Chloë + Adam | Mark Zunino Real Wedding From Ash Carr Photography

This New York wedding is brimming with amazingness.  You can feel the couple’s innate sense of style and fun (they started their vows with rock, paper scissors)! And the decor is beautiful and romantic. But the bride’s Mark Zunino dress is really the show-stopper.  Elegant, sophisticated and unique, you’ll fall in love with it the minute you see it.

Chloë +  Adam | August 14, 2016 | Hudson Valley, New York

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The Ceremony
Our Ceremony took place at Pioneer Farm, in Warwick, NY about 55 miles north of NYC.  Originally a dairy farm, it’s now grounds to several unique rentals, with rustic and modern details, and a pool! We had originally planned an outdoor ceremony under a tree on the property, but due to the crazy heat wave and rolling thunderstorms, everything was up in the air until the day before! We ended up using the front porch of the Main House, which was built in the 1800s, which worked out much better than our original plan!

Our ceremony was nonsecular with a hand fasting ceremony at it’s center.  After a quick Rock, Paper, Scissor to see who would go first, Adam and I opened the ceremony by sharing privately written “letters” relating what originally attracted us to each other, and how we knew we’d found our person.  Hearing Adam’s letter for the first time was by far one of my favorite memories.

0325_146A3114-Exposure0330_2S2A0351B-Exposure 0331_146A3122-Exposure0358_IG5A2298-Exposure0370_146A3218-Exposure 0379_146A3272-Exposure0383_IG5A2313-Exposure0385_146A3284-Exposure0391_146A3332-Exposure 0392_146A3336-Exposure0395_146A3346-Exposure0400_146A3363-Exposure0402_146A3366-Exposure0414_146A3389-Exposure0427_IG5A2342-Exposure0437_146A3456-Exposure0451_146A3508-Exposure0462_146A3534-Exposure0467_146A3560-Exposure0470_146A3582-Exposure0471_2S2A0599-Exposure0472_2S2A0602-Exposure0475_146A3600-Exposure0508_146A3776-Exposure

The Reception
Our reception was held at Blooming Hill Farm, a vegetable farm in Blooming Grove, NY.  They serve delicious farm-you’re-currently-standing-on-to-table-food, using all their own produce and locally sourced meat and fish. The cocktail hour was in their restored barn, complete with passed wood oven pizzas, pork sliders and Aperol Spritzes, with the dinner under a sail tent set up on their field, surrounded by rolling hills.

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Chloë’s Wedding Dress Search
I must have gone to 10 different bridal Salons, both in Michigan, where my family lives and in NYC where I live.  I cast a wide net, searching the whole gamut from sample sales and used dress shops, to independent Brooklyn designers, to higher end salons like Kleinfeld.  I definitely perused as well, but had a had time finding a dress that was both long enough and fit my style. It was on my third visit to Kleinfeld, specifically to see the recently released 2016 lines, that I finally found my dress.


How She Felt In Her Mark Zunino Gown
Unique, Regal, Stunning!

0833_146A4932-Exposure 0782_IG5A2657-Exposure

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I had so much trouble finding something that spoke to me and I’m so glad I was able to find something so unique.  I love the idea of providing the same opportunity to another like minded bride.


Weding Dress: Mark Zunino | Photographer: Ash Carr | Ceremony Venue: Pioneer Farm | Reception Venue & Food: Blooming Hill Farm  |  Florist: F.H. Corwin Florist & Greenhouse  | Dessert: Pie Lady & Son   | Event Planning: Bride

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Amie + Jonathan | Vera Wang Real Wedding From Clean Plate Pictures

This NYC wedding is full of charm.  The amazing venue, pretty color palette and delightful florals  are picture perfect. We love how both Amie and Jonathan radiate with happiness in every photo.  But what we can’t stop swooning over is the bride’s Vera Wang Ophelia. Created with four different kinds of lace, the gown is especially romantic.  And the voluminous tulle skirt is quintessentially bridal. It’s no wonder Amie knew it was her dress as soon as she saw it!

Amie +Jonathan  |  August 1, 2015 | New York, NY


The Ceremony
We had a fun, short, non-denominational ceremony officiated by a fabulous family friend who everyone calls “Uncle Eddie”. He kept things light and made everyone smile. We had one of the bridesmaids do a reading, which was actually a reading of song lyrics from the bride’s parents’ wedding song ((Where Do I Begin?) Love Story–from the 1970s). We wrote and exchanged our own vows, which was great–neither of us knew what the other would say and it was hard to not laugh and cry at all the things we pointed out about each other and vowed to each other. The bridesmaids and bride (with her parents) walked into the ceremony area to the version of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping At Last, and after vows were exchanged and sealed with a kiss, we all walked out to the version of I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers.


