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If you want a design house that will create a beautifully crafted and meticulously planned event, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about Amorology Weddings.  Each wedding they create is drop. dead. gorgeous.  And each couple’s personality radiates through perfectly. We asked the team to share some insights to help inspire you with their years of expertise. Prepare yourself for all of the prettiness!

Emmy Lowe Photo

What’s the most unique, different or dramatic wedding you’ve created?
Wow, this is a tough one!  We have such a soft spot for each wedding we do as they all tend to have something unique and special to them!  That being said, we did once bring in a 40 ft ferris wheel to a wedding which was of course amazing and a fun way to really share the playful side of our couple!  We also are currently gearing up for  a 600 person wedding, where we will be bringing in hundreds of mini personalized cakes for each guest. So excited for this one!

From Amorology’s Gallery ~

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What trends do you see emerging for 2017 weddings?
We predict seeing deeper infused color palettes mixed into the existing and very popular palette of nudes + blush :) I foresee a rebirth of color, as well as brides going a bit braver and bolder in their color choices, from their dresses, all the way to the get-away car.  But no complaints here, cause we adore different!

331jenbrianwedding_ashleykelemen 341jenbrianwedding_ashleykelemen

How do you work with brides to get a defined vision for their day?
Here at Amorology, we love love love personalizing each event to really portray the uniqueness of our couples! We know that each bride and groom is different with no two love stories or personalities being the same. Our focus is to go deeper into these personalities and pull out all the little gold nuggets! From there, the likes and dislikes of each couple give us a great starting point for their design and overall wedding aesthetic.


What’s the biggest mistake a couple can make on their wedding day?
My greatest piece of advice to engaged couples about to get married is learning not to sweat the little things, or pay too much attention to the details you’ve hired a planner to orchestrate . The wedding is for a bride and groom to enjoy, so my advice would be to take a deep breath, share a kiss, enjoy a slice of cake with the one you love, and bask in the beginning of happily ever after!

Photo: Jonathan Canlas
Photo: Jonathan Canlas
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Chloë + Adam | Mark Zunino Real Wedding From Ash Carr Photography


This New York wedding is brimming with amazingness.  You can feel the couple’s innate sense of style and fun (they started their vows with rock, paper scissors)! And the decor is beautiful and romantic. But the bride’s Mark Zunino dress is really the show-stopper.  Elegant, sophisticated and unique, you’ll fall in love with it the minute you see it.

Chloë +  Adam | August 14, 2016 | Hudson Valley, New York

Mark Zunino Real Wedding From Ash Carr Photography0017_146A1893-Exposure0025_146A1923-Exposure0038_146A1946-Exposure0047_2S2A9987-Exposure0049_146A1990-Exposure0055_146A2012-Exposure0060_146A2035-Exposure0081_146A2110-Exposure0094_IG5A2014-Exposure0122_2S2A0376-Exposure0126_2S2A0417-Exposure0050_2S2A9993-Exposure 0130_146A2266-Exposure0134_IG5A2051-Exposure0136_IG5A2057-Exposure 0153_IG5A2069-Exposure0164_IG5A2091-Exposure0169_146A2383-Exposure0171_IG5A2103-Exposure0179_146A2398-Exposure 0201_146A2420-Exposure0182_IG5A2140-Exposure0203_146A2441-Exposure0211_2S2A0139AA-Exposure0227_146A2515-Exposure 0208_IG5A2202-Exposure0229_146A2529-Exposure 0242_146A2553-Exposure0235_IG5A2249-Exposure0281_146A2825-Exposure 0317_146A3055-Exposure

The Ceremony
Our Ceremony took place at Pioneer Farm, in Warwick, NY about 55 miles north of NYC.  Originally a dairy farm, it’s now grounds to several unique rentals, with rustic and modern details, and a pool! We had originally planned an outdoor ceremony under a tree on the property, but due to the crazy heat wave and rolling thunderstorms, everything was up in the air until the day before! We ended up using the front porch of the Main House, which was built in the 1800s, which worked out much better than our original plan!

Our ceremony was nonsecular with a hand fasting ceremony at it’s center.  After a quick Rock, Paper, Scissor to see who would go first, Adam and I opened the ceremony by sharing privately written “letters” relating what originally attracted us to each other, and how we knew we’d found our person.  Hearing Adam’s letter for the first time was by far one of my favorite memories.

