Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

Reviews: What Brides Are Saying About Us

  • I was so EXCITED to find thr dress I was looking for  on and it was so easy to contact seller. I think my seller and myself were both happy about the process.

    Renee Q., April 2018

  • This is by far the easiest site to purchase a quality, used dress from! I literally found my dress at 8 A.M. and the seller had my dress in the mail by 4 P.M. The seller kept me posted throughout the day on her timeframe for when she would ship the dress out and she was spot on. Communication is easy on here!

    Megan B., April 2018

  • I had several interested buyers within the first day of posting my dress on the site! The mobile notifications made it super easy to communicate with interested buyers and I'm thrilled to know that my dress will have a second life

    Zoe F., April 2018

  • I'm involved with a lot of bridal parties. As much as I love my girlfriends, I know that these beautiful dresses are most likely are going to waste sitting in my closet after the occasion. This website is a game changer. It's great to be able to sell popular bridesmaid dresses and help out another woman!

    Lisa K., April 2018

  • I have now bought and sold a dress in this site. Both processes went so smoothly and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Selling was not intimidating, the fee for the process was much better then other sites, so much traffic comes through - I sold in two days!!

    Anonymous ., April 2018

  • Setting up the listing was super easy and I got more interest generated on than any other site. It was very easy to communicate with interested buyers and they gave great suggestions on return policies and how to word them. I would highly recommend

    Brooke B., April 2018

  • I found my dream dress at a local boutique - a gorgeous Martina Liana. I was then able to purchase that same dress, brand new, from a seller on your website for HALF the price. Thank you for helping me find my dream dress at a dream price.

    Anonymous ., April 2018

  • I knew the exact dress I was looking for. Looked it up by its style number, found a seller with it in the correct size. The entire experience took less than 2 weeks, and I have exactly what I was looking for, and didn't have to pay full price for the exact dress!

    Maria B., April 2018

  • I had a wonderful experience purchasing a dress on! I found the exact dress i fell in love with at my local bridal boutique for half the price, with alterations i would have had to do anyway!

    Hannah K., April 2018

  • Bought ‘the dress’ my beloved has been eyeing for a while. The whole experience took a week to transact. The process was easy, smooth and safe - nothing more to ask for.

    Adrian L., April 2018

  • Thanks for the platform for a much-needed service! 

    Megan Y., April 2018

  • Using was hassle-free and I love that the listing never expires. It allowed me to take my time finding the right buyer. Thank you!

    Veronica M., April 2018

  • I loved the experience of selling my dress here. It had everything I needed to showcase my beautiful dress for someone else to enjoy for their big day!

    Jacquline C., April 2018

  • I am so happy that another lady will get to wear this beautiful dress! Instead of sitting in my closet becoming outdated, the dress gets another wear and I got some of my money back!

    Mary P., April 2018

  • I had a great experience selling my dress on! It is super simple to create the listing. I would definitely recommend! 

    Katie H., April 2018

  • Great experience! Easy to use site. Will definitely recommend.

    Meredith G., April 2018

  •  wasn't sure quite what to expect, but PreOwned Wedding Dresses was a fantastic way to find, and eventually, sell back, my dream dress. I love that the site promotes sustainability and lets women get their dream dress at a fraction of what it would have costed from the salon.

    Anonymous ., April 2018

  • I was fortunate to sell my wedding gown on just 6 months after listing it on the site. I chose this site because all of the others I looked into took a portion of the profits from the sale, whereas Preowned only required a small initial fee for this listing. It was fairly easy to create the listing, communicate with interested buyers, and receive payment from my buyer before shipping the dress. I am pleased that I was able to give someone else their dream dress and earn back some of the money I spent rather than leave my gown sitting in a closet to collect dust for years to come! 

    Nicole C., April 2018

  • Easy from start to finish. Listed my dress shortly after my wedding and it sold within 7 months.

    Anonymous ., April 2018

  •  After my amazing experience buying my wedding dress off this site (was reluctant as first obviously) but everything went amazing in that regard and since then i have sold 2 dresses

    Jackie S., April 2018

  • I had a great experience with the I sold my wedding dress in just over 2 months for my original asking price. The exchange of the dress with a local buyer for cash payment was also simple and easy.

    Laurea F., April 2018

  • was so easy to use and sell on. It is one of the only sites that doesn't take any part of your sale, so your money is all yours! 

    Gabrielle G., April 2018

  •  I had to sell a wedding dress that I ended up not wearing. The website was so easy to use and communicate with buyers. I sold my dress within two months of listing!

