How to Spot a Fake Inquiry

Scam attempts are common in the re-sale industry. filters and removes known scam inquiries before they ever reach your account.  But educating yourself about the signs of a fake inquiry is the best protection.

The warning signs are:

  1. Interested in a immediate purchase, but doesn't ask specific questions about your item
  2. Wants to make payment via check, cashier's check, wire transfer or money order and want to use a shipper/third party for sending the dress. To have a a safe transaction, the only payment you should accept is a secure payment method like paypal or
  3. Asks questions that are clearly indicated in your listing
  4. Uses poor grammar and/or spelling

What To Do If You Receive a Fake Inquiry

If you spot a fake inquiry, send it to us so we can block the sender and make the site safer for all users. (You can also always email us with any questions about an email you receive).


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