0325_146A3114-Exposure0330_2S2A0351B-Exposure 0331_146A3122-Exposure0358_IG5A2298-Exposure0370_146A3218-Exposure 0379_146A3272-Exposure0383_IG5A2313-Exposure0385_146A3284-Exposure0391_146A3332-Exposure 0392_146A3336-Exposure0395_146A3346-Exposure0400_146A3363-Exposure0402_146A3366-Exposure0414_146A3389-Exposure0427_IG5A2342-Exposure0437_146A3456-Exposure0451_146A3508-Exposure0462_146A3534-Exposure0467_146A3560-Exposure0470_146A3582-Exposure0471_2S2A0599-Exposure0472_2S2A0602-Exposure0475_146A3600-Exposure0508_146A3776-Exposure

The Reception
Our reception was held at Blooming Hill Farm, a vegetable farm in Blooming Grove, NY.  They serve delicious farm-you’re-currently-standing-on-to-table-food, using all their own produce and locally sourced meat and fish. The cocktail hour was in their restored barn, complete with passed wood oven pizzas, pork sliders and Aperol Spritzes, with the dinner under a sail tent set up on their field, surrounded by rolling hills.

0565_146A3950-Exposure0575_146A3983-Exposure 0564_146A3949-Exposure0888_146A5239-Exposure0546_146A3897-Exposure 0901_146A5275-Exposure0893_146A5257-Exposure0570_146A3966-Exposure 0627_146A4150-Exposure0678_146A4309-Exposure0615_146A4121-Exposure 0719_IG5A2595-Exposure0810_146A4827-Edit-Exposure0827_146A4899-Exposure0853_146A4999-Exposure0870_146A5131-Exposure0880_146A5221-Exposure 0943_146A5451-Exposure0921_146A5360-Exposure0947_146A5486-Exposure0968_146A5653-Exposure

Chloë’s Wedding Dress Search
I must have gone to 10 different bridal Salons, both in Michigan, where my family lives and in NYC where I live.  I cast a wide net, searching the whole gamut from sample sales and used dress shops, to independent Brooklyn designers, to higher end salons like Kleinfeld.  I definitely perused as well, but had a had time finding a dress that was both long enough and fit my style. It was on my third visit to Kleinfeld, specifically to see the recently released 2016 lines, that I finally found my dress.


How She Felt In Her Mark Zunino Gown
Unique, Regal, Stunning!

0833_146A4932-Exposure 0782_IG5A2657-Exposure

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I had so much trouble finding something that spoke to me and I’m so glad I was able to find something so unique.  I love the idea of providing the same opportunity to another like minded bride.


Weding Dress: Mark Zunino | Photographer: Ash Carr | Ceremony Venue: Pioneer Farm | Reception Venue & Food: Blooming Hill Farm  |  Florist: F.H. Corwin Florist & Greenhouse  | Dessert: Pie Lady & Son   | Event Planning: Bride

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10 Seriously Stunning Wedding Gowns

oscar de la renta 44e10 wedding dress

Want to actually feel your heart skip a beat? It just might when you look at these breathtaking wedding dresses. Each dress is a work of art. Beautifully designed.  Meticulously crafted. And the kind of pretty that makes us lose track of time and dream about all things wedding.  Take a peek and see if you can narrow it down to your favorite (We can’t!)

oscar de la renta 44e10 wedding dress ines do santo elisavet wedding dressLazaro 3454 wedding dress Vera-Wang-Lisbethmonique lhuillier waltz wedding dress Pronovias Capricornio wedding dressines di santo marghera wedding dress oscar de la renta 92e27 wedding dressGalia Milla-Nova

See more wedding dresses we love (and prepare to swoon).

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The Expertise Of The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists


Untitled-3We love everything about wedding dresses!  And we know that they need expert care when being cleaned and preserved in order to maintain their true beauty.  That’s why we recommend the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Their members (located worldwide) are trained to handle even the most intricately designed wedding dresses and their careful procedures provides your beloved gown with the attention it needs – and deserves!

When caring for a wedding dress, Association members follow a meticulous process:

Free Consultation
Take your gown to any Association member and they’ll give you a free consultation on what’s needed to clean, preserve and (if necessary) repair your gown.  They’ll answer any and all questions you have about your dress.

Each gown is carefully inspected by a trained expert to find any damaged threads or loose beading. Then the gown goes through a series of black light test to detect any invisible or obscure stains.

Hand Cleaning
Each wedding dress is hand treated and individually cleaned.  Every precaution is taken to ensure delicate beading, lace and embroidery is protected during the process. Association members know that different fibers need different chemicals and procedures and that not all stains can be treated the same.  Association members even know how to view stains under magnification to see how deeply the stain is embedded or whether the fiber under the stain is damaged.

Personal inspection 
If your gown is being preserved, you can personally view and inspect it before it is carefully layered, folded and stored into an acid free archival-quality wedding chest to protect to from exposure to light and air. Untitled-2

It’s always easier to remove a stain soon after wear, so if you’ve just said your I Do’s, it’s smart to have your dress cleaned within a few weeks.

Right now, the Association is offering a $35 savings on all of their cleaning and care (valid through 2017!)  Get it here!

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