Groom’s Crew: Great Ways to Ask Groomsmen to the Wedding Party

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Asking the gents to be a part of the wedding party is a great excuse for the groom to get involved. Here are some ideas to get the one-time wingmen to accompany the groom down the aisle on one of the most important days of his life.

Ask the Groomsmen |

Fill out the bar with a bottle of something good and gift it with these printable chalkboard labels. We suggest botanical bitters for the perfect cocktail or a bottle of his favorite scotch.

Ask the Groomsmen |

Punny men will like this polite request the groom must ask. A crafty project for the groom-to-be to take on including a flask, cake pops and more. Instructions at Elizabeth Doodah.

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“POP” the question with gourmet popcorn perfect for that amazing home theatre set-up he has and a include copy of a classic groomsman comedy, like The Hangover.

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Cigars are a popular gift, and not only are these a stylish way to present them to the groomsmen, it’s a pretty simple DIY project, too. Photo + Design: Corinne Alexandra

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Another cigar-centric gift, this DIY project is a great one for the guys, including a list of the tasks expected of a groomsman and details on the wedding day. Instructions and project designed by Saffron Avenue. Photos: Photographs By Jenna Leigh

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Ask in a casual way, with beers around the BBQ. Add these custom labels (self adhesive!) and the bottle will do the talking for you. (Also available for Fireball, tequila and more.)

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Black tie, cigar and bourbon…what more do you need to pop the question? Learn more about this simple DIY project from The Blissful Brunette.

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These are actually FBI-inspired wedding invitations, but these “secret files” would make great groomsmen request cards with a gift.

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4 Responses to Groom’s Crew: Great Ways to Ask Groomsmen to the Wedding Party

  1. Angela says:

    Awe, thank for including my little Groomsman Boxes! And love seeing this on I just go my dress from here 🙂

  2. Voyteck says:

    absolutely awesome gifts!

  3. Liam Smith says:

    cigars is a great shout, often guests are looking for them behind the bar on a wedding day anyway