Kamani + Jim | Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Marta Szczesniak

This pretty wedding will definitely make you smile.  Kamani and Jim treated their guests to a memorable destination wedding in beautiful Nice, France. The indulgent and amazing week was capped with their intimate ceremony at a gorgeous chateau.  Completing the fairy tale story is Kamani’s dress search which is as romantic and perfect as the entire event. Enjoy!

Kamani + Jim | June 23, 2016 | Nice, France

MART8733MART8745MART8816MART8717 MART8862MART8888 MART8934

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was officiated by a local Scottish pastor dressed in authentic Scottish kilt attire.  It took place on the terrace of a French chateau turned winery and is inspiration to Coco Chanel’s renowned logo.  Perched atop a French mountainside, our 50 guests had sweeping views of the French Riviera.  Guests who traveled from all over the US and UK were spoiled to a weeklong schedule of events that included coastal day trips to Monaco in a champagne laced limo bus and Champagne brunch in a private garden in the famous Villa de Ephrussi de Rothschild.  The event has since been dubbed by our guests as “The Best Wedding Ever”.


The Reception
Our garden cocktail reception featured a live cooking show of foie gras and fresh sushi, paired with local French Rose champagne and a buffet of French cheeses.  Our guests toured the wine cellars and vineyards while being served hors d’oeuvres and overlooking the pink & gold sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.  Our dinner reception in the Salon Antoine Mari was fitting of the ‘Marie Antoinette’ vintage theme and featured local Nicoise infused aperitifs and cuisine.  The vineyard’s recent production of Chateau de Cremat red, white and rose wines decorated the candlelit tables.  The lavender laced wedding cake and French pastries complimented the entire French Riviera wedding experience where I danced in my red bottoms until 3am.  

MART0017MART0021MART9856 MART9999MART0023Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Marta SzczesniakMART0136MART0210MART0294MART0345MART9927MART9853

Kamani’s Wedding Dress Search
I traveled to Washington DC with my bridesmaid to attend a trunk show for Hayley Paige.  I tried on 6 different designs and although they were beautiful and within my budget, it just didn’t feel perfect.  Then I made an appointment for a local bridal store in Fort Lauderdale where I tried on 3 Sophia Tolli dresses and was very keen on 1 particular design but I was stuck on Hayley Paige.  So I made another appointment for another bridal store in Boca Raton and tried on 3 more Hayley Paige designs, not completely pleased with any.  There happened to be a rose champagne color dress featured on mannequin that my bridesmaids and I complimented every time we walked past, but it was not the whimsical look I was going for.  It was more of a ball gown and my maid of honor reminded me that I was getting married in a French castle so why shouldn’t I look like a princess.  So I tried on the Romona Keveza Spring 2016 design it felt so much lighter and fit perfectly.  When I came out of the fitting room, it brought my guests to tears and I looked in the mirror and knew at the moment, I found THE dress!  I didn’t choose the dress.  It chose me!  It was waiting for me the whole time and it absolutely made me feel like royalty.

MART8927 MART9706MART9816 MART9465

How She Felt In Her Romona Keveza
Regal, Glamorous and Skinny LOL

MART9679 MART9393

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I looked for a used wedding dress for this design and because it’s from her Spring 2016 collection, I couldn’t find any.  I know someone looking to feel like a skinny princess on her wedding day will appreciate a newly released design that was well altered and enjoyed!  (That and we need to pay off a huge wedding & honeymoon debt!)


Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza | Photography: Marta SzczesniakVenue:  Chateau de Cremat | Floral Design: L’Art Des Fleurs | Caterer:  Groupe Pavillon | Makeup Artist:  Olga Stylist | Officiant – Pastor Peter Madan 

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Hind + Tess | Maggie Sottero Real Wedding From Haley Richter Photography

Hind + Tess | October 8, 2015 | Merion, Pennsylvania

Today’s beautiful bride, Hind, is Muslim and Arab. Following tradition, her wedding to Tess was held months before the reception celebration.  They were married at the groom’s house with only family and close friends in attendance.  Then, as a married couple, planned their wedding celebration.

And what a celebration it was!  Their grand event was held at castle like venue befitting their royal theme. Gold decor, beautiful tables and sumptuous food made it an affair to remember.  It’s no wonder Hind knew her dress the moment she tried it on, her stunning Maggie Sottero Hannah was the perfect choice for this stately event.

Wedding Photos-0017 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-035Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-127Wedding Photos-0091Wedding Photos-0104Wedding Photos-0164Wedding Photos-0168Wedding Photos-0166Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-241Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-478Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-477Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-236

The Reception
It was a formal event with a royal theme, as the venue looked like a gothic castle. There were lots of gold and rustic feels. The wedding was almost entirely DIY and the reception including traditional dancing, sword cutting the cake, farewell wave from balcony and a sparkler exit. 

Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-013Maggie Sottero Real Wedding From Haley Richter Photography Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-029    Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-039 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-042Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-518Wedding Photos-0525Wedding Photos-0609Wedding Photos-0604Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-716Wedding Photos-0607Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-894 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-896Wedding Photos-0870Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-898 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-913Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-938 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-940 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-941 Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-971Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-974Hind_Tess_2016_Edits-976Wedding Photos-0692Wedding Photos-0882 Wedding Photos-0884 Wedding Photos-0896 Wedding Photos-0898 Wedding Photos-0920 Wedding Photos-0924 Wedding Photos-0933 Wedding Photos-0940 Wedding Photos-0973 Wedding Photos-0987

Hind’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about 10 dresses before I put on my final dress, Which I chose.  I chose my dress because it was the closest dress to what I had originally envisioned. It was not pure white, it was a dramatic A-line/Ball gown, and had gorgeous detailing. All the other  dresses, despite being cheaper than my dress, were all missing at least one of the things I had envisioned. I fell in love with my dress as soon as I put it on. 

