Five Tips to Help You Sell Your Wedding Dress. Fast.

Modern brides know that selling their wedding dress is better than keeping it.  Not only do they get back 50% (or more!) of what they paid, they know another bride can love their beautiful dress again.  If you’re considering selling your wedding dress, here are 5 tips to get it sold. Fast.

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1) Price It Right
Online brides do their research and know a good and great deal when they see one.  Use our Wedding Dress Value Calculator to get an estimate for your gown’s worth and then set your price accordingly.

2) Let The Pictures Do The Talking
There’s a reason people love to look at wedding dresses  – they’re gorgeous!  Show the beauty of your dress with great photos. Select images that show the front, back and any detail and any others that help tell the “story” of your dress.

3) It’s All In The Details
Of course you know everything about your wedding dress, but buyers may not. Take the time to add rich detail to your listing. Describe the designer and the dress itself (the fit, the fabric, the embellishments etc).  For dress descriptions, more is definitely better than less.

4) Be Social
Once you’ve listed your dress, share it socially.  Use your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or whatever social channels you use to let your circles know your amazing dress is available.  You never know which friend of a friend would love to own it next.

5) Safety First
Selling a wedding dress online, bride to bride, can be safe and easy when you use a protected payment method.  Only sell your dress using paypal or and you’ll have a smooth sale.

Vera Wang Hayley for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comLazaro 3100 for sale on

Want to get started selling your wedding dress?  You can have a listing online in as little as 10 minutes. And with, there’s never a commission on the sale.  What are you waiting for?

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How To Sell Your Wedding Dress Online

Will you sell your wedding dress?  If you are like 85% of brides today, you’re considering the option.

Many modern brides are opting to sell their wedding gowns – and not just for the money.  Today’s bride wants her dress to be loved again and to help make another bride’s dress dream come true.

Monique Lhuillier GraceHayley Paige Leighton on
Left: Monique Lhuillier Grace, Save 55% | Right: Hayley Paige Leighton, Save 48% been helping brides share their beloved gowns with future brides since 2004.  And if you’re considering selling your wedding dress online, here are 5 tips to help you sell it quickly and easily.

1) Great Pictures Tell The Dress Story
A picture is worth 1000 words.  And in the case of a wedding dress, maybe even more.  Use great images to showcase your beautiful gown. Include pics of the front, back and any detail. And it’s always better to show photos of the dress on a person instead of a hanger. (And one more great excuse to showcase your wedding photos).

2) It’s All In the Details
Imagine you are selling your dress to a bride unfamiliar with the gown or the designer.  Describe everything about the gown including the fabric, the cut and the details of the gown.  And be sure to mention all alterations, cleaning and any imperfections with the dress.

3) Price It To Sell
Many factors influence the price of a wedding dress: the designer, the age, the condition, if it has been worn, and if it has been cleaned.  Want to find out what your gown is worth? Try our Wedding Dress Value Calculator to instantly get an estimated value.

4) Use Your Network
Quickly get extra exposure for your dress by sharing it with your social networks.  You never know which friend of a friend has been looking for your exact gown. Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are great ways to let them know your beautiful gown is now for sale.

5) Sell Safely
You can sell your wedding dress online with confidence when you use a secure payment method.  We recommend either Paypal or – both offer buyer and seller protection to keep your transaction smooth, safe and hassle free. (Read more about the protections).

Here’s to selling and making another bride as happy as you were with your gown!




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Selling Your Used Wedding Dress: The Importance of Pricing It Right

Traditional wedding season has drawn to a close.  And now many modern brides are considering selling their wedding dresses instead of storing and preserving them.  If you’re considering selling, remember that pricing your dress right is the key to a faster sale.

reem acra wedding dress -

Three things factor heavily into the online sale of a wedding dress: 1) the pictures 2) the description 3) the price.  Having a fair market price will attract more buyers, more quickly.

Typically, used wedding dresses that are 2.5 years old or less (from the time of purchase) are worth 50% of the retail price. (Not including sales taxes, alterations or customization). Gowns of that age from designers like Vera Wang, Monique Lhuillier, Claire Pettibone, Jenny Packham, Inbal Dror and other luxury designers can fetch a slightly higher return – usually around 60% of the retail price.

If you are looking for a fast sale, stick to those pricing guidelines. If your dress is older, is in less than perfect condition or hasn’t yet been cleaned, consider further discounts in accordance with the age or imperfection.  Use our Wedding Dress Value Calculator to get an estimate of your dress’ worth.  Then create a listing to sell your wedding dress and save it from a lifetime in the closet!



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The Importance of Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding is one of the most special and fun days of your life.  After your big day is over, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is having your dress cleaned.  But you should.

The sooner you have your dress cleaned, the better condition it will be in (and the higher the value will be if you decide to sell your wedding dress).  After wearing it, your gown might have noticeable dirt on the hemline but it could also have “invisible” stains like sweat, which aren’t noticeable but can do damage to your gown if not treated. recommends the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists for wedding dress cleaning.  They are a network of experts who will clean your dress to museum quality standards.  And their over 500 member locations offer a written guarantee on their work so you can have your gown cleaned with confidence.

You can find Association of Wedding Gown Specialists locations here (but don’t worry, they even offer courier service if there’s not one near you).  And for a limited time, we’re offering our Facebook Fans a $25 coupon on a cleaning with an Association member.  Get yours here.

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