Wedding Gowns For The Ultra Romantic Bride

romantic wedding dresses

Romantic wedding dresses are pure pretty.  Fluffy layers of tulle, exquisite laces and cascading ruffles are quintessentially bridal and oh so feminine.

If your dress dreams include delicate fabrics and soft, billowy silhouettes then you’ll love our editor’s picks of the most romantic wedding gowns on the site. They’re a beautiful way to start your happily-ever-after.

Vera Wang Katarina used Galia Lahav Giselle for saleCasablanca wedding dress for sale used hayley paige londyn wedding dress for saleused vera wang georgina wedding dress for sale used Inbal Dror Wedding Dress for sale used ines di santo wedding dress for saleused Lazaro wedding dress for sale used monique lhuillier catherine for sale

Love this look?  See all romantic wedding dresses listings.

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Ellen + John | Marchesa Real Wedding From Czar Goss Photography

Marchesa real wedding

They say when you find your wedding dress, you just know.  Bride, Ellen, is a fashion blogger and originally saw her gown in a looklook. Years later, she purchased the hard-to-find gown online, sight unseen. She was right, the dress was totally amazing and was beautiful at her outdoor California wedding.

Ellen’s now selling the dress at an amazing discount, so some lucky bride-to-be can scoop this fashion-forward gown for a steal!

Ellen + John | June 18th 2016 | Silverado, California

rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-701 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-661rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-552 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-634xrancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-1031rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-606 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-262rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-560 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-692rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-586 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-551Marchesa Real Wedding From Czar Goss Photography rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-228 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-234

The Ceremony
Our venue itself was absolutely stunning that we didn’t want to add to much design into the venue. Rancho Las Lomas is an outdoor Spanish style villa with beautiful architecture and greenery. We got married under a small Villa with a beautiful arc that we decorated with a garland.

rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-549rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-665 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-709 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-710 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-669rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-773rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-666 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-670 xrancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-1093 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-181 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-182

The Reception
While our guests were upstairs near the pool and water fountain area, the ceremony transformed into the reception area. We had white tables with peach, pink and gold details. It was outdoor under the trees and bistro lighting. Our floral arrangements included peonies, roses, lemon leaf and Cafe Au Laits.

rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-330 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-165 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-277rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-270 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-286rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-297rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-280 xrancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-1129rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-281 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-282 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-302 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-215rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-295 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-298rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-375rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-394 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-393 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-739rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-341 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-353 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-360 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-340rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-283 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-423rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-455 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-490 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-508 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-504

Ellen’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on 2 dresses at Vera Wang and 1 at Monique Lhuillier. I actually found my dress online by luck. I saw this dress few years back on Marchesa’s lookbook online. It wasn’t available anywhere! I wasn’t even engaged and I would search online to see if any third party retailer had the dress. few years later, I was casually shopping online when I came across this listing on a consignment website. It was brand new, still in box. I bought it immediately! Never tried it on till it came to my house and never regretted my decision!

rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-618 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-617

How She Felt In Her Marchesa
Haute Couture, Dreamy, Romantic

rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-157 rancholaslomasweddingjohnellen-250

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
Someone deserves to have the same feeling I did in my dress their special day. I want to share this dress with the world because it’s the most beautiful unique wedding dress ever!


Wedding Dress: Marchesa | Photography: Czar Goss | Invitations: Every Little Letter | Venue: Rancho Las Lomas | Florals:  Touch of Lavender (Centerpieces and Arch),  Rekindlecreative (bouquets) | Coordinator:  Prim & Rose | Cake: Berries and Blush

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Janine + Jake | Real Wedding From Jumi Story

JanineJake - 417

There’s a perfect wedding dress for every bride. One that makes her look and feel beautiful and that she knows its the one the moment she tries it.  Self proclaimed non-traditional bride, Janine, found her dream dress in a custom creation.  It’s gorgeous. Unique. And perfectly her.  Just like every wedding dress should be.

Janine + Jake | August 27, 2016 | Vancouver, British Columbia

JanineJake - 016JanineJake - 014  JanineJake - 033  JanineJake - 038  JanineJake - 060 JanineJake - 061 JanineJake - 064 JanineJake - 066 JanineJake - 087 JanineJake - 088JanineJake - 104 JanineJake - 108 JanineJake - 118 JanineJake - 128 JanineJake - 130 JanineJake - 141 JanineJake - 205 JanineJake - 228 JanineJake - 219JanineJake - 244

The Ceremony
We had a lovely simple outdoor ceremony on the terrace of the hotel. Our parents walked us both down the isle (much to the grooms dismay) to Otis Redding, said our own vows, and toasted with champagne on the other end.