The Reception
The reception was all about eating and dancing. We had a cocktail hour and then dinner was served throughout the night with dancing in between courses. We also had some refreshing treats passed out on the dance floor to keep people cool and hydrated. The maid of honor and best man gave sweet and goofy toasts, and the groom gave a quick ‘thank you’ speech after the cake cutting.


Amie’s Dress Search
I tried almost 80 dresses! I did it with my mom, and she liked a lot of dresses I tried on, but didn’t feel any dresses were “the one”. I agreed to keep trying on dresses until she loved one. Finally, the new season dresses came in at Vera Wang and we tried on several at the first trunk show they held. Voila–there it was–the dress that made my mom (and me) smile! It was absolutely perfect in every way for the venue, the season, my personality, and the spirit of the whole wonderful day.


How She Felt In Her Vera Wang Ophelia
Happy, romantic, fun


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I am thrilled to share this gorgeous dress with someone else who will love it. It is too special to just be worn once!


Wedding Dress: Vera Wang Ophelia | Venue: The Lighthouse at Chesea Piers | Planner: Richard Martin at Pier Sixty LLC | Floral:  Superior Florist | Catering + Cake: Abigail Kirsch at Pier Sixty LLC


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Simone + Greg | Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From The Happy Couple

There is so much charm in this pretty waterfront wedding. Perfectly blending elegant touches and rustic details, this wedding has inspiration everywhere.  We love Simone’s romantic bouquet, the aisle lined with lanterns, and the completely gorgeous table greenery . And we’re total suckers for any wedding photos shot on a boat…especially these lovely ones.

Simone + Greg | June 4, 2016 | St. Michaels, Maryland

TheHC_0015TheHC_0033 TheHC_0061TheHC_0054TheHC_0058TheHC_0166TheHC_0170TheHC_0175 TheHC_0191TheHC_0199TheHC_0206TheHC_0239TheHC_0249TheHC_0256TheHC_0262TheHC_0273 TheHC_0282  TheHC_0286 TheHC_0333 TheHC_0352

The Ceremony
The sunny afternoon ceremony took place on the lawn of the Inn at Perry Cabin, overlooking the picturesque Miles River and the Inn’s sailboats.  Guests gathered for refreshments before going to mismatched guest chairs and benches surrounded by flowing garland greenery and anchored by a driftwood arbor with eucalyptus, bay leaves, and flower accents.  The aisle was lined with a gorgeous path of shepherd hooks hanging antique rustic lanterns and we said our vows overlooking the water.

TheHC_0372TheHC_0371 TheHC_0374TheHC_0376 TheHC_0378TheHC_0476TheHC_0477TheHC_0496TheHC_0510TheHC_0517 TheHC_0526TheHC_0552TheHC_0568TheHC_0571TheHC_0573TheHC_0579

The Reception
After cocktail hour under the trees with a rustic pallet bar featuring a rum bar station as a nod to the groom’s favorite cocktail, guests entered a gorgeous sailcloth tent on Linden Green at the Inn at Perry Cabin.  Guests experienced an elegant and rustic setting with mixed style seating, farm tables, and chic tablescapes filled with greenery.  Our good friend sang our first dance song, the same song we got engaged to (we met at a concert and later got engaged at a concert of the same band!).  The dance floor was packed the entire time!  

TheHC_0580  TheHC_0596TheHC_0608TheHC_0680TheHC_0618 TheHC_0637TheHC_0649 TheHC_0654TheHC_0658TheHC_0659 TheHC_0666TheHC_0665TheHC_0672TheHC_0676TheHC_0675 TheHC_0677TheHC_0994 TheHC_1008TheHC_0999TheHC_1121TheHC_1139TheHC_1067

Simone’s Wedding Dress Search
Oh my, I probably tried on about 20 dresses at a variety of salons.  I didn’t have one particular style or look I was going for.  I knew I wanted something fashionable yet timeless and something that made me feel my best.  After a day of trying on so many dresses that were fine, but nothing particularly special, I was admittedly defeated.  When I finally got to the last salon after that long day and tried on my dress, I knew it was the one.  I felt gorgeous, elegant, edgy, fashion-forward, and timeless all at the same time.  Even though my mom originally thought it was a little “much” at first, I knew this was the one time I’d be able to really wear such a unique dress and the hand-sewn lace and tulle still fit the relaxed elegance of our venue.  

