Kelli + Daniel | Ersa Atelier Real Wedding From Pierce Lifestyle Photography


These amazing nuptials will stop. you. in. your. tracks. Held in the groom’s native Mexico, this Frida Kahlo inspired garden wedding is simply gorgeous. The vibrant color, rich textures and lush florals are like nothing you’ve ever seen.  

We love how the bride and groom met in middle school and connected when the timing was right. And how they crafted a wedding that suited their personal style and celebrated this important step in their relationship.

Take a peek at this stunning wedding…but don’t blame us if you spend hours looking at the prettiness.

Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-54 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-64Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-56Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-62Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-60Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-91Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-99Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-105Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-116 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-118 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-133Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-136Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-138Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-169Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-214Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-205Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-235Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-265Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-275 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-297Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-300Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-305Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-327Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-329Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-332Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-380Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-770Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-339   Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-425Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-430Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-448 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-435 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-473 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-475Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-487Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-510 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-758Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-515Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-586Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-621Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-624Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-690Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-693Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-706Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-709Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-769Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-774Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-794Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-784Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-828Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-893

Kelli’s Wedding Dress Search
Although I probably tried on about 15 dresses, the one I chose was the first one I saw. Something about the subtle polka dot lace really made the dress feel so romantic and classic, which is exactly the look I was going for.

Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-422 Wedding-Photographer-San-Miguel-de-Allende-Mexico-Pierce-Kelli-Daniel-426

How She Felt In Her Ersa Atelier Gown
Classic, Romantic, Regal


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
Although I would love to keep it because of its sentimental value , I know what an amazing experience it was finding the dress I loved and I hope someone else can fall in love with it like I did!


Wedding Dress: Ersa Atelier CassandraPhotography: Mariana de Saro, Pierce Lifestyle Photography | Ceremony Venue: Templo San Francisco | Reception Venue: Casa Hyder | Event Planning , Floral Design, & Cake:  Alicia Vilar from San Miguel Weddings

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Anne + Cedric | Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.56.13 PM

This beautiful Napa wedding is just brimming with elegant style.  Every detail is so utterly in keeping with the wedding’s ethereal and romantic aesthetic that you can’t help but be inspired.  The bride’s Chantilly lace embroidered Monique Lhuillier Candice was so beyond perfect for the affair that it’s no wonder that when she first spotted it, she knew instantly it would be her gown.

Anne + Cedric | February 2, 2016 | Napa California

Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.49.25 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.46.57 PM Monique-Lhuillie-CandaceMonique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.51.12 PM Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.56.13 PM 8-bride-bridesmaids 8-groom-with-groomsmen

The Ceremony
We got married on the Lommel Lawn at Calistoga Ranch. The lawn overlooks their beautiful lake and it is nestled between lush rolling hills. The backdrop couldn’t have been any more stunning. We got married in February so we were worried about rain but we really lucked out. The clouds were moody grey and puffy so it was great for the photos. As we were saying our vows the clouds broke and rays of light shone down on us. It was such a transcendental moment. 

13-ceremony-chairs  Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.19.37 PM15-ceremony-florals-barrels 14-ceremony-chairs-parasols  18-groom-waiting-ceremony 19-bride-dad-aisle20-bride-groom-ceremony Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.23.25 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.12.06 PM 23-bride-groom-kiss-ceremony  Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.55.17 PM27-bridal-party-kiss

The Reception
The reception took place in Calistoga Ranch’s wine cave. I wanted our reception to feel intimate and romantic with tons of candles. The cave was perfect-it was glowing. We had two long kings’ tables with candles and perfectly overgrown flowers lining the tables. We had vines cascading from the large iron chandeliers and olive sprigs at each setting. I wanted to make it feel as if you were in the South of France having a lovely dinner party. 

Monique Lhuillier Real Wedding From Caroline Yoon Photography Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.17.22 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.27.38 PM32-feasting-table 33-place-settingScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.25.23 PM31-reception-chandelier-greenery 37-reception-florals35-reception-guests  Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.30.21 PM38-bride-groom-first-dance 39-bride-groom-first-dance 40-tiered-cake 41-cake-cuttingScreen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.30.43 PM

Anne’s Wedding Dress Search
I probably tried on about 30-45 dresses.  I was very specific about what I wanted. It needed to be timeless, romantic, and look as beautiful in person as it did in photos. When I saw my dress for the first time I saw it online and I said “that’s my dress!” I knew it from the instant I saw it. Once I tried it on it was more than what I had imagined. My dress has 4 layers which gives it such incredible depth. There are hand sewn pearls and sequins that give it the drama and romanticism that I wanted. It was the dress of my dreams. 

9-bride-bouquet 11-bride-bouquet.jpg

How She Felt In Her Monique Lhuillier Candice
Classic, romantic and joyful

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.53.24 PM

Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Dress
It would make me sad to keep such a beautiful dress tucked away in my closet. I would love to give another bride the opportunity to wear this dress and make her feel as special as I did on my day. This dress was so special to me and I hope it finds a wonderful bride! 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.54.34 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.08.47 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.53.35 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 1.54.11 PM


Wedding Dress: Monique Lhuillier Candice | Photography: Caroline Yoon  | Venue: Calistoga Ranch  | Event Planning: Aliya Piotrokowski through Calistoga Ranch  | Floral Design: Kelly Lenard  | Cake: Kara’s Cupcakes Napa 

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Adorable Ways to Include Your Pup at Your Wedding

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend.  Loyal, loving, fun, it’s natural to want our faithful companions to be a part of something as special as our wedding. If you’re considering including your pooch in your big day, here are some big, small and super adorable ways to do it.

