Can You Wear A Bridesmaid Dress Again?


Can you wear a bridesmaid dress again?  According to a new survey, more bridesmaids than ever are answering yes.

In August 2018, conducted a survey and found that 36% of bridesmaids said all of their dresses could be worn again.  While 30% said none of their gowns could be worn again.

When it comes to the dress itself, bridesmaids prefer mix and match styles over anything else.  And they think $100-$200 is the fairest amount to ask her to pay for her dress.

After the wedding?  Forty-seven percent of bridesmaids say they will keep the dress, with 23% saying they will sell it.

A whopping 87.25% of bridesmaids say they would definitely/maybe buy a used bridesmaid dress, making resale a smart option for any bridesmaid who doesn’t want to keep her dress.

To help those wanting to sell, is offering free bridesmaid listings until September 15th.  Pay zero listing fee, and as always on, no commission on the sale.  Use code “bridesmaids” at checkout to redeem the savings and get started here.

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6 Trends From Fall 2018 Bridal Week That You Can Shop Right Now

Want to know the hottest trends coming off of the Fall 2018 bridal runways? You can find them right here.  And the best news is that you can get these looks right now. At a fraction of the retail price.

Big and bold or simple and sweet, bows add a beautiful touch to your wedding dress.  Accenting the shoulder or adding drama to your dress back, there are so many options when it comes to this trend.

JCrew wedding dress for saleaustin scarlett wedding dress for saleines di santo wedding dress for sale
Shop all wedding dresses with Bows

After years of the sexy, revealing silhouettes, this classic look is making a big comeback.  Channel your inner princess with this romantic and quintessentially bridal style.

hayley paige wedding dress for saleYSA Makino wedding dress for saleWtoo wedding dress for sale

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Hello modern bride.  Pants on your wedding day stand out and make a statement.  If you’re craving a look that is unique and yours alone, pants just may be your perfect choice.

alfred angelo wedding pants for saleangel sanchez wedding pantsuit& for love wedding pantsuit

Shop all Pants

Whether you want a bright bold hue or a barely there shade of blush, there are so many pink bridal options to choose from. Pink made its wedding debut several years ago, but this season proves this trend is as strong as ever.

maggie sottero wedding dress for saleessense of australia wedding dress for salebhldn wedding dress for sale

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City Hall Style
Looking to skip the fuss but still wear a wedding dress that makes you feel like one in a million? A simpler, but still sophisticated City Hall style gown may be just what you are looking for.  Dress. Bouquet. Groom.  Wedding planning done.

Oleg cassini wedding dress for saleJCrew wedding dress for salewatters wedding dress for sale

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Sleeves are a great way to add style to your wedding gown.  Long, lace, sheer, split, or bell, sleeves are versatile and oh-so-pretty.

inbal dror wedding dress for salemori lee wedding dress for salegalia lahav wedding dress for sale

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Coffee Stains | Wedding Dress Emergencies And How To Deal With Them

Coffee Stains on your wedding dress

Every day needs a little coffee in it. Even your wedding day.  But if you accidentally get a drop of java on your gown, knowing what to do will be the difference between being panicked and being prepared.

Coffee Stains on your wedding dress

Sally Conant is a former museum professional and a PhD (Hint, she really knows her stuff when it comes to stains and cleaning).  She’s also the President of the Association of Wedding Gowns Specialists. A network of specialty cleaners that offers industry leading wedding dress cleaning and care.

A coffee stain, Sally explains, is a wetside stain, meaning it is water based.  To remove it, your first step is to blot away the excess with a clean white cloth.  Next, with an absorbent cloth behind the stain, blot it with a water moistened towel.  Club soda, tide sticks or commercial coffee wipes also work. But, Sally advises to always be safe and test first on an underside seam.  It’s also very important to NEVER rub vigorously (even if the package says so) because you could rub the finish off leaving a dull spot on the dress that cannot be repaired.

The Association of Wedding Dress Specialists is the specialist recommended by  We’ve personally met many of their members and know they provide a beloved, and delicate, wedding dress the expert care it requires.  The Association is currently offering users a $35 coupon for wedding dress cleaning and care.  Use the discount for alterations, pressing, cleaning or preservation.  Whatever your beautiful dress needs.  You can register for the coupon here.  And then rest assured that your gown will be cleaned by the industry’s best.





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Lipstick Stains | Wedding Dress Emergencies (And How To Deal With Them)

lipstick stains on your wedding dress

Imagine you’re 20 minutes from the start of your wedding and as you slip your dress on, you accidentally get lipstick on it.  Being prepared can be the difference between calm and panic.

lipstick stains on your wedding dress

Your first step, advises Sally Conant from the Association of Wedding Dress Specialists is do not rub.  Rubbing the stain will only drive it further into the delicate fabric of your gown.  Instead, use a knife or other hard edge surface to scrape some of it off.  Then grab a white towel and blot as much as the remaining stain as possible.

If your gown is silk.  Stop there.  Using water, detergent or any other solvent will likely leave a ring and make a new stain that is worse than before. Instead, mask the stain with baby powder or cornstarch.  Chances are your guests won’t notice a thing.

If your gown isn’t silk and you are determined to try and remove the stain, always test first on an inside seam to be sure you won’t pull the color or damage the fabric in any way.

Sally recommends choosing a dryside (not water-based) solvent that will dissolve grease. Janie Stick Spot remover, Tide Sticks or even baby wipes are all options. You’ll want to put put a towel or absorbent cloth behind the stain, saturate another with the solvent, and dab gently. Remember, never rub! If you do, you can rub away the fabric finish leaving you with a dull spot that can’t ever be repaired.

After your wedding is over, you’ll want to have your dress cleaned by a specialist who is an expert in wedding gown care.  We love the Association of Wedding Gown specialists and know first hand about their superior level of care and expertise.  The Association has over 500 members locations available worldwide and courier service if there isn’t a member near you. (Find your closest location here).

To celebrate the start of wedding season, the Association is offering users a $35 discount toward wedding dress care (alterations, pressing, cleaning and preservation).  You can request your coupon here.  There’s no better way to care for your dress than by using an industry recommended expert. And after all, doesn’t your beloved dress deserve it?

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