You Won’t Believe How Much You Can Save On These Wedding Dresses

If you’ve ever visited our Best Deals page, you know the savings are dazzling.  All of the over 5,000 gowns on the page are (a minimum!) of 70% off retail.  For a bride on a budget, that’s a bargain you just can’t pass up.  We’ve pulled a few of our favorite gowns to show you just how beautiful the savings can be.

bhldn wedding dress Stella York wedding dress
Bhldn: $175 (retail: $1,800) | Stella York: $200 (retail: $1,200)

Anne Barge Wedding Dress Wtoo Charlize
Anne Barge: $99 (retail: $3,000) | Wtoo: $99 (retail: $1588)

Matthew Christopher wedding dress allure bridals wedding dress
Matthew Christopher: $100 (retail: $3,500) | Allure Bridals: $125 (retail $1,078)

creations Paris wedding dress Pronovias wedding dress

Creations Paris: $99 (retail: $1 500) | Pronovias: $99 (retail: $1,500)

cristiano lucci Justin Alexander Wedding dress
Cristiano Lucci: $250 (retail $2,065) | Justin Alexander: $250 (retail: $1,600)

What to see them all?  Shop them here and get ready to save.

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Can You Wear A Bridesmaid Dress Again?


Can you wear a bridesmaid dress again?  According to a new survey, more bridesmaids than ever are answering yes.

In August 2018, conducted a survey and found that 36% of bridesmaids said all of their dresses could be worn again.  While 30% said none of their gowns could be worn again.

When it comes to the dress itself, bridesmaids prefer mix and match styles over anything else.  And they think $100-$200 is the fairest amount to ask her to pay for her dress.

After the wedding?  Forty-seven percent of bridesmaids say they will keep the dress, with 23% saying they will sell it.

A whopping 87.25% of bridesmaids say they would definitely/maybe buy a used bridesmaid dress, making resale a smart option for any bridesmaid who doesn’t want to keep her dress.

To help those wanting to sell, is offering free bridesmaid listings until September 15th.  Pay zero listing fee, and as always on, no commission on the sale.  Use code “bridesmaids” at checkout to redeem the savings and get started here.

Email us to request this infographic.

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Worn Your Wedding Dress? Here’s Why You Should Have It Cleaned Now.

wedding dress cleaning

Brides are always asking us when they should have their wedding dresses cleaned.  The answer?  Immediately after your big day is best.

Whether you intend to sell or keep your wedding gown, it still requires immediate care after wear. That’s because stains can damage the delicate fibers of your dress over time.  And invisible stains that you can’t see (think champagne or sweat) will appear and start to yellow.

The sooner as stain is treated, the better its chance of removal. Even major stains like a red wine spill or tire tracks on your train (yep, we’ve seen that) have a good chance of being removed, if treated quickly.

It’s important to know that not all wedding dress cleaners are the same.  For your once-in-a-lifetime gown, find an expert who specializes in wedding dress care.  We recommend the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists because we’ve met their members and have experienced first hand the level of care they provide.

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists have their care labels sewn into over 3,500,000 gowns and are recommended by more than 70 different gown designers. This industry validation is second to none.

Association members will clean your gown to exacting standards and will even allow you to inspect your gown after cleaning before it is boxed so you’ll see your gown’s pristine condition before packaging.

Right now, users can receive a $35 coupon for wedding dress cleaning and care from the Association.  Use the discount for alterations, pressing, cleaning or preservation.  Whatever your beloved gown needs. Register here.  And have confidence knowing that your dress will be cared for by the industry’s best.

Wedding dress cleaning + care








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Should I Clean or Preserve My Wedding Dress?

Brides often ask us, “should I clean or preserve my wedding dress?” The answer depends on what you plan on doing with your gown.

used wedding dresses for sale 1a

If you plan to sell your wedding dress, the best option is cleaning alone. If you’d like to keep the dress for a future daughter, preservation is your answer. Undecided? Then you’ll want preservation too.

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists always recommends that you clean your dress as soon as possible after your wedding.  (Even if there are no visible stains).  The sooner you have your dress cleaned, the sooner all stains can be removed.  This includes visible stains but also invisible ones (like sweat or champagne) which will only become visible over time.  Immediate cleaning removes these stains before they have time to damage the delicate fibers of your gown.  And it also increases the resale value of your dress by approximately 10-20%.

used wedding dresses 1c

When you preserve a gown, not only is it carefully cleaned, but an Association member will then store it according to museum quality standards.  This includes layering it with acid-free tissue and folding into an acid-free storage chest to protect the gown from light and air exposure. protecting  protect your gown for many years to come. This extra step is important if you know you want to save your gown, but it’s an unnecessary expense if the gown will be worn again by another bride within a few years.

Whether you want to just clean or clean and preserve your dress, we always recommend the experts at the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Their certified specialists will take every precaution to protect delicate beads, trims, and lace throughout your cleaning. And their thoroughness and attention to detail guarantee your beloved gown will get the care it deserves.

used wedding dresses 1e

From now until December 31, 2017, The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists is offering users $35 off wedding gown cleanings and preservations.  Get your coupon here.  Why trust anyone else with your special gown?

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