Christine + Jin | Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Brian Hatton Photography

Monique Lhuillier Raven

Talk about memorable!  Christine and Jin’s wedding was held at a gorgeous historical church with a reception at one of the most unique venues we’ve seen. Add beautiful flowers, an amazing tented dining space and a stunning Monique Lhuillier gown and without a doubt, their guests will always remember this magical night.

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The Ceremony
Our ceremony was at St. Ann and Holy Trinity Church – it’s one the oldest church in Brooklyn and considered a historic landmark. The church possesses some of the earliest stain-glass windows.

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The Reception
Our reception was at Jane’s Carousel – It’s a working carousel right by Brooklyn Bridge overlooking Manhattan. It was a magically evening under the stars with the lights of Manhattan across of us, Brooklyn bridge next to us and the rotating lights of the carousel.

christinejinWED-0479 christinejinWED-0494christinejinWED-0500christinejinWED-0490christinejinWED-0492 christinejinWED-0480 christinejinWED-0481christinejinWED-0483 christinejinWED-0482christinejinWED-0484 christinejinWED-0485 christinejinWED-0584christinejinWED-0488christinejinWED-0489 christinejinWED-0512christinejinWED-0548christinejinWED-0583christinejinWED-0585 christinejinWED-0587christinejinWED-0657christinejinWED-0666christinejinWED-0679christinejinWED-0611 christinejinWED-0612 Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Brian Hatton PhotographychristinejinWED-0671      christinejinWED-0708 christinejinWED-0712 christinejinWED-0717christinejinWED-0725christinejinWED-0596

Christine’s Wedding Dress Search
I went to five boutiques and I think I tried on over 30 dresses. I was getting, what brides call, white out – every dress started to look the same. I really didn’t know what I wanted, but knew I didn’t want the typical fit-and-flare with a sweetheart neckline. The sixth boutique I went to was Mark Ingram in New York City. In the waiting room I noticed a dress that was fit and flare with a sweetheart neckline and I thought what the heck I’ll try it. When I put the dress on it was what Oprah would call your “ah-ha” moment. It was so gorgeous and luckily I didn’t feel like the dress was wearing me. It was classic, but had modern touches with the blush Chantilly lace over a ivory bodice and horsehair skirt.

christinejinWED-0056 christinejinWED-0259christinejinWED-0261

How She Felt In Her Monique Lhuillier Gown
Timeless, elegant and graceful

christinejinWED-0130 christinejinWED-0123

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I don’t think something so beautiful should be preserved and stored somewhere. I want someone else to feel beautiful in this dress.


Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier Raven | Photography: Brian Hatton Photography |Ceremony Venue: St. Ann and Holy Trinity Church | Reception Venue: Jane’s Carousel | Floral Design: Flowers by Ahn

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Laura + Michael | Inbal Dror Real Wedding From Healy Remington Photography


Laura + Michael |  June 24, 2016 |  Killarney, Ireland

Seven years after they started dating, Laura and Michael tied the knot in a pretty afternoon ceremony at Muckross Park Hotel in Killarney, Ireland.  Full of personal touches (like centerpieces made by the bride and a cake created by the groom’s mother), these nuptials radiate with joy and happiness.  We adore how Laura found her Inbal Dror on Pinterest before she was engaged, but even then, knew it was her dream gown.

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Laura’s Wedding Dress Search
I’m with my now husband over 7 years and like every girl started making my wedding Pinterest account very early on in the years. I pinned this wedding dress and said that the exact dress I would love if I ever have my day. After I got engaged,  I went up with my mother to try it. I had my dream dress, that I never thought I could get, I felt like a million dollars, could not stop looking at it completely feel even more in love with it in real life!

468 464 457 545 559 556

Why She’s Selling Her Inbal Dror Gown
I decided to sell my dress simply because I believe if your not going to wear it again either sell it on or give it away to somebody who will.


Wedding Dress: Inbal Dror | Photography: Healy Rimmington | Venue: Muckross Park Hotel  |  Flowers: Shandon Flowers

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Alexis + Scott | Amsale Real Wedding From Lenoce Photo


The simplicity and sheer elegance of this California wedding will stop you in your tracks.  We love the ocean-side ceremony setting, the all-white florals and the pretty use of candles and lights.  But what really gets us is the bride’s chic Amsale Heather. We bet you’ll instantly think Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, (just like we did).

Lenoce_photo-0066Lenoce_photo-0015 Lenoce_photo-0027 Lenoce_photo-0199Lenoce_photo-0038 Lenoce_photo-0050 Lenoce_photo-0061Lenoce_photo-0635 Lenoce_photo-0148Lenoce_photo-0103 Lenoce_photo-0145 Lenoce_photo-0216 Lenoce_photo-0221

The Ceremony
I always dreamt of getting married on the beach.  We had an intimate ceremony with 80 guests, and I tried to keep it upbeat and fun by walking down the aisle to “California Girls” by the Beach Boys.  The ceremony was very personal, but light hearted and non-denominational.  We gave out flip flops, fun sunglasses by local San Diego company “Knockaround” so the guests would have shade, and mini inflatable beach balls rather than flower petals/rice for a twist on tradition.

