Let Us Eat Cake!

A wedding cake can cost anywhere from $1 to $20 per slice!  The more detail, labor and decoration that goes into your cake, the more it will cost.

A great way to save on your wedding cost (without looking like it) is to either order enough cake for only 75% of your guests (because so many people don’t actually eat the cake), or order enough cake for 50% of your guest and ask that half servings be plated and served.  A third option is to order a smaller cake (one that would serve 30-50% of your guests) for the cutting, and have the rest of the servings cut from a kitchen sheet cake.

With any of these options, you can still get an amazing cake,  but not break the budget.  (Now to get your mouth watering…)

Ron Ben Isreal Wedding Cake Cake Odyssey Wedding Cake

Cake Odyssey Wedding Cake Cake Odyssey Wedding Cake

Cake Odyssey Wedding Cake Cake Odyssey Wedding Cake

Cake 1: Ron Ben Isreal (photo by Michael Grand).  All other cakes by Toronto’s Cake Odyssey.
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4 Responses to Let Us Eat Cake!

  1. samantha says:

    i love the all white/ivory one!

  2. Fondant Icing Tools says:

    I really liked your blog article with the cake decorating! I’ve bookmarked it.

  3. Lisa Frankel says:

    My wedding sixteen years ago was at Christmastime and I had a fantastic cake decorated with marzipan holly. It was a little expensive and we had to try to cut the cost. We finally decided to serve wedding cake as dessert(skipping the dessert as part of the meal) and save money that way. Everyone actually ate the cake and I was spared the sight of seeing my beautiful cake shoved into those sad little cake bags and left on the tables at the end of the evening! We saved money and I got the beautiful cake that I wanted!

  4. Crystal says:

    I found the best and cheapest wedding cakes are the “cascading” kind. I have 3 cakes, different sizes, sitting on three tiers. Since they are not “tiered” on top of each other, the cost is the same as a single layer cake.