TheHC_0802 TheHC_0803

How She Felt In Her Monique Lhuillier
Elegant, stunning, me!


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I absolutely loved my wedding dress but when I thought about what I could do with it after my wedding, I just couldn’t think of a real reason to just preserve it and let it live in a box.  While the sentiment of keeping it for my own daughter someday is nice, I know that in reality daughters almost always want their own dress.  I know I did!  And if an absolutely gorgeous, designer gown could make me that happy on my special day, I think another woman deserves to get just as much joy out of it.  It would be a shame if that dress never got another day in the spotlight!




Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier Freya | Photography: The Happy Couple Photography | Venue: The Inn at Perry Cabin | Event Planning: Emily Butler from Karson Butler Events | Floral Design: Amaryllis


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Kamani + Tim | Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Marta Szczesniak

This pretty wedding will definitely make you smile.  Kamani and Jim treated their guests to a memorable destination wedding in beautiful Nice, France. The indulgent and amazing week was capped with their intimate ceremony at a gorgeous chateau.  Completing the fairy tale story is Kamani’s dress search which is as romantic and perfect as the entire event. Enjoy!

Kamani + Tim | June 23, 2016 | Nice, France

MART8733MART8745MART8816MART8717 MART8862MART8888 MART8934

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was officiated by a local Scottish pastor dressed in authentic Scottish kilt attire.  It took place on the terrace of a French chateau turned winery and is inspiration to Coco Chanel’s renowned logo.  Perched atop a French mountainside, our 50 guests had sweeping views of the French Riviera.  Guests who traveled from all over the US and UK were spoiled to a weeklong schedule of events that included coastal day trips to Monaco in a champagne laced limo bus and Champagne brunch in a private garden in the famous Villa de Ephrussi de Rothschild.  The event has since been dubbed by our guests as “The Best Wedding Ever”.


The Reception
Our garden cocktail reception featured a live cooking show of foie gras and fresh sushi, paired with local French Rose champagne and a buffet of French cheeses.  Our guests toured the wine cellars and vineyards while being served hors d’oeuvres and overlooking the pink & gold sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.  Our dinner reception in the Salon Antoine Mari was fitting of the ‘Marie Antoinette’ vintage theme and featured local Nicoise infused aperitifs and cuisine.  The vineyard’s recent production of Chateau de Cremat red, white and rose wines decorated the candlelit tables.  The lavender laced wedding cake and French pastries complimented the entire French Riviera wedding experience where I danced in my red bottoms until 3am.  

MART0017MART0021MART9856 MART9999MART0023Romona Keveza Real Wedding From Marta SzczesniakMART0136MART0210MART0294MART0345MART9927MART9853

Kamani’s Wedding Dress Search
I traveled to Washington DC with my bridesmaid to attend a trunk show for Hayley Paige.  I tried on 6 different designs and although they were beautiful and within my budget, it just didn’t feel perfect.  Then I made an appointment for a local bridal store in Fort Lauderdale where I tried on 3 Sophia Tolli dresses and was very keen on 1 particular design but I was stuck on Hayley Paige.  So I made another appointment for another bridal store in Boca Raton and tried on 3 more Hayley Paige designs, not completely pleased with any.  There happened to be a rose champagne color dress featured on mannequin that my bridesmaids and I complimented every time we walked past, but it was not the whimsical look I was going for.  It was more of a ball gown and my maid of honor reminded me that I was getting married in a French castle so why shouldn’t I look like a princess.  So I tried on the Romona Keveza Spring 2016 design it felt so much lighter and fit perfectly.  When I came out of the fitting room, it brought my guests to tears and I looked in the mirror and knew at the moment, I found THE dress!  I didn’t choose the dress.  It chose me!  It was waiting for me the whole time and it absolutely made me feel like royalty.

MART8927 MART9706MART9816 MART9465

How She Felt In Her Romona Keveza
Regal, Glamorous and Skinny LOL

MART9679 MART9393

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I looked for a used wedding dress for this design and because it’s from her Spring 2016 collection, I couldn’t find any.  I know someone looking to feel like a skinny princess on her wedding day will appreciate a newly released design that was well altered and enjoyed!  (That and we need to pay off a huge wedding & honeymoon debt!)


Wedding Dress: Romona Keveza | Photography: Marta SzczesniakVenue:  Chateau de Cremat | Floral Design: L’Art Des Fleurs | Caterer:  Groupe Pavillon | Makeup Artist:  Olga Stylist | Officiant – Pastor Peter Madan 

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