Wedding Photos-0268 Wedding Photos-0204Wedding Photos-0151 Wedding Photos-0150

How She Felt In Her Maggie Sottero Gown
Royal, Beautiful, and Elegant

Wedding Photos-0370 Wedding Photos-0208

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I will never wear my wedding dress again. It is amazing and every time I look at it again it takes my breath away. But I will never wear it again. And I spent a lot of money on it. I would like to get some return and let someone else feel and look beautiful as well. 

Wedding Photos-0297Wedding Photos-0463


Wedding Dress: Maggie Sottero | Photography: Haley Richter Photography  | Venue: Merion Tribute House | Event Planning, Florals + Cake: Bride and family friend

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Bret + Eric |Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From David Roth Photography

If you are looking for elegant inspiration for your black tie wedding, this New York affair is it. Complete with dazzling florals, gorgeous tables and beautiful details, this wedding is a bride’s dream come true.  You’ll love Bret’s pretty Monique Lhuillier Belle.  It’s Chantilly lace, sweetheart neckline and layered peplum skirt make it the perfect gown for this grand event.

Bret + Eric | June 26, 2016 | New York, New York

BSE0104 1BSE0122BSE0120BSE0209-2 BSE0247-2BSE0234-2BSE0274-2 1BSE0323-2BSE0345-2 BSE0352-2BSE0367-2

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was simple, elegant and modern.  Our chuppah was adorned with orchids and provided a 360 degree view for our guests.  At the end of the ceremony, we surprised our guests with a performance from the Vy Higginsen Gospel Choir.


The Reception
Following the white and silver color palette, the tables we adorned with chandeliers and orchids. The escort table greeted guests with orchids and doves.

BSE0477-2BSE0470-2 BSE0484-2BSE0488-2       BSE1708    BSE1713

BSE1689BSE1721 BSE1720BSE1248    BSE1458BSE1463         BSE1630BSE1740BSE1757BSE1914BSE2005BSE2163BSE1686BSE2259BSE2284BSE2099

Bret’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on 10 gowns. The fit and style of my Monique Lhuillier was so beautiful I had to get it.  

BSE0469-2 BSE0490-2

How She Felt In Her Monique Lhuillier Belle
Beautiful, Joyously Comfortable and Bridal.

BSE0515-2 1

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
No room in closet!

BSE0793BSE0813Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From David Roth Photography | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com

Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier Belle | Photography: David Roth Photography  |Invitations:Joan Bardin Invitations | Venue: The Park Hyatt New York   | Band: Starlight Orchestras | Caterer: Newman & Leventhal Caterers | Event Planning + Floral Design:  Lawrence Scott Events | Cake: Fun Cakes

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Marya + Charles | Fiore Couture Real Wedding From Henry Chen

This California wedding was made extra special by the participation of the couple’s two young sons. Adorably bearing wedding signs at the ceremony and later covering their eyes when their parents kissed, they brought the charm of family and children to this pretty wedding. You can feel the family happiness everywhere at this event – making the celebration even sweeter.

Marya + Charles | July 9, 2016 | Laguna Beach, California

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00132016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0004 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00182016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00532016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0051` 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00422016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00202016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_01252016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_01782016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0120 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00622016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03972016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04572016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_01392016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_01402016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_01492016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0153 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0154

The Ceremony
It was small and intimate, beachy and romantic. Ou officiant was funny (he is a comedian also by trade as well as an Officiant on the side).  He cracked jokes about this is the “last time Charles will ever be right again”.  And how we have to repeat after him to “vow to immediately update our Facebook status”.  Our ceremony was lighthearted and family oriented as well since our two young sons were in it. 

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00312016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02502016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02542016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02562016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02572016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02622016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0268 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02752016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02892016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_02922016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03182016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03232016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03432016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0374 - Copy 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_03552016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0390

The Reception
It was lively and fun, lots of dancing, the kids were stripping haha (my kids love to run around without their clothes on at home so they ended up stripping down to their skivvies it was so hot!)

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_00892016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04832016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04722016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_04982016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0502   2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_05192016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06012016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0636 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06432016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06462016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0647 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06502016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06542016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06692016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_06042016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0615

Marya’s Dress Search
I tried on maybe 20 dresses. I ended up with  a custom dress I combined what I liked from a couple different dresses from the same designer (Fiore Couture).  I picked the top half of one dress but the bottom half of the other.  I loved the intricate elaborate beading of the one, but the soft, flowy, swirly-ness of the bottom of the other (it looked like frosting).  Especially when it moves.

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0163 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0166

How She Felt In Her Fiore Couture Gown
Amazing!  Beautiful!  Show-stopping!

2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0429 2016_07_09_Wedding_Piecukonis_0527 - Copy

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’m done having kids (and I have 2 boys) so didn’t feel there was anyone to pass it along to.


Wedding Dress: Fiore Couture | Photography: Henry Chen, Aevitas Weddings | Venue: Seven4One | Floral Design: 1-800-ROSE BIG | Cake:  Sweet Traders

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