Coffee Stains | Wedding Dress Emergencies And How To Deal With Them

Coffee Stains on your wedding dress

Every day needs a little coffee in it. Even your wedding day.  But if you accidentally get a drop of java on your gown, knowing what to do will be the difference between being panicked and being prepared.

Coffee Stains on your wedding dress

Sally Conant is a former museum professional and a PhD (Hint, she really knows her stuff when it comes to stains and cleaning).  She’s also the President of the Association of Wedding Gowns Specialists. A network of specialty cleaners that offers industry leading wedding dress cleaning and care.

A coffee stain, Sally explains, is a wetside stain, meaning it is water based.  To remove it, your first step is to blot away the excess with a clean white cloth.  Next, with an absorbent cloth behind the stain, blot it with a water moistened towel.  Club soda, tide sticks or commercial coffee wipes also work. But, Sally advises to always be safe and test first on an underside seam.  It’s also very important to NEVER rub vigorously (even if the package says so) because you could rub the finish off leaving a dull spot on the dress that cannot be repaired.

The Association of Wedding Dress Specialists is the specialist recommended by  We’ve personally met many of their members and know they provide a beloved, and delicate, wedding dress the expert care it requires.  The Association is currently offering users a $35 coupon for wedding dress cleaning and care.  Use the discount for alterations, pressing, cleaning or preservation.  Whatever your beautiful dress needs.  You can register for the coupon here.  And then rest assured that your gown will be cleaned by the industry’s best.





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Save $35 On Expert Wedding Gown Cleaning!

YSA Makino Custom |

Nothing can compare to how you feel in your wedding dress.  Beautiful. Special. Loved.  It’s a once in a lifetime garment worn 1bon one of your most special days. And it needs expert care right after your wedding.

Wedding dress cleaning is recommended as soon as possible after your Big Day.  That way invisible stains (think sugar and sweat) can be removed before they have a chance to damage your gown’s delicate fabric. Additionally any minor repairs can be done before your dress is carefully preserved, or readied for sale to another happy bride. recommends the experts at The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  Their members, who are located in more than 500 cities worldwide, clean gowns with standard museum-quality practices.  In fact, over seventy wedding gown designers recommend their expert care.

The Association’s giving users a $35 coupon towards wedding dress cleaning and care.  Register here for a coupon valid until December 31, 2015.  Why trust your beautiful wedding gown to anyone else?





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Chicago’s Charming Wedding Boutique

Magnificent Milestones and Smitten Boutique are a wedding consultancy, wedding boutique and invitation source all rolled into one charming package.

At Smitten Boutique, you can find amazing and unique gifts like these:

Smitten Boutique

And you can also find wedding invitations from Cranes, Kate Spade, William Arthur and Vera Wang…to name just a few.

Magnificent Milestones offers wedding and event consulting and created this beautiful wedding that was held last October at Prairie Productions in Chicago’s West Loop.

Magnificient Milestones

Flowers by Natalie & Vita from Hello Darling. Cuisine by Food for Thought.  Photography by Michael Roberts.

If you are lucky enough to be nearby their West Madison Street location, stop in and see what they have to offer.  Mention and get a 10% discount on purchases.

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