    Kristen T., April 2018

  • was a game changer for selling my dress. It took the stress out of searching for a buyer. I will definitely recommend this site to others! 

    Brianna E., April 2018

  • This experience was great. Easy directions to follow. Sold my dress in 4 months.Each month I dropped the price 100 dollars when i was not getting any activity.

    Amanda W., April 2018

  • was an easy experience and a great way to pass along a dress to someone who would need it with minimal hassle!

    Jessica B., April 2018

  • This was an easy process and I was happy that someone else could enjoy the beautiful dress as well.

    Cheryl P., April 2018

  • So easy to list your wedding dress for sale on Pre Owned! Definitely worth it if your dress is just collecting dust. Giving another bride an amazing designer dress at an affordable price felt amazing!

    Traci B., April 2018

  • Selling on is so easy. You're right in front of your target market and communication is simple! I sold shoes in just a few days.

    Laura D., April 2018

  • My experience of selling my wedding dress  on was very delightful! Communication between me and the buyer was easy.

    Jen C., April 2018

  • Selling on Preowned Wedding Dresses was so easy — All the details of the dress were right on there AND all I had to pay was a one-time small listing fee. I got more for my dress than I thought I would! 

    Megan B., April 2018

  • I had a great experience with Preowned Wedding Dresses. It was easy to create the listing and manage it. I did expect to sell my dress faster, but in the end I’m just happy it got sold and will make another bride look gorgeous. It took about 6 months to sell. Just be patient and yours will get sold too!

    Anonymous ., April 2018

  • I stumbled upon while searching for an opportunity to purchase a wedding dress at a cost I could afford. I found the site easy to manage and a chance to review dresses and accessories I would have never been able to see in a store. The most difficult time I had was making the final decisions as to which items to purchase. I ended up finding my wedding dress, a veil, and hair accessories for my upcoming wedding day. All three of the sellers (a store and two individuals) were very helpful and shipped my items in a timely manner. made the experience so easy and I've recommended over and over again! Thank you.

    Amanda E., March 2018

  • I am so thrilled to have found another bride equally as excited as I was when I found my dress. It feels really wonderful to be able to share the gown and know that she too is able to enjoy wearing it with the perks of a discounted purchase price! Wonderful experience!

    Michelle W., March 2018

  • It was simple and fast to sell my unused wedding dress on I didn't expect my gown to move quickly, but it sold in just a few weeks!

    Lauren J., March 2018

  • was a smooth and easy transactions from the posting to selling. Pretty easy and direct.

    Renee A., March 2018

  • Easy, great presentation, super easy to talk to interested people and promoting your listing is worth it.

    Anonymous ., March 2018

  • Selling my bridesmaid dress on Preowned Wedding Dresses was so easy! I'm thankful for the opportunity to make a little money and help out another girl.

    Terren A., March 2018

  • Very pleased with the experience. It's a great way to connect with a buyer.

    Dot M., March 2018

  • I sold my dress quickly using PreOwnedWeddingDresses and am happy to send my dress on for a second life.

    Kelli G., March 2018

  • I am happy with this site, it’s just a matter of time, you will eventually sell your dress to the right bride.

    Anayeli R., March 2018

  • What a great website idea and so easy to manage! Loved this and being able to sell my one time worn dress!

    Anonymous ., March 2018

  • My experience was pretty easy. The site was easy to navigate and I liked the setup. I liked that the communication and threads were simple to keep track of with each potential buyer

    Nicole K., March 2018

  • An easy way to sell items from your big day, so someone else can enjoy them!

    Julie R., March 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses has been a wonderful experience. My dress sold in just a few short months. I have been very pleased with how safe and convenient this process has been!

    Anonymous ., March 2018

  • I was shocked as to how fast my dress sold.

    Natalia R., March 2018

  •  It was nice to know I could sell my dress safely and I was given all the tools I needed to do so. It was very easy to communicate with potential buyers and come up with an agreement.

    Laura G., March 2018

  • Selling my unused wedding veil was easy with! I was so happy to share a special item with another bride for her special day!

    Jenna G., March 2018

  • Everything about is amazing! I bought 2 wedding dresses for myself on this website and sold them again on this website!

    Lisi H., March 2018

  • I loved advertising the dress on this site. It was convenient, asked all of the details of the dress, the measurements and was easy to contact buyers.

    Maria D., March 2018

  • After holding on to a dress for one year that was never worn for my wedding, and many failures to sell it on local based sites, I took action with! Though it took a couple months, a buyer came along. She was truly excited to share with me that she cried when she received the dress via mail. That was heart warming, and I’m thankful she was able to find the one ( both husband and dress ??) 

