 

    Krystal R., June 2017


    Was very easy to sell my dress on here, I opted to sell the one I didn't wear or get altered and offered the suggested return policy. Worked out well, now trying to sell the one I wore and hoping for the best.

    Brittany M., June 2017

  • A wonderful experience! Made selling my dress so easy! 

    Anna L., June 2017

  • I loved that it was simple and stream lined, no obnoxious comments and chats like Poshmark. Just clean and straight to the point. Also being able to promote helped me get my sale i think.

    Nicole H., June 2017

  • Made it possible to buy my dream dress. Great selection and amazing customer service thank you for making my day special!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • is wonderful! It's easy to use and I love that I was able to buy a brand new wedding dress for significantly less than in a store!

    Toya B., May 2017

  • This site is SO user friendly and it was such a relief to list my dress and hear from a buyer within that week! It is the perfect platform if you need to sell a dress - especially considering that all the local shops I talked to in my area would have kept 50% of my profit! I would recommend this site to anyone!!!

    Anonymous ., May 2017

  • I had a great experience with! It took me under five minutes to create a listing. It was easy to communicate with people inquiring about the dress. My dress was sold within a month. I highly recommend them.

    Kasey M., May 2017

  • I was looking for a particular dress and designer and came across It was easy to use- the seller was wonderful. What an easy process- thank so much!!

    Becca V., May 2017

  • Using PreOwnedWeddingDresses.Com was really simple. I had tried on the dress at a local store and looked it up on Google, and the dress showed up in my size. The seller was very easy to talk to and provided me with receipts and other important information. The dress fits great, exactly what I was looking for!

    Stephanie B., May 2017

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