Alyssa + Pat | Yaki Ravid Real Wedding From Enzo Campitelli

Wanting to host an intimate and meaningful celebration, Alyssa and Pat held their wedding in picturesque Positano.  With only their immediate families in attendance, they spent a week at a beautiful villa then ended the trip with their marriage.  The backdrop is breaktaking, Alyssa’s Yaki Ravid is gorgeous and sensual, and their wedding was exactly as they envisioned.  If you’re planning a destination wedding, this inspiration is not to be missed.

Alyssa + Pat | August 10, 2015 |  Positano, Italy

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The Ceremony
It was really important for us that our wedding was small and intimate. Too often, I feel weddings become about the guests, about a party, and less about the couple and a celebration of the marriage. Therefore our ceremony and reception only had 9 people, including us! Our families flew out to Positano, Italy for the week to stay at Villa Oliviero, which is also where the wedding was held. The villa has three balconies that overlook the beach and the town of Positano. The ceremony took place on the highest balcony at dusk. We wanted to just focus on the natural beauty and not detract with lots of décor, so we had flower petals on the ground, candles, and a small table with more flowers. The ceremony was non denominational and we exchanged our own vows. My husband’s vows were incredible, and left me wiping away tears!


 The Reception
The reception started with drinks and a table of cheese and meat platters. We then moved to one long dinner table, where we had a formal sit down dinner. My favorite flower is orchids, so we used orchids, hydrangeas, roses, candles, and mirrors to decorate the dining space. Unfortunately, it started to rain so we had to cover the terrace, otherwise the terrace had a lovely ivy overgrowth. After that we moved to another lounge area with more candles and flowers to have some drinks, and cut the cake! The cake was a limoncello cake filled with limoncello and marscapone cream and jam, topped with berries. The Campania area of Italy is known for their limoncello, so we wanted to use ingredients and flavors that were local. It was delicious!

2015-08-10__20-23-14__IMG_717712002529_10153621632628948_371609732299730414_o12080275_10153621634798948_8391318820209514476_o2015-08-10__19-25-08__IMG_6321 2015-08-10__19-25-15__IMG_632512002542_10153621656788948_8850594322257420003_o12045481_10153621652733948_1890980676137212339_o12087681_10153621653143948_1445531417463117615_o12068453_10153621655543948_3785669826124640380_o12087301_10153621652738948_777783345327453058_o12028761_10153621652448948_8094748486922747035_o2015-08-10__23-01-18__367A5231 12052394_10153621657183948_6841560838463148805_o12030480_10153621657028948_3996625467400690693_o

Alyssa’s Wedding Dress Search
I only tried on 5 dresses! I first started off at a bridal boutique in Philadelphia that only sells Berta dresses. I wanted to try a few more, so I went to New York. When I saw my Yaki Ravid dress, I knew it was perfect! For me, the dress should not be a huge departure from your style or something you would normally wear. I love this dress because the lace and the beading is exquisite, the sleeves make it have a timeless and classic look, yet the sheer overlay and the plunging neckline make it just sexy enough. There were some changes I did make to the dress, including adding lace to the hips to make the dress have more of a flowy and curvy feel, as well as taking the dress in under the butt to add more curves.


How She Felt In Her Yaki Ravid Wedding Dress
Classy, beautiful, happy

12017710_10153621644893948_3841597302697865688_o 12052356_10153621644113948_2760500454495085074_o12052628_10153621643843948_1454723501313807065_o-1 12087092_10153621645733948_484342815598367448_o

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I LOVE this dress. Honestly, it is so beautiful in pictures and in person, but I will never wear it again. The dress is in perfect condition, and it’s very expensive new. Hopefully, someone else can get a beautiful day with this dress, but with the lower price tag!


Wedding Dress: Yaki Ravid | Photography: Enzo Campitelli | Venue:   Villa Oliviero |Event Planning:  Weddings Italy by Regency |Floral Design: Malafronte

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Allison + Ziggy | Vera Wang Real Wedding From Michael Bennett Kress Photography

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this.  Allison and Ziggy were high school sweethearts who went to separate colleges then started dating seriously again after graduation.  Their proposal was just as sweet with Ziggy inviting both families to be part of the celebration.

Their summer time wedding was a elegant black tie event.  A custom made dance floor, decadent table settings, lush florals,  and romantic candlelight created a truly magical effect.  And the couples radiant smiles the entire night showed their guests just how happy they truly were.

Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0273zigalws_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0282zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0463zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0532zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0793zigalpl_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0811zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0368zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0369zigalpl_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0370zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0376zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0408zigalpunch_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0378zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0648zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0651zigalR_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0404zigalR_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0424zigalsw_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0419zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0422zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0435zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0530zigalpl_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0492zigalR_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0866zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1137zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1153zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0930zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0939zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0963zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0967zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0974zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_0997zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1003zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1007zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1009zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1010zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1011zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1013zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1130zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1134zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1146zigalplcrop_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1157zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1208zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1221zigalmr2_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1202zigalmr2_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1126zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1213zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1168zigal_low  Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1172zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1177zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1178zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1183zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1167zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1187zigal_low  Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1188zigal_lowReines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1232zigalpl_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1252zigalws_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1256zigalmr2_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1258zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1262zigalmr_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1263zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1267zigal_low  Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1269zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1280zigal_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1401zigalmr_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1542zigalpl_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1632zigalws_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1856zigalws_low Reines_Zygielbaum_Michael_Bennett_Kress_Photography_1887zigalsw_low