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.

Save the Date
Personalize your save the date or wedding announcement  by having your canine pal carry a sign with the good news. Photo + Sign: The Ritzy Rose

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Or work your furry friend into the wedding invitations or RSVP card like this couple did with their French bulldog. Photo + Design: And Here We Are

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Getting ready photos
As you are dressing, be sure to have your puppy pop in for a photo opp! (Or maybe even a first look?) Photo: Katie Shuler

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | PreOwnedWeddingDresses. Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.

Dressed to the nines
Outfit your dog in the perfect wedding day look which may include a tuxedo, a top hat or tutu. But if you’re having a destination wedding, why not a Hawaiian shirt or a tiny Elvis jumpsuit, like this Chinese crested wore for his humans’ wedding in Las Vegas? Photos: Meg Ruth

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comIncorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | Diana M Lott

Aisle escort
Have a bridal party member — ring bearers, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls are all great choices — escort your puppy down the aisle. Decked out in a festive floral collar or leash, they’re sure to look the part. Top photo: KT Merry; Bottom Photos: Diana M Lott

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Ring bearer
Put your fuzzy friend to work by carrying the wedding rings on pillow strapped to Fido’s back or tied to the collar or a special sign, as above. Totally adorable. Photo: Carmen Santorelli

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |
Sign bearer
Signal to the the guests it’s time to get ready by sending a note via a very special messenger. Photo: Leila Brewster

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Grooms gift
Incorporate your loved one by gifting a custom pair of cufflinks to your groom. Boxer cufflinks: Braybrook

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Bridal escort
Instead of having a family member escort you down the aisle, have your dog accompany you. Photo: David Newkirk

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Stand guard during vows
Even if your little pooch couldn’t handle walking the aisle, you can always make sure they attend the wedding and keep careful watch over the vows. Photo: Kelsey Combe

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comIncorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Bridal portraits
If you do include your dog, be sure to have them pose for a few post-ceremony bridal photos. They are sure to become a cherished memory. Top photo: KT Merry; Bottom photos: Jose Villa

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |

Wedding favors
Whether you go with dog-themed people treats or treats for guests with dogs at home, favors are a wonderful place to get whimsical and include your dog. Left photo: Taylor Lord; Right photo: Amalie Orrange

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |
Cake topper
Customize your cake topper to include your best friend and you have an instant keepsake. Photo: Joyelle West, Cake topper: Concarta Studio

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.comIncorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |
Table seating chart
Chalkboard seating chart or traditional escort cards, both of these examples incorporate names of dogs instead of wedding table numbers. Photo: Love Me Sailor; Bottom: Caroline Tran

Incorporating Your Pup at Your Wedding |
Cocktail Napkins
Cute, fun and totally customized. Just how wedding cocktail napkins should be. Photo: Cassidy Carson


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Senani + Nathan | Lazaro Real Wedding From Eva Sica


We love this delightful destination wedding.  At a rustic Mexican villa with 50 of their closest family and friends, Senani and Nathan became husband and wife. We love their radiant smiles at the oceanside vows.  And how the family style reception tables kept the night warm and intimate.  The bride’s magical Lazaro gown is amazing and was the perfect gown for this pretty event.  And now it’s waiting for another bride to love it again.

Senani + Nathan | June 25, 2016 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 

Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-9 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-14 - CopySenani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-32Senani-Nathan-1-Rehearsal-34Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-12 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-33 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-60Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-4 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-70 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-80 - Copy Senani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-86 (1) - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-74 - CopySenani-Nathan-2-GettingReady-53 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-4-X3Senani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-11 - CopySenani-Nathan-3-FirstLook-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-2 Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-4Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-11Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-10Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-13Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-14Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-15Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-17Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-20Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-38Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-51Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-54Senani-Nathan-4-Ceremony-58Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-4 (1)Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-7Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-9Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-10Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-25Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-22Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-8Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-2Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-98Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-112Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-102Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-124Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-126 Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-131Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-176Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-204Senani-Nathan-6-Reception-232

Senani’s Wedding Dress Search
As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one! I didn’t want white. I was looking for champagne and found this dress which was such a gorgeous color against my skin tone., I also wanted it to look different and unique, with  a bit of sparkle but not too much, sweetheart strapless neck and trumpet style not mermaid with a full bottom skirt.


How She Felt In Her Lazaro Wedding Dress
Beautiful, Sexy Princess


Why She’s Selling Her Wedding Gown
I want another bride to feel the same way as I did! The color is so unique and it’s beautiful, elegant and a little sexy all at the same time. I received so many compliments not just from the guests at my wedding but from others that were there on the beach as well as other customers that were at the alterations place. 


Wedding Dress: Lazaro | Photography: Eva Sica  | Reception Venue – Villa Celeste in Concha Chinas | Event Planning:  Eva and Michael  | Cake:  Pie In the Sky | Rentals: Puerto Vallarta Wed | Catering: Chef Sandoval

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