Lenoce_photo-0231 Lenoce_photo-0240 Lenoce_photo-0249Lenoce_photo-0297Lenoce_photo-0273 Lenoce_photo-0316Lenoce_photo-0333Lenoce_photo-0357 Lenoce_photo-0360 Lenoce_photo-0370 Lenoce_photo-0390 Lenoce_photo-0436 Lenoce_photo-0443 Lenoce_photo-0448 Lenoce_photo-0455

The Reception
Just as the theme of the ceremony was to keep everything upbeat and fun (i did not want any crying!), the theme of the reception was “fun”!  We moved from the beach to the outdoor pool area which was decked in a “beach chic”: white and gold with large paper lanterns that reflected off the pool.  We had a seated dinner of filet, swordfish or risotto and the cake was vanilla bean with passion fruit creme, my favorite flavor!  Our DJ was a friend of one of the guests, and the dancing never stopped!  And the night ended with the groom being thrown into the pool!

Lenoce_photo-0587Lenoce_photo-0610 Lenoce_photo-0601 Lenoce_photo-0609Lenoce_photo-0604 Lenoce_photo-0632Lenoce_photo-0612 Lenoce_photo-0613 Lenoce_photo-0627 Lenoce_photo-0641 Lenoce_photo-0656 Lenoce_photo-0657 Lenoce_photo-0671 Lenoce_photo-0674 Lenoce_photo-0701  Lenoce_photo-0753 Lenoce_photo-0768Lenoce_photo-0875 Lenoce_photo-0810Lenoce_photo-0834 Lenoce_photo-0841 Lenoce_photo-0851 Lenoce_photo-0854 Lenoce_photo-0855Lenoce_photo-0901Lenoce_photo-0914 Lenoce_photo-0981Lenoce_photo-1075Lenoce_photo-1097 Lenoce_photo-1138Lenoce_photo-1106Lenoce_photo-1146

Alexis’ Wedding Dress Search
I tried on over 100+ dresses, mainly because my vision for the day kept changing.  I ended up picking the Amsale Heather because it was elegant and timeless with a modern twist – my “muse” was Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and I was inspired by the simple and chic Narciso Rodriguez dress she wore many years ago.  The Heather was the perfect dress for a beach wedding and fit the venue perfectly.  My wedding dress was so much more beautiful than I imagined – I felt like a supermodel once my hair was up!  I felt like the dress was very “me” without any lace or tulle.

Lenoce_photo-0154 Lenoce_photo-0219Lenoce_photo-0490

How She Felt In Her Amsale Heather
Stunning, chic, classy


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
I’d love for someone to get as much enjoyment out of the dress as I did.  I live in a small apartment in NYC and really don’t need to store it, I’d rather give it to someone else so they can feel as beautiful!  I think it looks so much better on!


Wedding Dress: Amsale Heather | Photography:  Lenoce Photo |
Venue: La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club | Event Planning:  A Dream Wedding by Sharon Cole
Floral Design: Indulge Flowers Weddings & Special Events | Cake:  Sweet Cheeks Baking Company

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Marchesa | Designer Profile

Marchesa wedding dress for sale |

For some brides, nothing but the most utterly romantic or feminine wedding gowns will do. If you are one of these brides, you’re going to want to fall deeply in love with Marchesa wedding dresses.

Marchesa wedding dress for sale | Marchesa wedding dress for sale |

Co-founded in 2004 when costume designer Georgina Chapman and embroidery expert Keren Craig paired up, Marchesa has established itself as a brand for A-listers, socialites and celebrities. It’s no surprise their bridal collection has caught on among brides seeking a little bit of that magical elegance with an immaculate attention to detail. Celebrity brides have included Blake Lively and Nicole Richie, who wore three Marchesa designs on her wedding day.

Regal, sophisticated silhouettes reign in Marchesa’s designs. Ballgown shapes are common but are layered with the sheerest and lightest of gauzy fabrics formed from fitted bodices, so they never seem overwhelming or heavy, only ethereal and dreamy. Skirts are often tulle, creating a soft trailing effect that is so easy to envision walking down the aisle in. Handkerchief skirts, a popular bridal trend in recent years, bring a multilayered piece-y effect to some dresses.

Marchesa wedding dress for sale | Marchesa wedding dress for sale |

Marchesa’s intricate craftsmanship, attention to detail and whimsical flourishes have quickly become house signatures. Floating French Chantilly lace, pearls and crystals with silver-threaded embroidery add elegant embellishment. Textured elements and 3D detail further increase the visual interest and bring glamour to the dresses. These elements often begin on the bodice but extend up and down sleeves and onto skirts. The effect is unforgettable.

Detachable peplums, skirts and even tiny sleeved capes are a welcome addition for the undecided bride as they significantly change the shape of a dress in many cases, making it convenient to change your ceremony and reception looks quickly.

Marchesa wedding dress for sale | Marchesa wedding dress for sale |

In 2017, Marchesa’s collection looks as if it were sewn within a secret garden. The wedding gowns are dripping with floral details with botanicals imprinted, added and embroidered into and onto the gowns. Organza roses and hand-cut petals are stunning additions. Shades of pink reign, from the most subtle rose underneath tulle layers to further mute it, up to a standout blush pink ombre masterpiece.

Recently the design house became brand ambassadors for the luxury St. Regis hotels, creating what could be one of the first capsule wedding collections exclusively designed for a hotel chain. Four gowns — each named and inspired by a location the iconic hotel operates in— feature organza trains, duchess satin skirts, exquisite rose gold beading and sleek silhouettes. The gowns feature customs and culture of each venue within their design.

Marchesa wedding dress for sale | Marchesa wedding dress for sale |

Graceful brides seeking a beautifully handcrafted gown to wear on their wedding day will not be disappointed by Marchesa. With collections constantly evolving and shapes to suit all silhouettes, a Marchesa wedding gown will flatter nearly every bride. Especially those seeking a fiercely feminine yet fashion-forward bridal look.

View all of the styles and wedding dresses by Marchesa currently available for sale on

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