Ashley + Dallas | Hayley Paige Wedding From Chugach Peaks Photography

Hayley Paige Real Wedding

When your wedding’s in Alaska, its almost guaranteed to be gorgeous.  Add in a stunning Haley Paige ballgown, pretty florals and a charming tented reception and you’ve got the makings of a dream wedding.  There is so much goodness in this wedding, but we think our favorite part might just be the portraits with the winter hat and boots.  So fun!

Ashley + Dallas | September 12, 2015 | Talkeetna, Alaska

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The Ceremony + Reception
The wedding took place in a small town in Alaska on a piece of property that overlooks the Talkeetna river and Denali. The reception took place at the same property under large beautiful white tents.

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Ashley’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on close to 20 dresses. I chose the dress that I did because it was different than any dress I tried on. I thought I wanted something simple, but when I tried on this dress I knew it was the one.

50Lafemme Glamour Studios 32Lafemme Glamour Studios 68Lafemme Glamour Studios 94Lafemme Glamour Studios

Three Words To Describe How She Felt In Her Dress
Elegant, beautiful, princess

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I wanted the dress of my dreams and decided the only way to do that was sell the dress after the wedding. Additionally, there is something special about having someone else wear the dress that made you feel so beautiful on your wedding day, rather than having it sit in a closet for the next 50 years.

Yw0Sv_5aVUY0w1J9XCX4QhyQDPTqNnt3r0SHi-gz504DxvldtvFRY3gJhzOJNwlWJzVcaGu_ygRs1Hnm-tKdiQbBuaAXAU8mtVmLX3kCjvrCft4QYLY7kY_Ovsl5O17MI 7SQLUNWV2qzjVF2szrTg8j5t2moKKe8jQ9MX6ZYY-VIFOVgNM4eU9Ch-9m5fWTwoRFqFwuPzFRNhmahEIB7RTo
Wedding Dress: Hayley Paige Dori |  Wedding Photography: Chugach Peaks Photography, Portraits Under Words To Describe: LaFemme Glamour Studios   | Event Planning: Linda Lyons with Lyons Events  |Cupcakes: Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop

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Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Timeless sophistication at a wedding looks incredibly easy but is difficult to pull off. We believe it all starts with your wedding stationery which helps set the tone. Simple themes, luxurious details and modern touches create a chic feel. Here are some dressy, sophisticated wedding invitations perfect for your wedding.

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Beach chic: These barely-there dip-dyed invites by Swell Paper Press Co. are a breath of fresh air. Perfect for a modern destination wedding.

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Who says chic only applies to wedding invitations? Jazz up your wedding announcement cards with swooping calligraphy and breezy photography of your wedding day. Invites: Papel & Co.

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Black-tie chic: Sometimes the elegance is in the details. Fine paper, like the 110lb pearl white cotton paper used for this invitation suite, imprinted with gorgeous type in letterpress and foil just whispers at luxury and black-tie chic. Invites: Sincerley, Jackie

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Garden chic: Hand sketched dahlias, navy and teal with fresh yellow accents and stripes … this is chic with a side visit to the garden. Design: Caitlin Keegan

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Nautical chic: Chic with a modern nautical twist, this suite from Shine Wedding Invitations is all class.

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Modern chic: Bold chevron envelope liners are a beautiful support to the simple, chic typography-heavy invitations on luxurious paper by Steel Petal Press.

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Gilded chic: Rose gold with casual artistic flair from Minted is a little whimsical and reminds us of a chic art gallery.

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Geometric chic: You’ve been warned — visiting MaeMae & Co.‘s website to view their “characters” (which is what they call their invitations) may cause your heart to go pitter patter. We had a hard time choosing just one chic invitation from their collection, but Bruno’s muted palette and understated simple lines just says chicness, doesn’t it?

