Why Buying PreOwned Is Better Than Renting A Wedding Dress

What bride doesn’t want to save money on her dream wedding dress?  In 2004, PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com pioneered the wedding dress resale space as the first website dedicated exclusively to buying and selling.  In 2014, wedding dress rental has become a trend offering brides another way to save. But, the small additional savings come at a high price.

Limited Time Only
With a wedding dress rental, you can only have your wedding dress for a limited time before your big day.  So you can’t stare at it, smile at it, touch it, or even try it on until right before your wedding.  And isn’t that part of the fun?

Not A Perfect Fit
Alterations are a no-no with a rental gown.  There’s a reason brides have multiple dress fittings, it’s to get a perfect fit.  That made-just-for-you look that takes a gown from beautiful to absolutely perfect. With a rental, that impeccable fit just isn’t an option.

Nothing To Have and To Hold
Buying PreOwned means you’ll not only save up front, but you’ll get to keep the dress after your wedding.  Whether you resell it again and recoup some of your costs, or keep it for the memories, the decision is yours.  With a rental, you’ll need to ship the dress back before you even jet off for your honeymoon.

Buying PreOwned vs Renting
Maggie Sottero Karena Royale for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com


Maggie Sottero Karena Royale

Retail: $1,250

PreOwned: $650

Rental: $440

Rental vs PreOwned Savings: $210








Justin Alexaner 8654


Justin Alexander 8654

Retail: $2,100

PreOwned: $975

Rental: $630

Rental vs PreOwned Savings: $345








Vera Wang White VW351027


Vera Wang White VW351027

Retail: $1,200

PreOwned: $575

Rent: $420

Rental vs PreOwned Savings: $155






Vera Wang 2G119



Vera Wang 2G119

Retail: $4,000

PreOwned: $800

Rent: $1,200

Rental vs PreOwned Savings: -$700










Monique Lhullier BL1102


Monique Lhuillier BL1102

Retail: $3,800

PreOwned: $1,600

Rent: $1140

Rental vs PreOwned Savings: $460










And the best news? PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com has over 20,000 new, sample and used wedding dresses, in every style, size and price.  So no matter what your budget and taste, there is a dress for you.  For less.  Look now for your perfect dress.

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Budget Bride? Wedding Dresses Under $500.

Bride on a budget?  That’s no problem with these lovely PreOwned Wedding Dresses.  They’re each listed at $500 or under. (That’s less than half of the average wedding dress price!)  And that means you’ll not only look great, you’ll have  money left over for other important things…like your amazing honeymoon!

Modeca Melody for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comNicole Miller for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com
Modeca (left) | Nicole Miller (right)

Melissa Sweet for Sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comUlla Maija Sophie on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com
Melissa Sweet (left)  | Ulla Maija (right)

Rosa Clara Two for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comTheia for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com
Rosa Clara Two (left) |  Theia (right)

Alfred Angelo 2100 for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comAllure Bridals 8811 for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com
Alfred Angelo (left) |  Allure Bridals (right)

Want to see more? PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com has nearly 6,000 listings priced at $500 or less.  Search them here.

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20 Ways To Save On Wedding Costs in 2012

The average cost of a wedding in 2011 was $25,631.  That’s $85.44 a minute for a 5 hour wedding!

In this economy, every bride is looking for ways to trim her wedding budget.  And to help, we’ve created a list some of our favorite ways to cut your wedding costs.  And we don’t mean by having your wedding on a Tuesday in February.  But rather smart simple ways…that your guests won’t even notice!


1)  Use flowers in key areas only (like the altar or place where you will say your vows). This is where all of your guests eyes will be, and where the majority of your photographs will be taken. Make this area a pretty focal point, and skip the blooms elsewhere.

2)  Have your florist create hand-tied bouquets for you and your bridesmaids. They are less expensive than wired ones (because they take less time to create) and are every bit as pretty.

3)  Use your wedding party flowers again at your reception.  Bouquets look gorgeous surrounding your cake and they can make amazing centerpieces at your head table.

Photo Chia and Hon Photography

Food and Beverage Costs

4)  Butler passed hor d’oeuvres can actually be less expensive than buffet style (because guests tend to eat less of them). Ask your caterer about your options.

5)  Create a signature drink (made with non-premium alcohol) to save on bar costs.  Give the drink a personalized name to make it fun and all about the two of you.

Photo: Jonathan Burton Photography

6) Reduce your cocktail hour by 15-20 minutes.  None of your guests will notice. And your bar bill will be less.

Flowers/ Centerpieces/ Tables

7)  Use fewer, larger tables to reduce the number of centerpieces and linen rentals required. Create tables of 10 or 12 instead of 8. (Be sure to use larger tables that guests aren’t crowded).

8)  Make/rent table runners instead of fancy tablecloths – they are just as impactful and less expensive than full linens.

9)   Instead of printing individual menus, create one large menu and place it by your entrance or escort cards.

10)  Give your florist a long list of flowers you love and those you don’t. Then give him/her flexibility to use the most cost effective/ seasonal flowers from your list. Flexibility equal savings.

11)  Consider less expensive flowers like carnations, baby’s breath or gladiolas.  These blooms tend to be 1/3 the cost of roses and look very dramatic and impactful when used in large monochromatic arrangements.

Photo: Cornerstone Events

12)  Buy your own vases from places like Pier1 or Ikea.  They can be less expensive than what your florist carries. (And you’ll be able to give the centerpieces away at the end of evening if you’d like).

13)  Go for simpler arrangements vs elaborate ones.  Less timing consuming for your florist = less cost.

14)  Ask your florist for ideas about including non-floral items that add impact while lowering cost. A vase filled with lemons or limes can be quite striking.


15)  Save by using a faux cake.  They are absolutely beautiful and your guests won’t notice the difference (you can still cut it).

Cake Photos by Luisa Galuppo

16)  Or order only enough cake for 75% of your guests (more guests than you think actually don’t eat the cake).

17)  Another option is to have a smaller cake (tall but smaller cakes have great impact) and then a second “kitchen cake” which is cut and served to your guests (who will never notice).

18)  Skip the cake altogether and serve your favorite dessert!


19)  Of course, we have to mention the savings associated with a preowned wedding dress!  Whether you buy a preowned dress or sell your new gown after your wedding, you can save (or recoup) a significant portion of the retail price. That’s hundreds or potentially even thousands of dollars that can be used on other wedding costs (or towards upgrading your honeymoon)!

20) Don’t buy “wedding shoes.”  Instead, buy a fabulous pair of colored shoes that will add a fun punch of color to your day…and that you can wear again and again.

Do you have a favorite way to save on wedding costs?  Share you savvy below!

Source: Wedding costs data via The Wedding Report.
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Dress Up Your Bridesmaid Dresses

We just love this idea from Martha Stewart Weddings….

Tulle sashes are such a fabulous (and inexpensive) way to dress up your bridesmaid dresses.  What a great way to create one look for your ceremony, and another for your reception.  And here are just a few of the bridesmaid dress options we think this would look great with…

1. David’s Bridal Short Pleated Dress, $129

2. Ann Taylor Silk Pintuck Dress, $70

3. J.Crew Belinda Dress, $195

4. Alfred Sung, $122

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