What’s Your Wedding Dress Worth?

Wedding Dress Value Calculator

Any bride will tell you that she felt and looked her most beautiful in her wedding dress. She also likely say how much she truly adored her gown.  But today, instead of keeping the dress for a future daughter, brides are selling their gowns.  So they can be loved again.  Now.

If you’re a modern bride considering resale, use our Calculator tool to determine exactly what your wedding dress is worth.

Our Dress Value Calculator, instantly computes an estimated value of your wedding dress and even shows you examples of identical and similar gowns currently for sale and recently sold.


It’s useful not just for a woman looking to earn extra cash after she walked down the aisle, but it can also help a bride in the midst of wedding planning  factor in her dress resale into her overall wedding budget.

In other words, your $5,000 dream gown can “cost” you a whole lot less than that when you consider what you can recoup if you sell it down the road.

Say, for example, you’re planning on wearing the stunning Berta Bridal gown to your wedding this June.  Enter a few quick numbers and facts about your dress and we’ll show you what it will be worth after your Big Day. Or perhaps you got married in August 2012 and are now ready to sell your Maggie Sottero. With a few quick clicks you can see our recommending pricing and the potential cash flow currently in your closet.

Our Dress Value Calculator will show you the value of any gown, by any designer, of any age…in seconds.

The Calculator factors in  all the criteria we know affect a dress’ resale value – the original cost, of course, and also the purchase date, the designer and style, whether it’s new, sample or used, its condition and if it’s been cleaned. All those factors contribute to the resale value. We’ve extracted this formula from collected from the thousands of wedding dresses brides have listed and sold on our site since it was launched in 2004.

We hope our Dress Value Calculator helps you.  Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

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The Importance of Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding is one of the most special and fun days of your life.  After your big day is over, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is having your dress cleaned.  But you should.

The sooner you have your dress cleaned, the better condition it will be in (and the higher the value will be if you decide to sell your wedding dress).  After wearing it, your gown might have noticeable dirt on the hemline but it could also have “invisible” stains like sweat, which aren’t noticeable but can do damage to your gown if not treated.

PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com recommends the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists for wedding dress cleaning.  They are a network of experts who will clean your dress to museum quality standards.  And their over 500 member locations offer a written guarantee on their work so you can have your gown cleaned with confidence.

You can find Association of Wedding Gown Specialists locations here (but don’t worry, they even offer courier service if there’s not one near you).  And for a limited time, we’re offering our Facebook Fans a $25 coupon on a cleaning with an Association member.  Get yours here.

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Real Wedding | Lisa + Oscar

In addition to being charming and attractive in a very old Hollywood glamor kind of way, Lisa + Oscar are also super conscientious of their wedding guests!  With friends and family scattered all over North America and Lisa’s younger brother getting engaged a month before Lisa and Oscar, the two couples teamed up to plan destination weddings in the same week in the same town. What a great idea! Mexico in November…with friends and loved ones…AND attend two weddings?? Yes, please!!!

Lisa + Oscar | November 18th, 2011 | Cabo Azul Resort, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

The Ceremony
I’m from a small farm town outside of Toronto and Oscar is from Los Angeles. We met when we were both living and working in NYC. My younger brother Nick got engaged a month before we did. He and his fiancée decided they wanted a destination wedding. Oscar and I had always planned on a destination wedding as well, as our friends were scattered all over North America. Rather than having friends and family choose between which wedding to attend, we decided to hold them in the same town, during the same week. We chose the Cabo and Nick & Jess chose the dates! It was amazing for all of us to share the wedding experience together, and all of our Canadian guests who flew into Cabo were able to attend two weddings in one week!

