How to Buy and Sell Safely

How to Buy and Sell Safely

Buying or selling anything online can feel daunting – especially when it is such an important item like a wedding gown. But it's easy have a safe transaction if you always follow these rules:

  1. Only use a secure payment service for the transaction. Paypal and both offer a protected payment method.  We strongly recommend that you use one of these for payment. (Read how they work here.)

    Why we don't recommend:

    Cashier's checks, money orders and wire transfers: There is simply too much room for fraud with any of these methods. Even if a check clears your bank, it can turn up fraudulent 30 or more days later. (And you will be held responsible for the funds).

    Escrow companies other than There have been scams reported with other escrow companies. was founded in 1999, is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and is the escrow service used by ebay.

  2. Never ship/request a gown be shipped until full payment is made. Deposits and payment plans are fine if agreed to by both the buyer and the seller, but a gown or accessory should not be shipped until payment has been received in full.

  3. Trust your instincts. Extreme urgency, poor grammar, an inability to provide pictures of the actual dress, use of a 3rd party shipper are all flags of a scam. Read how to spot a fake inquiry to educate yourself on what to look for.


What should do if you suspect a buyer or seller of a scam? Email and forward us the relevant information. We can help you verify the legitimacy of the correspondence and answer any questions. investigates any reports of fraud or scam. Additionally, we filter all dress inquiries to identify potential scammers and block known ones from using our site.

Every scam report makes the site safer for everyone.

The majority of online buyers and sellers are honest people. But remember what your mom always said about an ounce of prevention!

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