Photographer:  Michael Bennett Kress Photography | Makeup Artist: Carl Ray | Floral Designer: Edge Floral Event Designers| Event Planner: Ellen Reines Events | Venue: Four Seasons  | Hair Stylist:Maggie Sprague | Design and Decor: Revolution Events | Cinema and Video: Suburban Video | Wedding Dress: Vera Wang

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Sakiko + Jeremy | Lazaro Vow Renewal From Chiharu Uchida Photography

Sakiko + Jeremy  | June 26, 2015 | Malibu, California

Sakiko and Jeremy eloped.  So on their first wedding anniversary, they had an intimate vow renewal to celebrate with family and friends. The beautiful ocean view venue was idyllic for both the ceremony and charming dinner hosted afterwards.  But we think what we love most is how Jeremy collected a flower from each guest that then became Sakiko’s bouquet. (Seriously, how amazing is that?)

7-IMG_458737-IMG_4574 36-IMG_456862-IMG_5122 1 78-IMG_5147 195-IMG_4690 77-IMG_5141 1315-IMG_498012-IMG_5066 1142-IMG_4736 146-IMG_4743134-IMG_5183 1 139-IMG_4731152-IMG_5198 1157-IMG_5203 1173-IMG_4771 160-IMG_4752 158-IMG_4749 174-IMG_4774181-IMG_5212 1183-IMG_5220 117-IMG_4600 324-IMG_5007306-IMG_4962302-IMG_4952 303-IMG_4955295-IMG_4939264-IMG_5268 1308-IMG_4966294-IMG_4938385-IMG_5084458-IMG_5459469-IMG_5475

Sakiko’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried over 10 dresses from casual boho dress to high end couture dress.  The dress from Lazaro I picked is very elegant and chic. That was exactly what I was looking for.

282-IMG_4916 275-IMG_4897

How She Felt In Her Lazaro
Elegant, chic, glamorous

615-IMG_5352 119-IMG_4719114-IMG_4710 113-IMG_4709

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I love my dress and almost don’t want to sell it, but it is too beautiful to stay in my closet.

118-IMG_4718 320-IMG_4994

Wedding Dress : Lazaro LZ3414 | Photography: Chiharu Uchida | Floral Design: Twig and Twine | Cake: West Kitchen

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Fernanda + Marcelo | Vera Wang Real Wedding From Polo Pompa Fotografía

Fernanda +  Marcelo | October 3, 2015 | Durango, Mexico

Wanting their guests to have the relaxed and welcoming experience of a destination wedding, Fernanda and Marcelo planned their nuptials in historic Durango, Mexico. Fernanda’s uncle owns a sprawling 1000 acre estate there, making it a natural choice for their big day.  They beautifully converted a garden courtyard into a tented reception space complete with a billowing tent, floral chandeliers and lighted dance floor. This wedding is definitely one that guests will remember for its warmth, happiness and fun!

PPF_0006 PPF_0012  PPF_0023  PPF_0033 PPF_0052  PPF_0061 PPF_0074  PPF_0129 PPF_0232PPF_0202

The Ceremony
Marcelo and I come from catholic families so we had a traditional catholic ceremony in Durango’s Cathedral. Afterwards we had the Civil Marriage ceremony at my uncle’s house, in the property where the reception took place. We only had family and close friends in this last part of the ceremony while the other guests arrived at the reception and had a few appetizers and cocktails.

PPF_0345 PPF_0348 PPF_0478 PPF_0482 PPF_0539 PPF_0607

The Reception:
We had an outdoor reception in a 1,000 acre property that one of my uncles was gracious enough to lend us. It has breathtaking views, a canyon, a water dam and stables. The stables have a big garden right in the middle and that is where we held the reception. We  framed a tent because it was raining season, lined the interior of it with draped fabric and hung chandeliers and flowers all over. The guests were surrounded by beautiful horses who stuck their heads out of their individual stables.

PPF_0743PPF_0907PPF_0902PPF_0744PPF_0764PPF_0765PPF_0790 PPF_0797 PPF_0843 PPF_0844  PPF_0912  PPF_0905PPF_0906 PPF_0917 PPF_0918 PPF_0920 PPF_0922  PPF_0925 PPF_0927 PPF_0965   PPF_1019 PPF_1061 PPF_0930

Fernanda’s Wedding Dress Search
I went to a few venues before setting an appointment at Vera Wang. My fear was that I was going to fall in love with a dress there that was way above my budget.  I picked 3 dresses there and my best friend saw one and told me I absolutely had to try it on. I was not very convinced but agreed. The second I tried it on I knew it was my dress. Its mermaid silhouette complimented my body type and the tulip lace kept the gown classic. The train was dramatic and filled with tulle ruffles but at the same time it gave it a sense of romanticism. The girl who assisted showed me the traditional grosgrain ribbon sash Vera’s gowns have and I was convinced.


How She Felt In Her Vera Wang
Light, sexy and beautiful


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I love knowing that someone else could potentially feel the same was I did on their wedding day. It’s a gown that’s meant to be used once in your life and storing it seemed besides the point to me. Happiness is best when shared.


Wedding Dress : Vera Wang Lillian| Photography: Polo Pompa Fotografía | Ceremony : Catedral Basílica de Durango |
Venue: Rancho Las Yucas | Event Planning: Mariano Barrón Eventos | Floral Design: Lo Fino Diseño Floral (Facebook page: Lo Fino Diseño Floral | Dessert Bar:  BARRAZ Snacks, Candies & Shots

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