    Allie C., March 2018

  • It made me so happy knowing that I could help another bride feel beautiful on her wedding day . The girl I sold it to was so happy it made me happy that my dress was going to be used again

    Michelle G., March 2018

  • Having splurged a little on the cost of my wedding dress, I was able to justify it knowing that I could get some of the money back by selling on It was super easy to do!

    Sara M., March 2018

  • I'm glad I found I would have hated to see my dress sitting around and not being used. I found a great buyer and using the website was super straight-forward and hassle-free.

    Kristina M., March 2018

  • I enjoyed selling on PreOwned, easy to chat with buyers, easy to navigate the site, also had helpful hints for shipping which I needed!

    Kristen J., March 2018

  • I posted a bridesmaid dress and sold it within a month or so! Appreciate that this is an easy way to make some money back on dresses you normally only wear once!

    Ashley W., March 2018

  • was a super easy way for me to reach other brides searching for their dress! I love that you can filter out what you're looking for and communicate directly with the seller.

    Lauren K., March 2018

  • I wish I had known about this site sooner! When my daughter called off her wedding, we wanted to be able to sell this beautiful, unworn and unaltered gown! POWD made it so easy! And it sold in just a couple of weeks!

    Anonymous ., March 2018

  • I am so greatful my sister found this site. They have all the information you need from how to measure your dress to the best ways to utilize the site for all contact. They are secure and simple. My dress sold in 5 months. That counts the day I posted to the day I shipped the dress. I couldn't believe it! I would definitely recommend this site for someone who wants to sell their gown.

    Anonymous ., March 2018

  • PreOwned made it so easy to sell my dress. Loved that someone will make great use of it too.

    Julie N., March 2018

  • It was easy shopping for a wedding dress on! I went to bridal shops to get a feel for the dress I would like and the sizes that fit the best then I went on here to buy my dream dress at an affordable price. 

    Angela A., March 2018

  • If your looking for the perfect dress at a much lower price than you'll find at a retail store  is outstanding for that reason. Hundreds can be saved.

    Chelsea F., March 2018

  • I have sold my wedding dress thanks to your wonderful website.

    Theresa A., March 2018

  • It was my first time using this website, but I felt confident buying the dress from here because there are very detailed descriptions and pictures from the dress owners help a lot. Really like the page.

    Emmy N., February 2018

  • My dress got a ton of views and exposure from interested buyers who are confident in the services offered by The site is great and intuitive for both sellers and buyers. I'll will be encouraging all my bride friends to resale their dresses here.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • You can have an affordable wedding by getting the amazing wedding gown of your dream here! 

    Jena S., February 2018

  • The buying process was very easy, my dress was shipped quickly, and arrived in the exact condition as described. All in all, an exemplary experience.

    Keg G., February 2018

  • I was able to find the style and colors of bridesmaid dresses for a much lower price, to which I am so grateful! I didn't want to make my bridesmaids pay full retail price for the dress so this website was a huge help! Lots to choose from in terms of color, sizes, and styles!

    Grace J., February 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses was a great site to work with. I was able to find the "Dress of my Dreams" without breaking my pocket.

    Natalie H.., February 2018

  • I think this site is amazing I was sent the information from the bride and it had my dress the size I needed the seller was quick to respond so easy. I was lost trying to figure out where to go and this site just made it an extremely simple process.

    Rebecca L., February 2018

  • I'm thoroughly pleased with how easy it was to sell my wedding dress with I think the hardest part was not buying another dress with all the great deals they have on the site!

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • My experience with was wonderful! My husband and I are just not sentimental, and while cleaning out our house to move, we thought instead of the dress just collecting dust that someone else could get a great use out of the beautiful dress while we could some extra cash to help out our young family! I loved that I could promote my dress every so often for just 5 dollars! Everytime I would promote it I would get someone messaging me with interest and questions and even offers! My first buyer offered full asking price but when she received it and didn't feel it flattered her, she contacted me immediately and shipped the dress back within 48 hours of receiving it like we agreed upon. I was bummed about it being sent back but the fact that I kept getting offers and messages on the dress kept my hopes up! With in the next month I received an offer of my full asking price again and sold it to my second buyer! She contacted me within hours after receiving it and was in love it! She agreed to send pictures on her wedding day. It was a smooth process all around and I actually wish I would of known about this website when I was planning my wedding!

    Cheyenne S., February 2018

  • Very easy to use- connected me with tons of women who were interested in my dress!

