What Goes Around Comes Around. Beyonce’s Baracci Is For Sale!

A dress is just a dress until a bride dons it and brings it to life. But some gowns have a glory all their own, like the beautiful Baracci dress worn by Beyonce in her memorable music video “Best Thing I Never Had” and recently listed for sale on PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com.

This Baracci dress exudes custom luxury, as is fitting for its prominent role in a video made by one of the world’s reigning music stars. Off-white with flecks of gold, the ballgown silhouette is hand-draped double silk. It features a sweetheart neckline and is embroidered with French Lace and generously covered with shimmering hand-sewn Swarovski pendants and crystals.

Beyonce reportedly stumbled on the dress while walking by the wedding designer’s boutique in Beverly Hills and asked to wear it in her video, but she isn’t the first celebrity to select Baracci for a prominent press moment. Nor is this the first time PreOwnedWedding Dresses.com has been connected with a celebrity wedding dress. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak purchased a gorgeous Baracci wedding gown for her 2011 wedding through our listing service.

Like the woman who wears it, every wedding dress has a story to tell.  We hope someday to hear more from the bride who ultimately brings this Baracci gown, (with an amazing Queen B backstory) to real life!

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6 Responses to What Goes Around Comes Around. Beyonce’s Baracci Is For Sale!

  1. jayne reed says:

    Love Beyoncé Barracci wedding dress

  2. B Barnes says:

    In Iraq wishing I could get that for my wife we cant afford wedding but she thought Beyoncé glows in that dress! She loves everything about her as a woman!

  3. Come Valentines day, i’d have been married 5 years. Wish i could do it all over again but this time in this dress! Wow!! Im Nigerian and i loooooooovvvveeeee Beyonce. Tearfully wish whoever buys it the best. 30,000 Dollars??????? I wish , i wish, i wish!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cna says:

    Love this dress

  5. Cindy Steyn says:

    Beyonce is a big inspiration for me. She always stands up for the ladies. I wish I could thank her in reality. I love fashion aswell, and she brings out the diva in me. I would love to marry the man of my dreams in that Baracci Gown. It is unbelieveable beautiful.. *bigsmiles# I love my boyfriend Fernando Borrington alot. Thanks again Beyonce. You make me believe in love again.

  6. sandra ezeh says:

    This is my dream wedding dress. Such a pity that its been sold. But no worries.. I’d be needing it by 2018 so.. Lovely dress tho. I fell totally in love with it when I saw the video