Zahavit Tshuba | Designer Profile

Have you noticed the avant garde movement of bridal designers coming out of Israel recently? We have — it’s hard not to. Zahavit Tshuba is just one of these fantastic fresh faces on the bridal fashion scene.

Zahavit Tshuba Lucia wedding dress

Zahavit’s designs could be described as elegance with an edge. She has stated her dramatic, yet delicate, wedding gowns are often inspired by non-bridal trends, which is perhaps one of the reasons her designs are finding success with fashionista brides.

Light, airy tule evokes a feeling of bohemian romance, while the touches of crocheted lace with fitted silhouettes remind us of the the rockstar chic sex appeal of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Zahvit Tshuba Anastasia wedding dressZahavit Tshuba Anastasia wedding dress

Two-piece outfits with high, flattering waistlines and capes are unexpected additions not often seen in the bridal salon, but are definitely mainstays of the Zahavit Tshuba collections.

That is not to say her wedding dresses are not driven by more modern bridal trends, however. She incorporates recently popular looks such as statement backs and daring details. Sensual mermaid cuts and plunging necklines factor in as well, bringing drama and a little sex appeal to the altar.

Zahavit Tshuba Lola wedding dress

For all the structure of Zahavit’s bridal gown design, embellishment is hyper-feminine. Tonnes of tulle, pearls and bows, bows and more bows create a look of layered elegance. Unique Art Deco-era embellishments are beautiful additions, and create visual interest from all angles.

Minimal designs demand attention to the fabrics used to make them, and Zahavit does not disappoint, creating heavily structured gowns made primarily of Italian silk and ethereal tulle. Unlike many other bridal designers this collection does not use lace heavily, choosing to incorporate it in trims or removable pieces, such as crocheted capes.

Zahavit Tshuba Megan wedding dress

Blush, ivory and champagne colors are most commonly used, making a Zahavit Tshuba wedding dress a wonderful choice for the bride seeking a slightly different color palette.

These wedding dresses are designed for the bride who is fashion-forward with a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the past (including a well-tailored garment) — a woman who desires to color a little outside the lines and experiment a little when it comes to a wedding gown.

Zahavit Tshuba Rebecca wedding dress

A Zahavit Tshuba-designed gown would be the perfect choice for a black-tie wedding or unexpected venue such as rooftop or modern restaurant … even an incredibly romantic elopement.

View all of the styles and wedding dresses by Zahavit Tshuba currently available for sale on

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“Modern Fantasy” | Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 Bridal

Drawing on Alice in Wonderland, the Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 collection is rooted in fantasy.  In her inspiration statement Lhuillier says “Following Alice’s path of fantasy and curiosity, my gowns transform into magical imaginations and beautiful enchantments.”

The gowns are classic Lhuillier. Soft, feminine and delicate. And have more sensual features too such as plunging necklines and low open backs.  The embellishments and use of soft fabrics are a beautiful combination of gracefulness and glamour.  And the dresses, as we expect from Monique Lhuillier, are heavenly.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 Bridal Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_2 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_3 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_4 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_5 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_6 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_7 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_8 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_9 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_10 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_11 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_12 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_13 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_14 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_15 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_16 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_17 Monique-Lhuillier-Spring-2016-Bridal_18

Images via Monique Lhuillier

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Vera Wang Spring 2016 Wedding Dresses

Always the innovator, Vera Wang pushed the bridal boundaries once again with with her Spring 2016 collection.  Seduction and sensuality dominated the line with many gowns that left nothing to the imagination.

Vera’s signature femininity could be seen in soft tulle skirts and grand bow accents and the entire collection showcased her incredible design aesthetic.

If you’re a bride who want to embrace her sensual side, this collection may be just what you’ve been dreaming of.

Vera Wang Spring 2016 Bridal Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_2 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_3 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_4 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_5 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_6 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_7 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_8 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_9 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_10 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_11 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_12 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_13 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_14 Vera-Wang-Spring-2016-Wedding-Dresses_15

Images via Vera Wang

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Jim Hjelm | Designer Profile

Jim Hjelm elevates wedding dresses from merely beautiful to exquisitely elegant. By combining luxurious fabrics with incredible craftsmanship, these enchanting wedding gowns become extraordinary, certainly worthy of one of the most memorable days of your life.

Jim Hjelm JH8157Jim Hjelm JH1204
Jim Hjelm 8157 (left) | Jim Hjelm 1204 (right)

The Jim Hjelm signature look is graceful sophistication, designed for today’s bride. That means modern shapes and silhouettes: accentuate your shape with a mermaid or drop-waist style or choose an A-line for a sleek, chic look. It also means feminine detailing that helps you feel (and look) ladylike.

Chantilly and Alencon lace, soft and sheer English net and other vintage-inspired materials create a sense of romanticism. The wedding dresses are soft yet chic with layers that create a dreamy elegance and light-as-air feeling. If you want to glide down the aisle, these may be the dresses to do it in!

Jim Hjelm 8363 wedding dress
Jim Hjelm 8363

In Spring 2014, Hayley  Paige Gutman, the fresh-faced creator of Hayley Paige wedding dresses took over design at Jim Hjelm. The 2015 collection was released in October, and features updated takes on the classic Jim Hjelm look.

Hayley’s hand may be seen in the cascading and tiered skirts, a favorite style of hers. 1920s-inspired feather detailing and embellished embroidery in floral or garden themes feature heavily in the collection. Flower lovers will love the two gowns with larger-than-life rose stencils on the skirt and bodice.

Jim Hjelm 8254 wedding dress

For those not as interesting in botanical designs, other unique additions to Jim Hjelm gowns include horsehair trim, extravagant crystals and scalloped lace edges. Sleeved or sleeveless, these wedding dresses all have the same immaculate attention to detail and are eye-catching from all angles.

Jim Hjelm wedding dresses have the right balance of class and sass perfect for a black tie wedding or romantic garden setting. Modern detailing allows you to show a bit of your personal style without sacrificing that classic bridal look. The bride who chooses to wear Jim Hjelm has both discerning taste for timeless looks and attentive tailoring; there is no compromising on either in the dresses.

Jim Hjelm 8013Jim Hjelm 8200 wedding dress
Jim Hjelm 8013 (left) | Jim Hjelm 8200 (right)

View all Jim Hjelm wedding dresses currently listed on

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