    Taylor W., February 2018

  • This site was easy to use and sold my dress faster than expected!

    Danielle P., February 2018

  • was easy to use and sold my dress faster than expected!

    Danielle P., February 2018

  • I like that the site does not take a percentage of the dress price, it is a flat rate and it can stay on as long as you need it to.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • I thought this was a very easy way to list my dress and thought it was well organized, easy for buyers to search and communicate. The listing was very easy to put up and manage.

    Elizabeth H., February 2018

  • Thank you to PreOwned Wedding Dresses for helping me sell a bridesmaid dress that was going to sit in my closet getting dusty! I am so happy that another girl can use this beautiful dress so that it does not go to waste! This process is easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone trying to sell their bridesmaid dresses that might just be sitting in a closet taking up space! 

    Sammie R., February 2018

  • This was such an easy process- from listing to communicating with interested parties to selling the product

    Ashley G., February 2018

  • Easy to use to sell my dress. Very happy with the experience. Listed my dress for more than the website suggested and received that amount.

    Libby M., February 2018

  • I really liked using this site! It was easy to create my listing and I was able to provide a lot of different pictures, which I think helped buyers get a better idea of the dress. I immediately started receiving inquires using this site and didn't on other sites that I put my dress in. Highly recommend this site to others!

    Heather M., February 2018

  • Although it took awhile to sell my product, PreOwned Wedding dresses recommended I lower my price and SOLD. Thank you!

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • I felt like I emotionally connected with my buyer and it made it easy to let me dress go knowing she was so excited for it! I'm glad it got a second life and isn't collecting dust or yellowing in a closet.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • This is been a wonderful experience on this site. The transaction was simple. I liked the one time listing fee vs a percentage fee

    Jen T., February 2018

  • We were contacted by an interested bride. We were able to chat feeely and answer her questions. When she was satisfied that this dress was one she was interested in, it was easy to mail it to her as we followed the advice from this site. It was very easy and not stressful at all. Great experience.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • I had a very positive experience as a seller on the site. It was really easy to list my dress and post pictures, as well as communicate with other potential buyers. Be sure to take into account extra fees such as PayPal (2.9%) as well as shipping fees that can be much more than what you will expect.

    Rosanna Y., February 2018

  • My dress sold in 3 months. The process was simple and I felt great knowing that someone would be able to get joy out of my dress, rather than have it sit in my closet collecting dust.

    Carly C., February 2018

  • I was surprised how quickly I received responses from my posting! It was fun to talk to other brides about their upcoming wedding and reminisce about my own. I’m glad my gown will have another chance to make someone feel like a princess rather than gathering dust in my closet.

    Amanda R., February 2018

  • It was easy to list my dress for sale.

    Debbie E., February 2018

  •  It took 6 months but dress sold. It was an easy process.

    Jerri E., February 2018

  • Easy to list and talk with potential buyers!

    Samantha F., February 2018

  • My dress was listed for 5 months without a single inquiry and then it sold to the first (and only) inquiry I had! So.....don't give up.

    Kelly G., February 2018

  • I found a lucky bride to be who loved my dress as much as I did!

    Paleny T., February 2018

  • I sold my dress on here. It took 2 months but I feel it is a very safe way to sell dresses.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • It was easy to list my dress and I have a lovely conversation with the girl that purchased it. Its so exciting to be able to help someone else find their dream dress!

    Natalie M., February 2018

  • I was looking to sell the dress I wore this past December. We all know that we won't wear the bridesmaid dress again, unless you're Katherine Heigl in 27 dresses. I listed the dress on Wednesday and by that same day I had received and inquiry. So I'd say this website is pretty legit! I have dresses that are from 2012; lets see if I can sell them here as well.

    Lua A., February 2018

  • Great experience with preowned! Made it easy and simple.

    Fatim B., February 2018

  • PreOwned Wedding Dresses is an intuitive platform for advertising your wedding dress and communicating with interested buyers. Also, the website has generated enough popularity to make it easy to sell your wedding dress quickly (months as opposed to years). 

    Chandra S., February 2018

  • Selling my dress through Preowned Wedding Dresses was easy and I feel great knowing that someone else is going to be able to have the perfect wedding with my dress.

    Anonymous ., February 2018

  • I had a great experience using the site. You do have to be patient as it takes time to get an inquiry. I only got one inquiry but that was all I needed. I never thought I would sell the dress for half the price I paid since consignment shops were only offering me 25% of what I paid. Definitely worth the $25 listing fee

    Sapphire B., February 2018

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