Sell Your Bridesmaid Dresses For Free!

Have a bridesmaid dress you’ll never wear again?  We thought so.   And we can help!

Sell Your Bridesmaid Dress

From now until September 15th, sell your bridesmaid dresses with us – completely free. Sell without a listing fee, and as always on, no commission.  Just post. Connect.  Sell.  It’s that easy.

Use code”Bridesmaid” at checkout and your listing will be posted at no charge.  Have 10 old bridesmaids dresses?  Sell them all. There’s no limit to the number of dresses you can list.

We love connecting buyers and sellers of wedding dresses and bridal party gowns.  It’s great to let another dress be loved again.  (Not spend a lifetime in a closet).

Want to list your bridesmaid gowns? Start here, use the code “Bridesmaid” before September 15, and get ready to recoup some cash!


Tell us what you think!  Take our bridesmaid dress survey.


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6 Responses to Sell Your Bridesmaid Dresses For Free!

  1. Gretta says:

    Brand: pronovias
    Model: Drums with over skirt
    Year: 2018
    Size : medium (38/40)

  2. Beautiful collection… very well put dear 🙂 TextileCatalog

  3. Hatkay says:

    This site is giving many important points for brides thank you for sharing it…..

  4. Hatkay says:

    Hi admin! I love your blog simply awesome to read thank you for sharing it…..

  5. salwars says:

    This is wonderful idea, most of the time bridesmaid dresses are one time wear. Such type of act can help everyone to sell.

  6. Inddus says:

    Simply loving blog, Thank you admin for sharing this awesome article with us.