Purchase With Peace of Mind.

Your purchase is fully protected if you use PaypalEscrow.com, or Affirm (Coming Soon!) for payment.  This means you'll be 100% protected if the item isn't shipped, isn't authentic, or isn't as described.  So you won't have to worry about anything - except planning your perfect wedding.

Wire transfer, personal/ cashier's check or money transfer are never recommended.

Here’s information to choose which payment option is best for you.



What It Is

Quick, globally-known, secure online payment method.

How You're Protected 

Paypal Purchase Protection fully covers you if the item isn't shipped, isn't authentic or isn't otherwise as described.


$2.9% + $.30  

For a $1,000 gown, the fee is $29.30. This fee is paid by the seller.

Getting Started

Buyer and Seller must each have a Paypal account.  Signing up is free and takes minutes. Then, on Paypal.com, the seller "requests" the funds from the buyer to initiate transaction.

 More Info

Have the seller send you a Paypal funds request.  Don't use the friends + family option. 

 Log into Paypal directly to verify your funds have been received.


What It Is

Safe, secure online service that holds funds in escrow until transaction is complete. Buyer is able to return the item, for any reason, during an agreed upon inspection period.

PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com recommends this service for all international transactions and those where seller accepts returns.

How You're Protected

Escrow.com holds the funds until

1) the buyer accepts the item (funds are then released to the seller)

2) the buyer rejects item (funds are released back to the buyer - after the seller receives the item back and confirms its condition)

How It Works

1. Buyer and seller agree on a sale

2. Buyer and seller sign escrow.com agreement outlining their terms of sale (including the length of the inspection period)

3. Buyer sends money to escrow.com

4. Seller sends item

5. Buyer accepts/rejects item

6. Escrow.com releases money to seller or back to buyer.


3.25% for standard service, for transactions $5,000 and under

For a $1,000 gown, the fee is $32.50. Buyers and sellers can determine who pays the fee or if it is shared.

Getting Started

Buyer and Seller must each have an Escrow.com account. Signing up is free and takes minutes. Then, on Escrow.com the buyer or seller begins the process by initiating the transaction.

More Info

We recommend a 48 hour inspection period.

Buyers can only pay with checks (which take up to 14 days to clear) or wire transfers (for which your bank may charge an additional fee). Credit cards are not accepted for apparel purchases.

What It Is PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com merchant partner. Created by a Paypal co-founder to help online buyers finance purchases and get item immediately. 
How You're Protected Buyer has a 2 day inspection period to confirm the item matches the seller's description.  
How It Works

1) Buyer and seller agree on Affirm.  

2) Buyer completes Affirm financing application, PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com notifies seller to ship upon approval.

3) After 2 day inspection period, PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com release funds to seller, or cancels Affirm transaction



For a $1,000 gown, the fee is $49. This fee is paid by the buyer. There are no fees for the seller.

10-30% APR on the financed amount, paid by buyer.

Getting Started Click on the Affirm "Learn More" link on the top of any eligible dress listing to get started.
More Info Read more Affirm FAQ's here.  Available to buyers and sellers in the United States only.



Remember: PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com never recommends payment via check, wire transfer, cashiers or certified check.  With these methods there is no buyer or seller protection.

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