Oscar and I had visited the Cabo Azul Resort on vacation while we were dating and from the moment we stepped foot on the resort – I knew that it would be the place we’d marry if we ever decided to take our relationship to the next level. Two years later, that’s exactly what we did! The five-story open-air chapel, complete with flaming torches, and candle lit waterfalls flowing down the walls was so romantic. We decided that sunset would be the perfect time to say our “I do’s”. We wanted the ceremony to be personal – so we wrote the entire thing (including the vows) ourselves and asked our friend Ryan to marry us. I surprised Oscar & his family by reciting a part of my vows in Spanish. As we walked up the aisle as husband and wife, we were serenaded by a 5-piece mariachi band – and the party began!

The Reception
The reception was held at Javier’s – the main restaurant at the Cabo Azul Resort. Our 80 guests were seated outside, surrounded by candles and the sound of waves crashing along the coast of the Sea of Cortez. Our color scheme was red and shades of grey/silver/charcoal, although candlelight was probably the most important element in setting the elegant-romantic mood we were going for. During cocktail hour we had a musician playing Spanish guitar covers of rock classics, and then we switched over to a DJ during the dinner hour. Guests enjoyed a dinner of steak and shrimp or sea bass, and we had the chef create a custom chocolate “bomb” dish to satisfy Lisa’s chocoholic tendencies. We decided to forego a traditional wedding cake, and instead treated guests to a delicious taco bar at midnight. After inviting guests to come up and say a few words (a few friends even wrote and performed an original song), everyone hit the dance floor. When the resort told us it was time to wrap things up, everyone jumped on a bus and headed into Cabo San Lucas for a few more hours of dancing at Pink Kitty, a local nightclub. The celebrations lasted well into the wee hours of the morning.

Lisa’s Dress Search
Because our wedding was taking place in Mexico, I originally was looking for something very light and beachy. I was thinking a lace sheath would be my best bet. However, after trying on a dozen or so dresses, nothing seemed quite right. My mom flew out to visit me in LA and she pulled this Ines Di Santo off the rack. I instantly fell in love with the old Hollywood glamor and classic styling. Because it was being offered as a sample, it made it possible for me to afford a dress by a designer that I had thought was out of my league. The minute I put it on, it felt right – the peu de soie was so luxurious – I felt like a million bucks!

How Lisa Felt in Her Wedding Dress
Elegant, special and sexy!

Why Lisa Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
My dress is very special to me, but the idea of it sitting all cooped up in a dry-cleaning bag for the next 50 years does nothing for me – I’d love someone else to wear it and enjoy it as much as I did!

Lisa’s Dress | Ines Di Santo Adele
Photography | Gabriela Mohar

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The Protection Of Escrow.com

Hopefully, anyone who uses PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com is aware that we recommend Escrow.com for all transactions.  Simply put, it offers the most protection for both the buyer and the seller. (Read how and why here).

I’m always glad to share a bride’s personal experience with the service.  So when I received Trudy’s sold notice and comments about her escrow.com experience, I asked her to share it on our blog.  Here is what she said…

Trudy's dress will soon be part of another big day.

“Escrow.com was the key to my transaction on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com.  The gown I was selling had some minor damage that would need to be repaired, and that understandably made it a little harder to buy sight unseen.  The buyer wanted to send me half of the money up front and then half after she saw the dress, which made me a little uncomfortable.

Luckily, I had seen that PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com recommended using Escrow.com, so I decided to look into it.  It turned out to be the perfect solution to our dilemma!  The buyer and I simply agreed that she would have 7 days to inspect the dress, and I would pay for the service as long as she decided to keep it, and then Escrow.com did the rest.  We both felt comfortable and fully informed throughout the process, and I got my check in just a couple of days.  Thanks to Escrow.com I was able to sell my wedding dress in less than a month, and I even got my full asking price!”

Escrow.com’s fees are comparable to paypal’s, but the protection for the buyer and seller is better.  We’d love to see every online buyer and seller experience the safe transactions it offers.

Note: PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com is not affiliated with escrow.com in any way.  To help decrease fraud, Escrow.com does not accept credit card payments for apparel purchases.

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