JanineJake - 271JanineJake - 277 JanineJake - 282 JanineJake - 284JanineJake - 322 JanineJake - 323JanineJake - 329 JanineJake - 341 JanineJake - 351 JanineJake - 355JanineJake - 357 JanineJake - 360JanineJake - 417 JanineJake - 420  JanineJake - 427 JanineJake - 430  JanineJake - 439

The Reception
Our reception went down exactly how we wanted it with everyone on the dance floor till the end of the night. We did our dance at the start of the night so that our nerves didn’t get in the way of enjoying the night.

JanineJake - 474 JanineJake - 475 JanineJake - 478 JanineJake - 481  JanineJake - 486 JanineJake - 488 JanineJake - 491 JanineJake - 492 JanineJake - 494 JanineJake - 507 JanineJake - 510  JanineJake - 529JanineJake - 534 JanineJake - 541 JanineJake - 546 JanineJake - 548 JanineJake - 556 JanineJake - 568  JanineJake - 584 JanineJake - 589 JanineJake - 599 JanineJake - 600 JanineJake - 607 JanineJake - 624 JanineJake - 637JanineJake - 667 JanineJake - 669 JanineJake - 674 JanineJake - 678

Janine’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on so many! I’m not very traditional and was hoping to find a dress that happened to be white as opposed to a wedding dress. I chose the dress I wore because it allowed me to do something different and fully customize it to what I wanted.

JanineJake - 234 JanineJake - 256

How She Felt In Her Gown
Happy, unique and me!

JanineJake - 230

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
It seems like such a waste having it sit in my wardrobe forever. I would love for someone to love wearing it as much as I did.

JanineJake - 240

Wedding Dress: Custom | Photography: JuMi Story   | Venue: Four Seasons Vancouver | Floral Design: Budget Blooms








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Janet + Richard | Mira Zwillinger Real Wedding From Chris Isham Photography


This South Carolina wedding is filled with goodness.  Like the storybook mountain side chapel for the ceremony and the naturally beautiful reception venue.  We love the simple but stylish vibe found everywhere from the flowers to the tables and the cake. And we bet you’ll smile when you read how Janet knew her dress was the one.

Janet + Richard | November 7, 2015 | Landrum, South Carolina

Janet + Richard | Mira Zwillinger Real Wedding From Chris Isham Photography webb-cip-0008 webb-cip-0009 webb-cip-0030 webb-cip-0049 webb-cip-0052webb-cip-0074 webb-cip-0075webb-cip-0077 webb-cip-0078webb-cip-0080 webb-cip-0110webb-cip-0111 webb-cip-0092 webb-cip-0095 webb-cip-0114 webb-cip-0136 webb-cip-0137webb-cip-0186

The Ceremony
Our ceremony was held at The Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel –  a surreal space. It’s a quaint chapel perched right on the side of a mountain. The fall foliage and views for miles were absolutely breathtaking and exactly what we were looking for.

webb-cip-0256 webb-cip-0260 webb-cip-0289 webb-cip-0295 webb-cip-0298 webb-cip-0306 webb-cip-0313 webb-cip-0320 webb-cip-0326 webb-cip-0331 webb-cip-0333 webb-cip-0338

The Reception
Our reception was held at The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards  tucked in the foothills of South Carolina. Our reception itself was at their Lakehouse venue, which has lovely views of the lake and mountains. While it was an indoor/outdoor venue, we geared the reception outdoors but had everything tented because in South Carolina it is generally best to prepare for rain during the fall. The feel of the décor was rustic mixed with a very organic feel. It was very important to us that everything feel relaxed and natural while also feeling chic. We feel we achieved this with this location and venue.

webb-cip-0371 webb-cip-0372webb-cip-0373 webb-cip-0357 webb-cip-0359webb-cip-0355 webb-cip-0363 webb-cip-0364 webb-cip-0365 webb-cip-0367  webb-cip-0350 webb-cip-0352 webb-cip-0399 webb-cip-0407 webb-cip-0494 webb-cip-0510  webb-cip-0556

Janet’s Wedding Dress Search
I tried on about five dresses originally and narrowed it down fairly quickly to three. The Charlie dress stood out to me among all of them but I needed my mother and sister their to give me their opinions (I went dress shopping alone originally). They came to town the next day and we went back to the bridal salon. I saved Charlie for last because deep down I knew that it was the one. When I walked out in the dress my mother began crying immediately and that pretty much sealed the deal for me.


How She Felt In Her Mira Zwillinger Charlie
Unique, radiant, confident

webb-cip-0253webb-cip-0198 webb-cip-0250

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
This dress is a custom, hand-made wedding dress. The detail is absolutely astonishing and I don’t feel right having it hang in a closet for years and years to come. Someone else deserves to feel as amazing as I did on my wedding day. It truly is one of a kind and for the bride looking for subtle detail and something different.


Wedding Dress: Mira Zwillinger Charlie (sold) | Photography: Chris Isham Photography | Ceremony Venue: Cliffs at Glassy Mountain Chapel  | Reception Venue: Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards  | Event Planning: Chancey Charm  | Floral Design: ModFete  | Cake: Pylon Cake

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