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Prairie chic: Stunning calligraphy, earthy tones and a rustic feel create romantic invites. Photo: Brittany Mahood Photography, Invites: One Plus One Design

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Colorful chic: Splashes of vibrant purple and orchid tones with a watercolor accent are lovely. Combine with offset typography and this is modern, fresh and bright stationery. Invites: Coral Pheasant Stationery, Photo: Kat Harris Photography

Chic, Stylish Wedding Invitation |

Artistic chic: Organic hand-painted design paired with airy calligraphy create a stunningly creative wedding stationery set. Design: Smitten on Paper 

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Free Bridesmaid Dress Listings


Free Bridesmaid Dress Listings

We’re celebrating Black Friday with Free Bridesmaid Dress Listings.  Since never charges commission on any sale, this means you can sell your bridesmaid dresses at zero cost to you.

Free up some closet space, earn some money, and help make a wedding affordable for another bridesmaid.  What are you waiting for? List before November 28th and use code “BlackFriday” at checkout.

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Daisy + Matt | Berta Bridal Wedding from Neil Hanson Photography

Berta Bridal 13-88 |

The romance of the countryside is felt in every one of Daisy and Matt’s wedding day photos. It didn’t hurt that they chose a stunning estate to host their nuptials, complete with an ancient chapel. Daisy’s wedding gown — a lace Berta Bridal gown with a structured peplum — was the perfect match for such an elegant venue. We love the way they included their wedding guests in their vows, as well. Such a personal addition to an emotional event.

Daisy + Matt | September 14, 2014 | Somerset, United Kingdom | Dress Listing: Berta Bridal 13-88

Berta Bridal 13-88 | Real Weddings | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 |

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was set in a candle lit, flower filled 15th century stone chapel, led by our close friend Chris. We wrote our own heartfelt vows and had loved ones recite their experiences in marriage — a dear friend married five years spoke of the importance of laying solid foundations. Matt’s grandfather, happily married and in love for the past 65 years explained how to succeed decade upon decade.

Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Real Weddings | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 |

The Reception
We then had cocktails & canapes on the terrace, overlooking the estate’s lake and countryside, before dining in the beautifully adorned manor house’s ballroom. There we had a delicious four-course meal, laughed and cried at incredible speeches and then moved to the Orangery where we danced all night while binging from the sweet cart and devoured our wedding macarons.

Berta Bridal 13-88 | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Berta Bridal 13-88 | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comBerta Bridal 13-88 | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Berta Bridal 13-88 | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comReal Weddings | Real Weddings | Real Weddings | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 |
Daisy’s Dress Search
I tried on countless dresses and evening gowns, because I wanted something truly special; a dress that made me feel like the most beautiful me I could be. In truth, my heart was set on my gorgeous Berta dress, well before I tried on any other! I’d spied it on Pinterest and then hunted down a stockist in Toronto, Canada where we were living at the time. After securing my spot at their Berta Bridal trunk show I begged them to bring over a sample of my dress, but unfortunately it wasn’t included in the touring range coming to Canada. When I tried on their other gowns, I fell in love with the label, but my mind could not move past that first dress. So, much like the bride that will one day wear my dress, I took a chance, followed my heart and I ordered my dress without trying it on or seeing it in person … I just knew.

Berta Bridal 13-88 | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comBerta Bridal 13-88 |
How Daisy Felt in Her Wedding Dress
Glamorous, elegant and sexy.

Berta Bridal 13-88 |
Why Daisy Decided to Sell Her Wedding Dress
My decision to sell my dress was made simply because it’s far too beautiful and unique a style to be locked away! I met my husband online (thanks and picked my dress online, so it only seems fitting that another bride should find and love my Berta Bridal gown online.

Berta Bridal 13-88 | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comBerta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 | Berta Bridal 13-88 |

Wedding Dress:Berta Bridal 13-88 | Photography: Neil Hanson Photography | Ceremony + Reception Venue: Brympton House | Event Styling + Floral Design: Tie the Knot | Macaron Tower: Ornella Bianca

See all of our new, sample and used Berta Bridal wedding dress listings.

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