The Expertise Of The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

Untitled-3We love everything about wedding dresses!  And we know that they need expert care when being cleaned and preserved in order to maintain their true beauty.  That’s why we recommend the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Their members (located worldwide) are trained to handle even the most intricately designed wedding dresses and their careful procedures provides your beloved gown with the attention it needs – and deserves!

When caring for a wedding dress, Association members follow a meticulous process:

Free Consultation
Take your gown to any Association member and they’ll give you a free consultation on what’s needed to clean, preserve and (if necessary) repair your gown.  They’ll answer any and all questions you have about your dress.

Each gown is carefully inspected by a trained expert to find any damaged threads or loose beading. Then the gown goes through a series of black light test to detect any invisible or obscure stains.

Hand Cleaning
Each wedding dress is hand treated and individually cleaned.  Every precaution is taken to ensure delicate beading, lace and embroidery is protected during the process. Association members know that different fibers need different chemicals and procedures and that not all stains can be treated the same.  Association members even know how to view stains under magnification to see how deeply the stain is embedded or whether the fiber under the stain is damaged.

Personal inspection 
If your gown is being preserved, you can personally view and inspect it before it is carefully layered, folded and stored into an acid free archival-quality wedding chest to protect to from exposure to light and air. Untitled-2

It’s always easier to remove a stain soon after wear, so if you’ve just said your I Do’s, it’s smart to have your dress cleaned within a few weeks.

Right now, the Association is offering a $35 savings on all of their cleaning and care (valid through 2017!)  Get it here!

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Five Reasons To Choose The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists For Gown Care

Nervous about selecting a wedding dress cleaner for your beloved gown?  Don’t be. The Association of Wedding Dress Specialists will give your gown the care it needs to achieve its highest resale value, or to be cleaned and preserved for a future daughter to love.  1

Want to know why we recommend them so highly?  Here are our 5 top reasons:

They are true experts
An Association member will clean your gown to standard museum-quality practices.  They’ll also give you a free consultation on your gown and advice on cleaning both visible and invisible stains.

They’re industry recognized
More than 70 different designers sew Association of Wedding Gown Specialists care instructions into their wedding gowns.  See the full list of designer who recommend the Association here.

They’ve been awarded in blind testing
National Bridal Service did blind testing of four national preservation companies and proved that the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists preservation was the cleanest, provided the safest packaging, and offered the most comprehensive guarantee. See the full results here.

They’re eco-friendly
Through a donation to, the Association offsets all carbon emissions resulting from cleaning and preserving your gown.  (Even including your travel to the Specialist near you!)

They offer a written guarantee
Each member of the Association honors the written guarantee of other members. So you can bring your wedding gown preservation to any member to have your gown inspected and pressed at no charge.

And, as if you needed any more reasons, The Association is currently offering users a $35 discount on all cleaning, alteration and pressing services.  Register for the discount here.  And feel confident that your gown is in expert hands!



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Why Smart Brides Find Their Dress Cleaner Before The Wedding

When’s the best time to clean your wedding dress?  Right after your wedding.  That’s when obvious stains like red wine and lipstick have the best chance of being removed.  And invisible stains (like sweat and champagne) can be discovered and dealt with.

Studies have been done that show the success rate for stain removal is almost 100% (!) if attempted within 24 hours and decreases from there. That’s because natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and linen are hollow.  And when stains penetrate the fibers, they actually dye them.


Ever wonder why red lipstick and red wine are so difficult to remove?  They literally bond with the fiber.  It can be difficult to remove stains from artificial fibers, too, if they are left untreated.

Another factor is oxidation.  Just as metal changes color with age, fabric yellows over time. If stains are left untreated on a gown that oxidizes, when they are removed, your gown will show white spots where there was oxidation. Yikes.

Vera Wang Katherine |

The best plan is to have your gown cleaner identified before your wedding date.  And if you dress has major damage (like a dreaded red wine spill), one of your besties can rush it there immediately after your big day.  Otherwise, you’ll want to take it to your specialist within 1-2 weeks of your wedding (giving you a bit more time to admire it after you become a Mrs).

1e recommends the experts at the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  With over 500 locations worldwide, there’s likely a trusted specialist near you. (And available courier service if not).

An Association of Wedding Gown Specialist member will clean your wedding gown according to standard museum-quality practices and prepare it for resale, or preserve it for a lifetime. users can save $35 on this award winning cleaning by registering here.  What are you waiting for?  Your beautiful dress will thank you.





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5 Reasons Not To Rent Your Wedding Gown

Thinking of saving on wedding costs by renting your dress?  Think again.  Buying your wedding gown PreOwned might be the less expensive option.  Not to mention other important reasons why renting just isn’t right for your wedding dress.


(left) Maggie Sottero Maura | PreOwned Price: $645 (resale value: $320), Rental Price: $630
(center) Monique Lhuillier BL1102 | PreOwned Price: $1,500 (resale value: $750), Rental Price: $1,100
(right) Lazaro 3750 | PreOwned Price: $1,800 (resale value $900)  Rental Price: $1,500


1. Buying PreOwned Can Cost Less
It sounds counter intuitive, but buying can actually save you more in the long run. We compared the rental cost of several wedding dresses and found them to be within a few hundred dollars (and sometimes more!) than their PreOwned counterparts.  Factor in resale value and you’ll come out ahead purchasing PreOwned.


2. Buying Gives You (Way) More Choice
Choose the dress you really want. Not just what’s available.  After all, it’s your wedding dress – one of the most special gowns you’ll ever wear. currently has over 16,000 wedding gowns for sale at $1,500 or less.  Compare that with about 100 available at a typical rental salon and the choice is obvious.


3. It’s the Only Way To Get A Perfect Fit
The key to making any wedding dress look amazing is the fit.  And this almost always requires alterations – which aren’t typically allowed in rental gowns. This means a rental wedding dress won’t look as gorgeous as it could.  And that alone is reason not to rent.


4. Worry (As In, You Don’t Have To)
Normal wear is expected (and covered) under standard wedding dress rental agreements, but major damage isn’t.  So if you rent, you be subconsciously worrying all night about a glass of red wine getting a little too close, or Uncle Bob stepping on your train.  If you own your dress, you won’t have to give it a second though – even while dancing with Uncle Bob.


5. Admire Your Dress.  Well Before The Wedding.
Rental dresses typically arrive 2-3 days before your event. That’s hardly enough time to get excited.  And definitely not enough time for a good stare-fest or another quick peek with mom.  When you buy, the dress will be in yours…and be available to view at a moment’s notice.


(left) Modern Trousseau Monroe | PreOwned Price: $899 (resale value: $499), Rental Price: $895
(center) David’s Bridal VW9768 PreOwned Price: $270 (resale value: $135), Rental Price: $400
(right) Allure 9059 | PreOwned Price: $500 (resale value after $250), Rental Price: $440

So leave renting to his tux, and buy the dress of your dreams PreOwned instead.

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