Do-able DIY: Bath Salt Favors

Destination weddings are so much fun this time of year, especially when the weather turns chilly in many cities, and guests look forward to traveling to a warmer locale. Homemade bath salts make a lovely wedding or bridesmaids favor, especially if your guests will have some down time to relax back in their hotel room. This little gift is easy to assemble and super budget friendly, and you can make it personal by coordinating the packaging with your wedding colors.

Here’s a simple recipe for bath salts:

  • 1 cup rock/sea salt
  • 1 cup epsom salts
  • 2 tablespoons bicarbonate of soda
  • about 15 drops of essential oil of your choice, such as lavender, rose, vanilla, citrus or peppermint (adjust accordingly to your preference. Be careful to avoid getting undiluted essential oils in contact with your skin as this may result in a skin reaction in some people)

Mix together the salts in a metal or glass mixing bowl. Sift in the bi-carbonate of soda and stir with a metal spoon to combine. Add your essential oil of choice, and mix salts together thoroughly.

At this point you can also add dried flower petals or herbs (such as dried lavender or rose petals). Some people also like to add food coloring, which will result in a colored bath. If using liquid food dyes, just add a few drops until you achieve the desired color.

image credit: smashedpeasandcarrots; sandiegoweddinginsider (middle)

Fill small mason jars with bath salts (left) and decoupage the top with your favorite patterned paper. (Click here for simple decoupage instructions.)  Then secure a small wooden scoop to the top using pretty ribbon. Or, fill small lidded jars with salts, and decorate with personalized labels with your name, wedding date and thank you sentiments.

image credits: martha stewart (L), weddingbee (R)

Here’s another cute packaging idea….funnel salts in to small glass jars (available at local craft stores or online at Save-On). Hang personalized labels (click here for another label source) from thin string for a delicate look.

Bath salts also make a nice addition to hotel welcome gift baskets. Don’t forget to save some for yourself. A relaxing bath the night before your wedding may be just what you need to wake up feeling ready for your big day!

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Eco-Friendly Style: FavorCreative

I’m always on the lookout for chic and original wedding favors. Some wedding favors are stylish and thoughtful yet others seem cheap and disposable.  Eco-conscious on-line retailer FavorCreative offers a great selection of lovely green wedding favors and earth friendly packaging that will make your guests feel special.  Check out some of their offerings below.

Looking for a “fresh” idea in eco-friendly favors? These mint herb plants come in a 100% recycled favor box – inside the box is a 2″ peat pot which can be planted directly in the ground or in a house plant pot, a peat pellet, instructions for planting, and mint herb seeds. Dress up the simple cardboard box with any of CreativeFavor’s eco-friendly (and adorable) adhesive wrap around labels.

The sweet, clean smell of soap always makes me happy, and I bet it will make your guests happy too. These handmade soaps are created using natural ingredients including dried herbs, natural oxides and ultramarines, pure essential oils and fragrances. They are a practical and unique favor your guests will surely appreciate. They come in a variety of scents including, Eucalyptus & Mint, Lavender Oatmeal, Cucumber Melon and Gardener’s Bar. I love the “tub teas” (right). This cute little pillow box contains a special blend of dried milk, oatmeal, essential oils and fragrance. 

Give your guests the gift of relaxation with these tea favors. Planning a Fall wedding? Try the Fall Spice tea, packaged in an eco-friendly reusable glass jar. Favor includes tea, jar, ribbon and cinnamon stick (simple assembly required). Add a personalized wraparound label for the finishing touch. FavorCreative offers a fabulous selection of favor labels, gift tags, as well as place cards, thank you cards and more. Visit their website and you’re sure to find the perfect earth-friendly favors (and more) for your special day.

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Cookie Table Takes the Cake

My sweet tooth is legendary. I’m not one to skip dessert – ever. So you can imagine my (joyful) surprise when I recently stumbled upon the midwestern wedding tradition known as the “cookie table.” Who has been keeping this one a secret? Envision a long banquet table filled with hundreds, maybe thousands, of homemade cookies. Each one is more fanciful than the next. Years of family recipes handed down from one generation to the next, all on display for the happy couple and their guests to enjoy. Setting up a beautiful display table and providing take home containers for your guests turns this yummy wedding tradition into an easy to do DIY wedding favor.

image 1:martha stewart weddings; image

If this charming tradition is one you want to incorporate at your wedding, here are a few helpful hints. You’ll want to enlist the help of friends and family to make it fun, and manageable. Who wants to spend hours and hours in the kitchen in the days and weeks before you say I do? Unless you have the Keebler elves at your disposal, you’ll need some backup. In Ohio and Pennsylvania (where the cookie table tradition is said to have originated) it’s the mothers, grandmothers and aunts of the bride who do the baking.  But, if this tradition is new to your family, you may have to organize a day long bake-off to get the job done. Having a kitchen shower? Ask each guest to bring a dozen (or two) cookies that can be frozen and saved for later. Can’t get all the baking done in time? Feel free to mix it up with a combination of homemade and bakery treats. What a sweet gift from all who contribute.


Make sure to alot space at the wedding reception for a banquet table dedicated to the cookies. Use (and borrow) cake plates, cookie stands and jars of varying heights to create interest. Vintage and antique stores sell some beautiful and inexpensive stands. Purchase take home boxes at bakers supply stores or order boxes online. How about Chinese take-out containers as cookie favor boxes? I also love the idea of adding in bowls of colorful candy to the display. Use pretty place cards to identify the types of cookies and who make them. Be creative and make it fun. How about offering “shots” of milk along side the cookies? This is one tasteful DIY tradition that will leave your guests smiling.


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