Wedding Dress Cleaning

Whether you danced the night away, took pictures in the rain or literally rode off into the sunset, your wedding gown went the distance with you on your special day – and it probably has the telltale stains and smudges to prove it. Now is the time to give your dress a little tender loving care by preserving it properly. 

Help prevent stains from becoming permanent (even those you can’t see, like perspiration, which immediately starts to damage a dresses’ delicate fabric) by having it cleaned it quickly, if possible even before your honeymoon boarding call. But don’t despair if weeks, months or years have passed since your wedding day.  Gowns that have been sitting around in closets, storage chests or under beds for decades can still benefit from an expert cleaning.  

Trust your gown to a wedding dress specialist who understands the unique complexities of cleaning a delicate item that holds such significant meaning and memories. We recommend The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. Each Association member is certified to ensure your gown is cleaned to established museum care standards and preserved in archival-quality materials.

Wedding Gown Specialists

Follow these recommendations for worry-free wedding gown storage:

  1. After a proper cleaning, wedding dresses should be stored flat or folded (not on a hanger as the material will stretch over time).
  2. Direct contact with any wood fiber  - like cedar or cardboard – should be avoided as this will result in a stain. (Acid-free paper between your dress and the box will prevent this).
  3. Ensure air can circulate around the dress so that the fabric fibers have room to breathe (plastic bags and vacuum sealing are definitely not recommended.
  4. The ideal storage location is temperature controlled (no extremes) and away from direct sunlight.

It’s perfectly fine to remove the dress from storage and air it out once every couple of years to check its condition. Wearing white cotton gloves will help preserve it from stains, and though the temptation will be hard to resist, try not to put the dress on so that oils on your skin won’t transfer onto the dress (resulting in staining and compromising of the material.)

It should come as no surprise that at we believe it is better to sell your beautiful dress and let another bride benefit now that your big day has passed. Cleaning your dress properly will help you successfully sell it on our site, and will enable its encore performance to be a stunning as its first.

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